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Ten Reasons for Optimism

When the 2012-2013 season started, many fans of the Timberwolves were brimming with optimism. Chase Budinger, Andre Kirilenko, Alexey Shved, Dante Cunningham, and Greg Stiemsma all looked like...


Pekovic quotes on rumored Blazers' interest this summer

And so it begins... (yes, I know this should be a Fan Shot, but since no one reads those) The Trail Blazers have been rumored to having interest in the third-year center for some time and...


Sounds like you missed your chance Kahn

If I have learned one thing from reading CH over the years, it is to respect a player's career body of work far more than what they've done recently. Remember when Courtney Lee was a major...


Alexey Shved: By the Numbers

Before the season started I was cautiously optimistic about Alexey Shved. His performance in the Olympics seemed to indicate he could at least play a strong role off the bench. It seemed unlikely...

Lou Amundson a Wolf?


From Chris Tomasson ‏@christomasson Source says Lou Amundson is in Minnesota now ready to sign his deal and will be with TWolves for start of camp Source tells me Lou Amundson to sign a 1-year guaranteed deal for minimum, bit disappointed he didn't get more. Source just told me that will Lou Amundson will sign with Minnesota. Anyone with thoughts on whether this is a good thing, particularly if it is in replacement of Tolliver?

Eye on Basketball's Elite 100: No. 100 through No. 50


Fun to read through, but I have trouble agreeing with it. Here is an example: No. 77: Marcin Gortat, C, Age 28, Phoenix Suns No. 58: Brook Lopez, C, Age 24, Brooklyn Nets Hunh? Would any NBA exec prefer Lopez over Gortat in terms of winning games?


Key upcoming dates for 2012-2013 season

Sept. 29 -- NBA Training Camps open for practice for teams competing in international preseason contestsOct. 1 -- NBA Team Media DaysOct. 2 -- NBA Training Camps open for practiceOct. 10 -- Wolves...


Top 5 Wolves rivals in 2012-2013

It is 5 minutes before tipoff. You've been thinking about this game off and on all day. The Wolves really need a win today to seal up a playoff spot. Adding more tension is the fact that these...


Call for ideas: Ending tanking

TrueHoop published a very good story today on tanking. Over the next few days they plan to roll out some ideas on how to stop tanking and rewarding bad GM decisions. I suspect there are people...


Trade Rumor Thread - PM Edition

So to recap the last 24 hours or so: The Bucks sent Andrew Bogut and Stephen Jackson west for Monta Ellis, Ekpe Udoh and Kwame Brown. Mike D'Antoni resigned as head coach of the Knicks Dwight...

Pau traded?


Roland Lazenby ‏ @lazenby It seems we'll soon be getting news that Gasol has been traded. No details confirmed, but he's apparently gone.

Wolves preparing 'white out' vs. Lakers tomorrow


I think this is genius in at least two ways. (1) This is a big game with playoff implications - crowd support could help. (2) There are usually a bunch of pathetic front-running Laker fans at the game. Could cover up those unsightly yellow Kobe jerseys.

Shooter Now: Timberwolves want David Kahn back next season


I figured this would happen due to the Wolves big turn-around, and it is just Shooter. But if he stays, how do we have any more confidence in the team's ability to draft and trade effectively?


Putting out the Bat Signal for SnP

SnP - Can you share any insight into the current thoughts of the Wolves front office on filling the massive, elephant-in-the-room, space-devouring hole at BOTH wing positions on this team? 82...

Williams waiting for a chance to roar


Glad Williams is putting in extra work. Would be more encouraged if he wasn't talking mostly about offense, offensive opportunities, shots. I wonder if DWill realizes what is keeping him off the floor is likely his defense. If he could prove to Adelman that he can defend the 4 and 3 adequately, he would be getting more minutes over Beasley & Wes.

Another Wolves exec needs media training


Check out these gems from Ted Johnson -- the chief marketing officer and senior vice president of communications for the Timberwolves. The subject is the Wolves lack of complete TV coverage and the fans' resulting disappointment. Last year, Ted Johnson -- the chief marketing officer and senior vice president of communications for the Timberwolves -- very rarely fielded calls, e-mails or tweets whenever a Wolves game wasn't televised. "Not really," he said, chuckling. ... Johnson said there have been discussions, too, with Channel 29 about adding a game or games. "It's certainly a possibility that we could add something toward the end of the season," Johnson said, "but I also want to acknowledge that getting games broadcast is a complicated process." ... For now, the Wolves are treating the new TV demand from fans for what it is. "It's a blessing and a curse," Johnson said. So let me get this straight. We ridicule fan interest in previous years, complain about how hard our job is, and call fan interest a curse. Wow. I'm sure he is a nice man and good at his job, but these are some really, really unfortunate quotes. He sounds like a guy who would prefer the status quo. I'd much rather hear something like "We are ecstatic about all the new interest in the team this year. Our goal is to televise every game. We need to step up to the challenge as other teams, like the Milwaukee Bucks, have."

