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  • MMA Mauricio Rua, "Cupcake" Tate, GSP, Frank Mir, Jon Jones, Sexyama, Megumi Fujii, JDS!!
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User Blog

Weidman defeats Silva. With the help of...himself

Fix was in? Anderson wanted to lose? Jones Jr. mere presence was mad mojo for the Spider?


Haters gunna hate: Alisterone Overroid edition

via SO what's better than Nick losing his number 1 contender bout to Condit, failing a drug test for pot, getting suspended for a year and then coming back to a title shot? A...


WBN video Vitali Klitschko knocked out by Pele Reid

Turns out the rumors of current WBC Heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko, well-known for his seemingly uncrackable chin and overall toughness as evidenced by the fact that he has yet to touch...


Bring back legitimacy to the UFC!!

via ^^^ Sums up my general feelings towards UFC matchmaking as of late. The UFC was built upon having a higher standard of competition than boxing, where the champ, no...


Toughest S.O.Bs in MMA

Just this weekend I was treated to a complete an utter shellacking of an over-hyped Chavez Jr. at the hands of pound-for-pound great Sergio Martinez. Martinez made a complete fool of Chavez up...


Why Bonnar will beat Silva

Anyone remember this lil incident a while back? via Not only does Bonnar have a black belt in TKD and Golden Gloves award to atest for his striking prowess but he also...


Does ward have a claim at being the number 1 pound-for-pound boxer in the world with a win against Chad Dawson?

In my humble and nowhere near professional opinion, the simple answer to that is yes. Ward is not only the undisputed and undefeated super MW champion of the world, but he also has an Olympic gold...


Brazilian MMA fans name Fedor Emelianenko 'The Greatest Of All Time'

Who do Brazilian fans believe is the greatest MMA fighter of all time? The answer might surprise you.


Best way to condition shins for Muay Thai?

Hello all, a lil bit of backgroud here so I (not so) recently found my calling in something that I would never, up until this year anyway, would have thought would have been something that would...


UFC 151 gets cancelled...and somehow it all falls on Jon Jones? GET REAL!

First, let me get started at how appalled and disgusted I am at some of you "fans". MMA fans have a reputation of making even NASCAR fans look classy: via Look...

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