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Loving the niners every year(even the bad ones), Born and raised in Sacramento. Other teams are Kings (as horrible as they are) and the A's (as mediocre as they are). Am always looking forward to the football season. STH for King

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30 games into season – Team Stats Lists

For everyone out there wondering - I LOVE STATS! They tell you lots about players! Especially Advanced stats. So I figured I would give a rundown of where the players lay 30 games into the season...


No now that Avery is fired

Should the Kings try to replace Smart and his rotational madness *I know this was under NBA news, but this is news as it directly pertains to us, and the reason i fan shotted it was to discuss...


Asinine Trade Thread December 15th edition -

Otherwise known as, WE CAN FINALLY TRADE JOHNSON AND BROOKS DAY! Funnily enough i went back to 12/1 of last year and it completely matches up with this years need From LTTG The first month is...

King gives Smith some praise


"Smith didn't play Sunday; the 49ers had their bye this weekend. But I didn't want the week to get away from us without extolling his virtues after his performance last Monday. His numbers were alarmingly good: 18 of 19 for 232 yards, with three touchdowns and no interceptions -- and the one incompletion was a clear drop by Delanie Walker." Article goes in with some in dept grading of all his passes

Barea told to stop flopping


Against Kings, Jimmer was given a foul for this Flop by Barea, and now NBA came back and basically called it a flop..

7% stake of Kings being sold off


The share held by bankrupt Sacramento developer Bob Cook is expected to be sold off, with the proceeds split among three creditors. Read more here:

Stern Speaks about Sacramento


Gotta love this quote specifically "Stern, who had committed NBA funds to that deal, has said the Maloofs made a mistake by refusing the deal, which was brokered by the city, NBA and private development partners." and this ""I would say, through a very difficult period time, the fans and businesses of Sacramento have responded in an extraordinary way," Stern said at his annual pre-season press conference in New York. "It just goes to my view that Sacramento is a great NBA city and a great potential NBA city and I would urge them to continue to support the team and hope their efforts don't go unrewarded." "

A's say thank you to Fans


Those amazing A's The A's are out of the playoffs, but that hasn't dimmed the satisfaction that evolved from a young, vibrant team that greatly exceeded expectations. Some of the comments from players and media that appeared on Twitter following the Game 5 loss:

Flopping no more


How much do you think this will hurt DMC's future.. We know he is great at taking offensive fouls, but will this hurt him. Why not do something about fake offensive injuries (like the Eye scratch) while they are at it

Rivercats win 6th straight PCL


With a little help by Jemile Weeks (’ two-out, two-run double in the ninth inning) the Rivercats have clenched their 6th in a row PCL title..Grats to the organization, and lets just all hope their big brothers in Oakland can follow suit into playoff land!


STR's New Unofficial FF League

*********************** NEW UPDATE *************************** Draft Type Snake Draft Date Tuesday, September 4, 2012 at 6:30 PM PST Seconds Per Pick 30 Draft Order R...

Owens agrees to terms with Seahawks after tryout


Well here you go: -Terrell Owens is coming back to the NFL, hoping the Seattle Seahawks' search for another veteran wide receiver will get him off the sidelines.The 38-year-old Owens had a tryout with the Seahawks on Monday morning, and hours later the team announced it had agreed to terms with the former star receiver.


Fantasy Football 2012

Last year Wallywagon set us up a league..Writing this up eeing if we are doing an unofficial STR Fantasy Football league this year...If noone else will commish i guess i could set us up one..I will...

Another former 49er on Seahawks?


Adam Schefter Seahawks plan to give WR @terrellowens a tryout:


Ok Salary wise heres my question

Kings Salary #'s and how we have differing monies..Are we over Cap or not?

Celtics reach deal with Jason Terry


After deciding to bring back Boston’s aging Big Three for another run at the NBA title, Danny Ainge knew he needed to surround it with more talent. The Celtics general manager settled on former Dallas Mavericks shooting guard Jason Terry as one of the key pieces. Terry has reportedly agreed to a three-year deal for $15-million that is only waiting for the NBA’s moratorium on free agent signings to be lifted on July 11 for the deal to be finalized.


