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Carl Pelini resigns


Last time, several FSU assistants were rumored as candidates (none still with FSU). Not sure it is a place that would interest any defensive assistants, but would Brewster consider it?


Did the ACC end up doing FSU a huge favor with the schedule?

Going into the season, I loved the first half of the schedule - Monday night game with the next Saturday off to give the coaches time with the players following the first game (time to correct the...


Did FSU make a mistake in not extending Fisher's c

Last season FSU President Barron decided to not extend Fisher's contract one more year, a year that would have driven up the cost of a buyout after 2013. Will it cost FSU?

Mariota vs Winston for the Heisman


Two ESPN writers make their cases, and include a SportsNation poll. Vote early, vote often.

Fisher featured extensively in article on Denver punt returner


Fisher really went to bat to get Holliday to LSU, along with his high school coach. Fisher had to convince Saban, then when Saban left for Miami, had to convince Les Miles to honor the offer.



I don't want to overreact, but he's going to be the best player ever

Mike Greenberg on "Mike & Mike" about Jameis Winston, while discussing recent Jimbo Fisher FSU QBs.

Redshirt tallies

With a large amount of garbage time, we can now see who among freshmen is likely to redshirt. This list does not include medical hardship, as that can happen if a player's season ends via injury...

Would he be a prospect or not


Son of an FSU great - on the field - and an NFL first round pick. But dad was maligned when he returned to FSU in another role. Dexter Carter Jr had five TDs in one half on Friday night (1 rushing, 3 receiving, 1 INT return)


ACC Coaching Hot Seat

In the past, I've done coaching hot seats for the ACC. I let it slip in the pre-season, so here's the early season assessment The ACC doesn't have a school who would normally fire a coach after...

Trey Marshall recovering from emergency surgery


FSU 2014 commitment took a vicious hit to the stomach that sent him to the hospital - out four to six weeks.

Interesting blast from the past - and see who Los outran ...


Talk of Los as a home run threat made me want to review his track career. Found this past fanshot about his finish - and look who he beat (though he only outweighs him by about 35 pounds now)

Analysis: Winston under pressure


Breaking down Winston in blitz v. non-blitz situations. Most amazing piece to me: Winston threw 3 TDs against the blitz and wasn't sacked in blitz situations. For comparison, EJ threw 9 TDs in all of 2012 against the blitz.

SportsNation polls on Winston


Vote on SportsNation polls - will he continue at his current pace, what's his Heisman chances, how far will he lead FSU this season?


Is this the year that the unexplainable loss doesn't occur

Of course, to make the claim it won't happen comes with the assumption about why it happens. For the sake of this discussion, we'll only talk of 2012's NC State, 2011's Virginia (giving Clemson...


Tracking NFL cuts

Trickett had wanted to transfer before the spring


I had seen a tweet about this, but just found an article on it to verify it. Apparently Clint Trickett had planned to transfer last winter after the fall semester, and had taken an 18 hour load in the fall to try to make it happen. The class load at 18 hours along with being the backup QB was too much, and he didn't pass all 18. Clint's reason for that timing: "Things were uncomfortable down there with Dad being on the staff" He also talks about West Virginia being his first choice out of high school, but not getting an offer at that time because the WVU offense at the time and his skills were not a match.

Winston's notebook


He [Winston's dad] checks the car and the attic and eventually finds it, and the thing has weathered the rigors of academia. The pages, blanketed in unsharpened pencil and gripping to perforation, offer a glimpse into the mind of a young Jameis Winston. Each sheet in the notebook presents a defensive look - Cover 2, Cover 3, Cover 4, man. The coverage is diagrammed. He lists the defense's intentions and step-by-step directions to make the read pre-snap. Under that, a bulleted list of the best routes to beat the coverage followed by notes on what body part he should aim for on the receiver's body given the defender's assignment. Page 5 is signed Jameis Winston, Hueytown Middle School.

New ACC Bloggers?

Starting this week I'll be taking over more ACC responsibilities with Corey Dowlar. I'll still have some Midwest/East news but now ACC focus— Jared Shanker (@JShankerESPN) August 5, 2013

Not sure if these guys will replace or join Heather and Andrea

Updated CBS Sports Draft Prospect Rankings


#12 - Cam Erving (got to think this high at this point, not that he couldn't play to that level - there are three OTs above as well, and with the OTs taken this year, got to think the fourth OT of the draft won't go at 12) #24 - Tim Jernigan (3rd DT) 51 - Christian Jones (7th OLB) 58 - JWJ (4) 72 - Joyner (2 - free safety) 119 - Terrance Brooks (5 - FS) 133 Bryan Stork (5) 287 Chad Abram (5) 314 Telvin Smith (13 ILB) 441 Willie Haulsted (50) 529 McAllister (40) 553 Kenny Shaw (66) 622 McDaniel (47) 831 Demps (36 FS) 906 Hicks (67) Looks like they missed or simply thought Rashad won't skip his senior season.

ESPN shooting self in foot


Effective July 17, ESPN will be transitioning all conversations to Facebook comments. At that time a Facebook account will be required to post comments on new articles. Previous comments and conversations will be closed to comment but can still be viewed.

FSU led with 11 NFL picks


Alabama, Florida, and LSU in three way tie for second with 9 each.

Manuel feature article in Denver Post?


Don't let the title fool you (wasn't the title in the print edition). This is an article labeling Manuel as the NFL QB prospect with the best NFL potential. Weird to see it in the paper, as it isn't a local prospect and the Broncos won't be drafting a QB anywhere before the 6th round, if at all (they need a 3rd string QB, but likely they will take a FA). Just made me scratch my head that the Post would allow one of its authors to write, then an editor authorized it for print.


Running back candidates from the "family tree"

A recent post-practice Jimbo Fisher interview gave a clue to who may be considered for the running back position. Fisher seemed to emphasis the importance of hiring staff within the same coaching...


Threats to off-season coaching stability

It's almost November, and with many recruiting often demanding a quick change on coaching staffs to get a jump if it's going to happen at all, what are the possible changes for FSU during this...

Jarquez Smith now committed (BB)


Best link I could find. Showed up on ESPN basketball recruiting page as a tweet of another. Ranked 78th best by ESPN.

Tony Carter makes an opening day roster


Former FSU corner Tony Carter, a UFA in 2009, has bounced around the league a bit and been on a fiew practicve squads, been active in a few games, but never made an opening day roster. In what the Denver Post describes as a the most surprising roster move, he made the Broncos roster as the fourth corner, including over a guy that Denver cut despite giving him a $1.5 million signing bonus. Congrats Tony!

For What It's worth - after Saturday's games and before the rest of the weekend

  1. Lonnie Pryor is tied for first in player scoring (18 points)
  2. FSU is 16th in rushing offense, 7th in Total Offense, 2nd in scoring offense
  3. FSU is 11th in rushing defense, 7th in total defense, 6th in scoring defense
  4. Tied for first in sacks, 8th in tackles for a loss
  5. Werner leads the nation in sacks and tackles for a loss
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