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Christian Ponder traded to the Rams. It's already done, book it!

Calling it. Ponder gets traded to the Rams by Thursday! You have got to believe with Bradford tearing his ACL that they will be looking for a starting caliber QB immediately to try and help salvage...


Freeman chooses #12............ superbowl

My long time superstition. By my own accounts(inside joke) the next #12 that would win the SB is Andrew Luck but heres hoping our favorite football team will buck Luck out of my silly irrational...


Sign P.Hillis and trade Gerhart, Ponder and a 4th round pick to the Chargers?

What would be your thoughts on this DN? I think Hillis has a lot left in the tank and is falling into bad situations, he could be an amazing 3rd down punch when AD's stamina is running low on long...

Wolves extend formal offer to Nikola Pekovic


The deal is believed to worth $12 million annually. What do you think about this deal canishoopus? I believe at $12M and no other offers on the table for him we are overpaying severely. That said, I love Pek and I'm glad to know he's going to be staying with us.


YES! Adrian Peterson gets on the cover of Madden 25 after all! Just released at E3

Tuned in to watch the E3 EA Sports conference and they showed 2 things. 1st- Footage of the Vikings new uniforms in action(white jerseys/purple pants) 2nd- Bombshell that AP will be on the cover...


Rajon Rondo tore his ACL. Is this our opportunity to add KG and Lee to our roster?

Trade will be as follows KG and Courtney Lee to the Wolves.D-Thrill, Luke, Lou and Steamer to the C's. Wolves can try and keep playoff hopes alive while waiting for Love to come back.C's can try...


Why ruin a good thing? The Madden Sim is 4-0.. does it carry its magic to the playoffs? MN @ GB Take 3 Edition

Changing things up I thought I'd do something a little different.. Madden has successfully predicted 4 games in a row, in the first 3 the games were all tight and in real life pretty much blow...


Has Paul Charchian been eating crow? Haven't heard from him since December 2nd.

I'm sure everyone has seen it... but following his rant on the Vikings(the link I'll provide below) has he followed up on his comments at all? I tried googleing for a while and looked at his...


Keeping the tradition alive! Week 17 Superstition GB @ MN - Madden 13 SIM

If you have been following the previous 2 weeks, Madden has predicted the winner of which I posted against the Rams and Texans(and actually they predicted the Bears but I didn't post that one till...


Ask a Vikings Fan - Impending Doom Edition

Huge article not needed. We know eachother, we know what this game means for both teams. Luck is in the good guys favor this time around at the Frozen Inflatable, and I predict not only a Vikings...


Since it worked so well last time! Madden 13 sim - MN Vikings @ HOU Texans

Anybody superstitious here? I have some weird post game traditions. I always wear a white away jersey during the game. Bathroom breaks are not allowed for anybody, even during halftime(sorry...


Ask a Vikings Fan - Week long edition

Greetings AFC South Champions, I thought with a big game coming up already 6 days away that we could start a thread early to get our sights set on what a W would mean for both teams next week....


My Madden 13 sim - MN Vikings AT STL Rams

10 min CPU vs CPU watch. Stats QBs Bradford- 15/27 passing, 231 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT, Longest pass 91 yards Ponder- 9/16 passing, 101 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT, Longest pass 61 yards RBs P...


Braylon Edwards? Should we sign him?

Sources say he may go to the Jets, but what other options do we have? We were SUPPOSED to address the WR position last week. DA proved on Sunday that he can't catch a ball to save his life with...

Wolves plan to trade Cunningham


Per ESPN: What do we plan to flip him off for? I haven't read anything on twitter or the wire anywhere about what we'd do.


Royce White would give his "pinky toe" to play for T-Wolves(link) Lets take him, what do we have to lose? We have a good shot at selecting him, and I think he can easily be a star....


Would we dare trade for Paul "The Truth" Pierce?

And how ironic would that be? Pierce on our team IMO gets us to the 2nd round. Is it worth what we may have to...


Now that Cousins has demanded a trade. Do we still want this guy?

Everyone says that we should of taken Cousins instead of Wes.. well put your money where your mouth is because now we have that opportunity. We can trade for Cousins and give up Wes and both teams...

Timberwolves do the right thing. Waive Bonzi Wells.


Surprise. Timberwolves waive Bonzi Wells, didn't take too long.


2011-12 NBA Season sim'd from NBA 2k12 - Anyone interested?

So, I simmed a full 82 game season with the most current updated 2k12 rosters along with every roster update I had to make using this as a source.. h...


It was one preseason game but JJ/Rubio backcourt worked.

Just watched the game over again to pick somethings apart, and what I really, really enjoyed was watching Rubio at the point with JJ playing off the ball. It looked great, JJ just had a knack for...


Bucher says Lakers talked to Minny about Pau for Love/DWill

And that the talks were, "light"... yeah right. This guy is an idiot, the talks probably went, "we will give you Pau for Kevin Love and also how about Derrick Williams?..... hello? Kahn?... you...


The Suns plan on cutting Vince Carter when the lockout ends

Not that he would consider coming here.. but maybe? Does he fit in with us? Would he be the veteran presence we need to make an actual playoff push? He would certainly make us even more exciting...


Should the Wolves seriously consider aggressively shopping for CP3?

Makes sense to me, this is of course a starting point, but the trade works. We get a legit PG, someone that can play along side of Love and...


I'm so extremely overly excited for the Wolves I had to start posting

Huge long time creepy stalker of all the people here.. snp.. oceanary(sp?) timallen I can go on.. I hope you guys read this and know for seasons I creepily have been reading your articles on the...

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