Darko isn't super happy about diminished role


Scroll to the bottom of the linked-to article: "Center Darko Milicic isn't super happy about his diminished role, especially on offense. But he said he's willing do whatever is asked of him if the team continues to improve. Lately that has meant mainly a defensive role and limited minutes. He did have two steals and three blocks against Sacramento." Apparently there is some truth to the oft-stated idea that Darko wants his touches on offense and that was part of why Kurt gave him so many. I am personally not "super-happy" when Darko touches the ball at all on offense. When he has it, my mind begins thinking "Hmm, will it be a turnover or a missed hook this time?"

Good Rubio article in USA Today


Some quotes and information I've not heard before, such as the following from Ricky... "I have to control more of the game. That's what a point guard has to do. We lost a lot of games in the last quarter, and that can't happen," Rubio says. "We had a chance, but we don't have to be happy because we had a chance. We have to be happy because we won the game. And we didn't. "That's not enough." ... "I like Minneapolis because it's not a small city or a (big) city. I call it a big town because it's not like (Los Angeles) or New York. I prefer this style a lot." ... "They don't attack you (in Minneapolis) like they do in L.A., for example, with Pau Gasol." ... "I gave (my) word that I'm going to come in two years. When you say it's (your) word, it's your word," Rubio said. "You have to do it. No matter what happens or how comfortable I was in Barcelona. … I decided to make the big step. And I know I made the right choice."

Memphis trying to trade Mayo again


Two Woj tweets: "Memphis and New Jersey have been engaged in trade talks centered on guard O.J. Mayo, but a deal appears unlikely, league sources tell Y!" "Nets-Grizzlies talks included scenarios for Anthony Morrow and a pick for O.J. Mayo, but discussions have lost traction, sources tell Y!" Mayo still available. Not sure if the Wolves don't want, or price is too high? I know many here are not big fans, but he would be an improvement over Johnson. I wonder if Mayo has been telling MEM that he won't resign there and/or he is looking for a BIG contract? If so, Wolves might not want to rent him or pay him a BIG contract.


Official Canis Hoopus FAQ

I've mentioned creating an FAQ a couple of times over the past year. I guess now is as good a time as any. I'll start it with a few basic questions and answers. Please post additional questions...


Didja Know? Wolves start Love + worst four players on roster (according to 82games)

Developing the starting lineup and rotation for the Wolves is no walk in the park. They have serious holes at C and SG. Many of their top players are either PGs or PFs. And two of their best...

New Timberwolves looking for more than same old Beasley


Aschy (former Strib reporter) with a Wolves article focusing on Beasley and his long term fit here. Seems to imply it is more likely than not that he will not be part of the long term picture. Here is a random Beasley question. Most of us would like to see him drive a lot more and stop setting for long 2s. When he gets in the lane, he seems to have trouble finishing and also drawing fouls. He seems like a very "below the rim" finisher when there is traffic. Any guesses why? He is an athletic guy and often has a head of steam. But there is not much lift or physicality to the drive.

Zach Randolph out up to 8 weeks with knee ligament tear


I feel bad for Memphis, who had a nice season last year and now has lost two good PFs to bad injuries. Might help the Wolves get a win tonight, but last year they seemed to excel at losing to shorthanded teams like Golden State. Adelman will hopefully remind them of that.

Free! Basketball Prospectus on MN Players


The Basketball Prospectus by Bradford Doolittle and Kevin Pelton has made their pages evaluating MN players available for free as a sample.

Partizan's season in jeopardy with return of Pekovic to NBA

1. Vlade Jovanovic, Partizan Who He’s Losing: Nikola Pekovic (Minnesota Timberwolves) Less than a week before season’s tip, Maccabi Electra put Milan Macvan in a box, wrapped that box in yellow and blue and shipped it off to Belgrade (on loan) with a black and white bow. Partizan tore up the wrapping paper and inserted Double M into their starting rotation. Instantly, the Boys in Black had the most talented PF-C combo a reasonable fan could ask for. With Acie Law playing increasingly well (Don’t laugh. OK, laugh.), the rest of Partizan’s pieces filling themselves into place around the big dogs and the best home atmosphere in Europe, another Final Four was seemingly within reach, their last coming in 2010 in Paris. Macvan is on his way to an All-Euroleague season and should pick up the Rising Star Award with relative ease barring injury or a serious collapse, but that’s not enough to elevate Partizan to the upper echelon. No Pekovic, no Final Four in Istanbul. Period.

NBA.com StatsCube Wolves Preview


Among other things, Wolves were good at shooting corner threes, Tolliver played well, Webster was terrible on D, and Adelman has coached both top 10 offenses and top 10 defenses 9 different times.

NBA.com Preseason Power Rankings


Spoiler Alert: Wolves 27th. I can see why, given the new players, new coach, youth of roster, and terrible past performance. Still, I think this is a bit low.

Two D Williams Videos


* UnderArmour Commercial * UnderArmour Game Wow - he has some handles for a guy his size. Really excited to see him play.


Glen - It is time to step up

Glen, Despite fielding a mid-market team that is losing games and money, I doubt you are one of the owners willing to torch the season.  You *finally* got Rubio to the US, and he is going to leave...

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