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  Now that I have your attention, please make sure you submit your RCR pool picks ASAP.  Games start tonight. Click the Fun Office Pools widget and get 'em in or miss out like you did on all of...

The Cup Countdown: Number 5


So I had every opportunity to go to the Florida game. And I didn't. A couple of my friends have ragged me about it endlessly, but I'm sticking to my guns. Sometimes, a man has to have some...

The Cup Countdown: Number 7


#7 on RCR's list of the Top Ten Greatest Moments from the 2008 Rebel football season.

Scrimmage Report: 8/15


Holy God, was it hot today... Probably 1,000 people came to sit on the hill overlooking the practice fields today. After a long warm-up, the first full-contact scrimmage kicked off. The offense had...

Practice Report: 8/13


The weather is way too nice for August in Mississippi. Unfortunately, the 75 degree, shady afternoon brought out every douchebag from miles around. I found myself moving around not for a better...

Practice Report: 8/12


Red Cup Rebellion's sometimes-too-honest practice report, August 12.

Practice Report: 8/11


So I caught some heat for yesterday's practice report being too negative... Get ready, Rivals and Spirit posters. I'm not about to tell you that everything's alright when it isn't. If you want to...

Practice Report: 8/10


Holy Hell, football is here.  Hopefully you'll recall our (wildly popular) practice reports from last fall.  These will follow similar suit.  Read, provide input, yadda yadda. So Rh0d3$+@r and I...

Remember the "What's fer Supper?" Segment of Southern Sports Tonight with Max Howell?


A bomb-ass jambalaya recipe, submitted on an SEC football blog in the spirit of Max Howell's Suppertime segments on the old SST radio show.

Ole Miss earns second National Championship of the Summer


A National Championship. Students, alumni, professors, staff... even the sidewalk fans can all celebrate this monumental accomplishment: Georgia, your puny ranking of 8th means nothing...

Blogs with Balls Conference: Part II


The long overdue, nearly as long-winded Part II of Red Cup Rebellion's coverage of the Blogs with Balls Conference.

Blogs with Balls Conference: An Unintentionally Long Novel of a Recap: Part One


A Mississippi boy's wide-eyed, long-winded summary of the Blogs with Balls conference in New York City. Catch Part 2 later today for actual, relevant content.

Quick Notes from NYC...


Just got back from the convention. Here is a quick bullet list of things that occurred. More comprehensive list to come. Accidentally saw a couple having sex through their apartment blinds while...



I'm serious, cut this shit out All the basketball ACL's in the world can't pay for this kind of feel-good preseason bullshit. So stop it.

Practice Report: 4/11


This practice report is brought to you by Eagle Rare Single Barrel Bourbon and Diet Coke. Part of a complete breakfast!Couldn’t have asked for better weather for a scrimmage today. Other than that,...

A Grief Stricken Epistle From Emo Greg Hardy


EDIT: This post is complete with a soundtrack.  Press play below before reading.  Allow the music to envelop your emotions.     "Dear" readers of this conformist string of drivel,  Winter,...



Seriously, Spirit posters? Really?* redclayreb* [Scout Subscriber]* Ole Miss Legend* 810 posts this sitePosted: Yesterday 11:46 PMRe: Clayton Moore coming to Ole MissHeard the same thing about an...

Florida football Update


University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow underwent arthroscopic surgery on his right (non-throwing) shoulder today. In addition to removing bone spurs from the shoulder, doctors also discovered...

Post Game: Cotton Bowl


Sorry this didn’t go up last night, but the day started for me at 6 AM after precisely zero hours of sleep. A brief work shift, lunch at KFC, an awesome football game, and Evan Williams white label...

A moody, introspective letter to Graham Harrell


Graham:You don’t know me… No one really does, I suppose, but you, Graham: you will soon be privy to the smitten rage of my most blighted of hearts. You see, Graham, you are everything that my soul...

Post Game: LSU


I have no desire to analyze this game. None. The weekend we experienced in Baton Rogue was a masterpiece. Perfection. Never have I had more fun at a sporting event, and never have I felt more proud...

TLV issue #67


Here's our article from the latest edition of The Local Voice. Enjoy, and pick up a copy. Let’s be upfront for a minute: this Saturday, Ole Miss plays the Warhawks of Louisiana-Monroe. This is...

Post Game: Auburn


11:30 AM kickoff the day after Halloween? Ouch. Friday night ended at 4:00 AM for this devoted bloggeur, and 9:30 rolled around far too soon. JUCO and I had debated not attending the game, and...

Post Game: South Carolina


Well. Here we are again, Rebel fans. Sunday has come and gone, and the post game report is well overdue. There will generally be two reasons for this: 1.) incredible, party-inducing upset. 2.)...

RSC pick'em League Update


Just a short update on the RSC pick'em league: Ghost has added some more games to this week's docket, so if you've already submitted your picks, go back and pick the new ones here.Btw, I'm still...

Post Game


Once again, sorry for the late post game. Too busy enjoying what many have called the best weekend in the history of the University. Those of my friends that are aware of my writing on this here...

Post-Game Report (finally)


So here we are: I had all kinds of things to write about last night, but most of them resided, along with the sick feeling in your gut that surely, all of us felt (at least those of us who actually...

Post-Game Report: Samford (seriously??)


A well distributed factoid around the Ole Miss camp this week was that the last time Samford played a BCS opponent, a mediocre Georgia Tech team with a soon-to-be unemployed coach hung 69 points on...

Post-'Game' Report


Well Ole Miss fans... wonder why 'game' is in quotations in the title? Games have a set system of rules, adhered to in the spirit of equitable competition. Then there was this 'game...' It started...

Post-game Analysis


I had surgery Friday morning under general anesthesia. Not only was I still tired and sore Saturday, I couldn’t drink, what with all the painkillers swimming in my system. I tell you that to tell...

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