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Was @canishoopus hacked?

Are you wanting to lose some weight? i highly suggest this http://readingonlinemedia.com If not and this ID will be used as alternative advertisement feed, unfollow!

Details on owners' latest CBA proposal

Marc Stein posted a report today with some interesting details in the owners' latest CBA proposal: •  The institution of a sliding "Supertax" that would charge teams $2 in luxury tax for every...



I understand that advertisements are what makes an awesome free site like this one possible. But I found the recent front page 'post' titled "Three Words for Oakheart" a little frustrating.  Same...


A CBA Proposal for Ending the Lockout

I am not a financial expert, nor do I play one on TV.  I am also not a CBA expert, lawyer, or marine biologist. However, like many fans, I've read a fair amount about the NBA lockout and have a few...

Taylor wants new coach to improve D

"I see a lot of the same abilities in the Lynx and the Timberwolves, but you see how these ladies play together," Taylor said. "Without a doubt, (the Lynx) do some wonderful things, but when they start winning, it's defense. We can shut teams down." Taylor can't say that about his Timberwolves. Of the Lynx's defense, Taylor said, "They go along, go along, go along, and it gets to the fourth quarter, and all of a sudden our team just shuts them down. It's so obvious that they trust each other on defense. The other team just gets frustrated. "That's a quality we were not able to get out of our men this year. When it got to the end, it was just the opposite. The other teams just shut us down." Taylor and Wolves president David Kahn still seeking a coach for the Timberwolves. "Hopefully, we can find a coach and assistant coaches who somehow can pull that (defense) out of our men," Taylor said. I'm thinking this means no to Nellie.

One way to create tables in Fan Posts

Several CH members were recently discussing the difficulties in adding tables to their Fan Posts. In taking a quick spin through the SB Nation authoring help, I did not see a way to create a table...

Zgoda: (Adelman) Dances With Wolves: Just follow the money?

...you can probably handicap this Timberwolves' coaching search simply by using one criteria: $$$ If they're willing to pay $4-5 million a year, the pick clearly seems to be former Houston coach Rick Adelman, a candidate who meets all of Kahn's criteria for style of play, winning track record and the unspoken but important Kevin Love Factor. If their ceiling is $3 million -- plus bonuses -- it's Don Nelson. Working down from there, in the $2 million range and in descending order, your picks are Mike Woodson, Bernie Bickerstaff (and Son) and then Terry Porter.

Derrick Williams: We are going to be like the early stage Thunder

The next couple of years we are going to be just like how the Thunder were in the early stages of their whole program, their whole organization to where as good as they are now. So it’s just gotta be making that jump. That would really help us.

Defensive center for the Wolves?

In my opinion the Wolves greatest need is a defensive center.  I do not think Darko is the long term answer, and I think it is a force-fit for Randolph.  While Love can body up some players at the...

Chad Ford Chat: Wolves likely 2nd worst team in league next season

Question: Worst team in the NBA next season: Toronto or Charlotte? Chad Ford (1:20 PM) I'd put the Raptors at the top of the list. Minnesota next. Charlotte, Cleveland and Sacramento in the next group ... that is if none of them make significant changes via trade or free agency. Question: Disappointed by your guess that Wolves will be second worst. So even with the additions of Rubio/Williams/Lee and (hopefully) the jettison of Rambis/triangle they will not improve? Chad Ford (1:34 PM) Not saying they won't improve. But who will they be better than? Do you agree? If so, the Clips sweaty fantasies will come true.

Big Picture To Do List

The last week or so has been amazing.  I am more optimistic about the Wolves than I have been in many years, and I don't think I'm alone. Moving forward, this feeling will quickly fade if not...

Hire Walsh! Idiot Dolan pushed him out

BREAKING NEWS: Knicks announce Donnie Walsh is leaving his position as team president. Will remain as consultant. Details to come Really, really unlikely. But wouldn't it be great if Walsh came to Minny to help Kahn with talent evaluation and planning. Great mentor.

