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ACC best backups


Candidates for FSU as this counts down: 1) Dalvin Cook 2) Any second string DB - Andrews, Marshall, whoever wins third corner 3) FSU's top non-starting WR 4) FSU's third DE - Walker? Casher? 5) FSU's best backup LB 6) Kareem Are

someone should adapt this list for football


20 questions a basketball recruit should ask. Jimbo should adapt it and offer it to recruits, as FSU would look good.

Opps - got to be great for Gator recruiting though


Mr July on the Florida Gators 2014 calendar

Fisher best replacement of a legend, ever?


In looking at contenders for next year's national title playoff race, interesting look at Fisher from the perspective of replacing legends. Among guys who were the immediate replacement for a legend, only Nebraska's Tom Osborne won a national title, and took 22 years to win his first, and 23 to match the legend (who won two in 11 seasons).

Eagles draft college grads


Eagles note that the last two Super Bowl teams - Broncos and Seahawks, and teams that have had long term success like Patriots and Dungy-era Colts, all lead the league in college grads. Also worth noting - college grads were more likely to get that second contract than non-college grads. Kind of undermines the argument of getting out and getting to that second contract sooner.

Maylock discusses FSU player's draft standing on eve of combine


Joyner - 1st round talent (note, didn't say he'd go there) Jernigan - if he's there when Chicago picks 14th, "I think you’d sprint to the podium" Benjamin - 17th to Ravens or 18th to Jets Brooks and Freeman - 3rd round talents Wilder - 4th or 5th round Talks of several other FSU draft prospects without specifying rounds.

Florida Transfer lands at 2014 opponent


Cody Riggs, following the same transfer path as Russell Wilson and Jacob Coker, will enroll at Notre Dame. Riggs just had to get one more stop at Doak Campbell after missing 2012's date due to injury. Riggs started at safety for the Gators this past season but is expected to return to corner for 2014.

Former FSU asst strength coach now Bears O-Line coach


Pat Meyer was an asst strength coach at FSU briefly, between being an asst at NC State then his alum of Colorado State. Think it was just 2007.

Trickett on a couple of his linemen


On Roderick Johnson: He said he’s looking forward to coming down here and having lots of fun with me. I didn’t want to break the news to him. On Chad Mavety: I waited until the papers got in and then I called him and told him he had to get a damn haircut.,0,

The Rejection of Myron Rolle


The NFL wanted him ... until he was named a Rhodes Scholar

Coaching movement not done


Apparently coaching turnover is not done - Pete Roussel is saying another 7-10 college assistants could move to the NFL, and there is an unusual number of open assistant positions at the college level. Apparently the cause of the latter is the hesitation by some coaches to fill positions before NSD with the fear that the assts leave for a better position between hire and NSD, messing up recruiting. Worth mentioning - he lists high profile guys still looking. Looked at it, and one could be on Fisher's list - Mike Ekeler. Ekeler and Fisher were on LSU's staff together.

Interesting graphic analysis of ACC schedule


Wanted to post the graphic itself, but something is malfunctioning for me. Highlights: More games against non-conference 2014 ESPN Way Too Early Top 25 and 2013 Top 25 teams than any other conference Tied with most non-conference games against 2013 bowl participants.

Pruitt's Alabama replacement steps down


Greg Brown, who took Pruitt's spot on the Bama coaching staff, is stepping down. Kirby Smart will shift back to coaching the secondary (been coaching LBs) and Kevin Steele returns to the Bama field staff as LB coach. Sounds if Brown is the scapegoat for Bama's secondary issues this year, not bringing along the Bama young corners quickly enough.

Red Lightning against Colin Cowherd in footrace


Looks like Red Lightning visited ESPN studios in Bristol, where Cowherd challenged him to a foot race.

Uncomfirmed report - Golden offered Penn State


Unconfirmed, but "sources" are saying Golden has been offered the Penn State job. Earlier today, Golden allegedly said of the Lions' job "it would be coming home".

A late ACC football coach firing/departure coming?


With the departure of Vad Lee, Georgia Tech's 2013 starting QB and biggest recent recruit, and loss to Ole Miss, could Johnson be on his way out? Lee's transfer may be indicative of issues GT deals with now rather than after 2014.

Pruitt enlists dad for Auburn planning


Fisher gives Pruitt three days off for Christmas, and Pruitt spends it reviewing Auburn film with his dad.


Could Winston break the Heisman repeat "curse"

Despite numerous juniors, three sophomores and now a second freshman, there has been only one repeat winner of the Heisman. Could Winston join Griffin as repeat winner? Recent winners of the award...

Add another Gator to the list leaving the ship - probably biggest name yet


Add Tyler Murphy, who graduated yesterday, to the list transferring. Started six games this season before spraining his shoulder. With Max Staver transferring as well, it leaves only two scholarship QBs returning next year. They'll add to that whoever they sign.

Award season


All the stirup on the Winston accusations distracted many FSU fans from paying attention to award finalists. Other than the Heisman, tonight's the night all the major individual awards are given. And FSU leads all teams in finalists Summarizing FSU's finalists, and predicted winners, according to the link Lou Groza for best placekicker - Aguayo one of three finalists, Aguayo predicted to win. Maxwell, player of the year - Winston a finalist Davey O'Brien, QBs - Winston predicted winner Jim Thorpe, best DB - Joyner a finalist Dave Rimmington, best center - Stork a finalist

Ready for "Blue-shirting"


Mostly an end-around applicable to the SEC, but if the ACC or NCAA adopts similar signing rules as the SEC ...

Coaches appear smarter than the media


Coaches turn at their All-ACC. FSU has majority of first team offense, four on first team defense, and Aguayo first team kicker

Women's soccer in national title game


Another FSU team will play for the national title, today, before the football team does. Think the telecast is in ESPNU at 3 ET

Family speaks


Reviewing the evidence like many of you, I thought maybe Winston has a defamation of character lawsuit against the alleged victim. Reading this, apparently so did a number of "high profile lawyers" who've approached the family. But in many ways, I think this whole incident showed the character of Jameis, in a mostly positive way. His focus, his confidence, the whole way he's handled it.


Coaching hiring/firing season has begun

Even though FSU is looking ahead to Duke this week, the hiring season is upon us. A year after losing six (or seven counting Napier), where does FSU stand in retaining coaches from a staff that...


Will the ACC miss a window to innovate

Latest data shows that in the 2nd quarter of this year, pay TV subscriptions dropped ~400K, continuing a trend. Right now, the analysis is that ESPN and HBO are pretty much propping up pay TV....


Setting the criteria to judge 2013 among all time FSU teams

Seen one mention by someone that this is the best FSU team they've ever seen. Probably a post-2000 fan, as certainly this is the best team since the 2000 team, at least. But what is the criteria to...

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