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I'm a hard-core sports freak. I bleed my team colors. I hold my teams leaders to the same harsh scrutiny to which I hold myself AND I HOPE YOU DON'T LIKE IT! ....I'm also a family man and a religious man . I'm hard core but soft hearted there... and YES I hope you don't like that too! lol

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  • MLB Kansas City Royals
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User Blog

Critical Bronco gear issue


Why the HELL can't I find one of these stocking caps they're wearing on the sidelines now? HELP it's for a woman see? Pink Vick (Facebook)


Instant Reaction: Has Tim Tebow Earned 2012? (Forgive me JB but I just HAD to)

The Denver Broncos are 6-5 and on the cusp of the NFL Playoffs.  The defense has played out of its mind, and Von Miller could break the rookie sack record (14.5) held by Jevon Kearse.  Brian...

Worst day ever! NOT


Worst day ever! NOT

Champ to Nickle?


Did I miss this being reported here?


The lengths we go for a story/Does anybody have the answer(s) to the important ?s?

  First of all to all you folks that say you don’t care who starts, you "just want to win". Really? This year or in four years? The ONLY VALID QUESTION HERE is: How do we learn the most about...

YES! Good news! (Thanks UnderThunder)


We just keep getting deeper and better every day.

Do we need a CB this bad? IMO we're pretty hard up.


I would at 1st say no to his price and his mouth but have you looked at our roster and our options lately?

What the hell were Lebron and Wade reading?


What the hell were Lebron and Wade reading?


I thought it was Smith but SS maybe?

Who caught the most passes from Elway?

Short and simple. Let's get a best remaining DTs discussion started. Help me and the War-room...


Short and simple. Let's get a best remaining DTs discussion started. Help me and the War-room make the choice @#36 that makes our first choice work...

Whidbey Bronco

Our grass is better than your grass!


But it always makes me want your BBQ!

dont love this


Still have Mc in town

Let's take a look at THIS RAIDER!!!!


Ya never know what kind of money he'll be looking for but hire THIS guy (Asomugha!) and franchise/resign Champ.... Ya think our defense would look pretty good with bookend shut-down corners?


Let's hear some suggestions for a standard MHR response to ANY knee-jerker who jumps to EITHER dramatic conclusion to Tebow's play tomorrow... With Poll

Nothing clever comes to mind but we all know there will be both sides going on... From the "I told you so's", to the "He sucks", to the "Mile High Messiah" .... I want to casually shoot them all...


help, i'm trying to fly the colors!

I'm looking for a Broncos welder's cap and have found them for every team but ours!

for the bored sports fan in the off season


and the cop mentality that deleted my last reference to it... really? Pretty harmless. Pretty competitive. Pretty fun.

LT Arrested


You gotta be kidding me.

Here we go. Let's trade for this guy and get a solid starter at a position of need


Has anybody heard why this guy was put out there by the Faders? He's always seemed a really solid talent to me....

from one much like him...


I'm already tired of it but this was a fun one...

2010 Draft Live NOW You're missing it!


For every jonesy sports fanatic, here's a non-mock draft for you.

just for fun...


I ran across this while perusing the Seahawks site and thought it might piss some folks off...


What if? ...2-22-10 2:30AM Whidbey time

I had an epiphany. I started out to more clearly define my opinion of the prudent approach to rebuilding the Broncos. You know, smart, patient We draft to our needs, give Kyle Orton...


Broncos Twenty-ten - The next incarnation of the same ol' thing or truly evolution? (Part I - Pre-Draft/FA) news services - Tuesday, December 30, 2008 - "He was known as a genius, a mastermind and, yes, a Super Bowl champion. Shockingly, though, Mike Shanahan has a new title: unemployed...

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