Ok Here's the situation. You are Geoff Petrie

Gavin comes to you and tells you you need to go out and get 1 of these guys no matter price, and that he is done with Thornton because he wants Reke back at his SG position, and you are to go...

Peralta ejected for Pine tar on glove


Why don't they just have umps check them each time..I really don't get this..If its true there are a lot of pitchers doing it, then Selig do something about it

AEG taking over as operator of O.Co


After weeks of negotiating, the Anschutz Entertainment Group won approval of a five-year contract to operate the Coliseum. The agreement is worth several millions to the Coliseum's bottom line. And the Coliseum authority and community stakeholders are hopeful that the Los Angeles-based entertainment venue giant will bring with it a renaissance to the graying facility and more jobs and dollars to Oakland.

Swinging A's blanket - The free giveaway - Hey I know this is a long shot, but does anyone have a...


Swinging A's blanket - The free giveaway - Hey I know this is a long shot, but does anyone have a couple extra of these giveaway..Both my Mom and Aunt are both blind, but both really want these, and unfortunately we did not get a chance to go to these games..They are huge A's fans, and i can afford a little bit (Not 90 bucks like on ebay). Please let me know if you have any extra (Looking for 2), and how much you are looking for..Sorry if this is not the right place for this

2011 postseason stats in review


Looking on for stats for Bowman Vs Willis stats last year and didn't even realize how well we did last year in postseason League Leaders - Postseason 2011 Passing Yards: 4. Alex Smith 495 Rushing Yards 4. Frank Gore 163 Receiving Yards 3. Vernon Davis 292 Tackles 5. NaVorro Bowman 25 Sacks 5. Ray Mcdonald 2.5 Interceptions 5. Tarell Brown 1 In comparison here's how the same guys matched up in regular season 2011 ranks Passing Yards: Alex Smith 19 - 3,144 yds Rushing Yards Frank Gore 6 - 1,211yds Receiving Yards Vernon Davis 41 - 792 yds Tackles NaVorro Bowman 7 - 143 Sacks Ray Mcdonald Tied 59 - 5.5 Interceptions Tarell Brown 12 - 4 Pretty respectable how we did in the playoffs. Especially since we had someone in the top 5 of every category except total yards where Alex is #7. (Kicking Akers at 4th, FG's Akers at 3rd, Punting Lee at #1, Scoring VD at 3, TD's VD at #1, )

Maloofs say arena plan imperils Kings, Sacramento


"An economist hired by the Sacramento Kings this morning questioned the city's ability to build a new arena for the Kings and said the deal did not make economic sense for either the team or Sacramento." WTF Maloofs..Then why did you come out and say its finally getting done, Why did you lie on the floor of PBP to all the fans...Why are you still spewing BS to all people even thinking about becoming season ticket holders...Honestly at this point , I am about to cancel next years Season Tickets for me and the wife

Sources say the Kings will pick up Terrence Williams on a 10-day contract. He was cut by Houston...


Sources say the Kings will pick up Terrence Williams on a 10-day contract. He was cut by Houston this week.

Sam Amick, via Twitter

RFA Big Man Poll

Ok so thanks to Earls Donuts for the little inspiration here...This is gonna be a who would you rather have for the Kings next year if they decide to go after a RFA..Poll is after Jump

Goodbye to possibility of Nicks


TAMPA, Fla. (AP) -- The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have signed All-Pro guard Carl Nicks and cornerback Eric Wright to five-year contracts. Read more:


Some Kings stats for you

Ok decide to head over to check out some team stats for your kings and here is what I have come up with Here's your top 3 for each category...

Suns Willing To Consider Trading Steve Nash


Would we really even be interested? We could put together a package of expirings and get them out of the tax for a 1/2 year rental for him and keep under the tax ourselves..


Some Non occurrences at the superbowl

While going to look up all the teams Superbowl win%'s I came across a list of things that have never occurred at a Superbowl, and thought it would be interesting enough to post here. This is from...

Spurs sign Ike Diogu


Well looks like Ike is gonna be down with the Spurs this year..Looks like he will be needing the pool more then ever

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