Kevin Love would welcome a trade (Chad Ford via Hoopshype)


The story requires insider (of course). Below is the key part that hoopshype provided this morning. Owner Glen Taylor said Monday that he doesn't think the Wolves will trade their pick. That will come as a pretty big surprise to a number of GMs who claim that the Wolves are already talking to teams about the pick. The problem for the Wolves is that Williams plays the same positions as their best two players -- Kevin Love and Michael Beasley. They could trade either player (Love especially would welcome a trade), but I'm not sure Williams is an upgrade. Glen - hello? Anyone there? You didn't hire a GM for *months* when you removed McHale of that position. So then you had to do a rush hire in the summer. That guy is not good at his job. Then he had to hire a coach after the draft, and that guy is not good. So now your best player wants out because the team is terrible and is diseased in the front office. At some point doesn't keeping good players and fielding a competitive team have to take the forefront here? Hello?

First sign Rubio might be actually coming?


This is a Spanish article translated by Vin20 on the RealGM board. That poster lives in Europe and has been translating and commenting on articles for months. Hard as it may be to believe, it sounds like Ricky might be under *less* pressure if he comes here. The hype has died down a lot in the US, so he'd have less of a target on his back than he would have in 2009. Meanwhile in Spain it sounds like fans have turned on him somewhat due to his disappointing 2010-2011 season.

Lionel Hollins indirectly summarizes Wolves struggles this year


"You can't turn the ball over and play good defense at the same time. It just doesn't work that way," Hollins said.

Barcelona gives Ricky the green light to leave to Minnesota?


Vin20 from the RealGM board nicely translated the following article to English: http://www.tubasket.com/noticia/El-Bara-da-va-libre-a-Ricky-si-decide-irse-a-los-Wolves.-El-club-ganara-2-mill.-con-la-operacin/240034/84 Can anyone here confirm this translation? Also, is this web site/author reputable? Wondering if this is based on inside info or just general financial guessing like people saying Memphis will need to trade Rudy in order to resign Gasol.

Smart out as coach; Lacob not smart while speaking

The Golden State Warriors parted ways with coach Keith Smart on Wednesday, the first major fallout this offseason from a new ownership group that has promised sweeping changes to the perennial underachieving franchise. I remember reading from an 'insider' somewhere that Smart was on the list of coaches the Wolves were interested in a few years ago. Doubt they'd be interested now, though, as it sounds like he was fired due to an inability to improve their D. Sounds familiar. GSW owner / quote machine Joe Lacob: "It's never easy to make difficult decisions" While it is only occasionally difficult to make easy decisions apparently. Like replacing a 27 - 102 coach, for example.

Houston interviewing coaches, MN doing zip

The opening stages of the Rockets’ coaching search began to take shape Monday, with several initial interviews scheduled and others placed on hold pending the results of the NBA playoffs’ first round. Milwaukee assistant coach Kelvin Sampson, ... Rockets assistant coach Jack Sikma ... Mike Woodson, ... Memphis’ Dave Joeger, Dallas’ Dwane Casey, Boston’s Lawrence Frank and San Antonio’s Mike Budenholzer. Morey also has shown interest in Los Angeles Clippers assistant Dean Demopoulos ... former Cleveland coach Mike Brown. Meanwhile, the Wolves are doing a whole lot of pondering and wallet checking and time wasting. So Adelman is not good enough to retain in HOU, but Rambis is a tough call here?

Alec Burks announced that he will enter the NBA draft!!


"I felt like I was going to be a top-10 pick in the lottery and I felt like it was something I couldn't pass up," Alec Burks said.


Glen Taylor to announce new "austerity program"

Glen Taylor, owner of the Minnesota Timberwolves, is expected to announce a new "austerity program" this afternoon to counter massive financial losses.  The plan is expected to contain the...


Best Buy and the Brotherhood of the Traveling Rubio Pants

As both the NBA and the European basketball leagues wind down, there has been an increasing amount of Rubio interviews and speculation.  One example is this story from Jerry Zgoda about the Wolves'...


I predict it will get chippy tonight

Pacers are in the 8th playoff spot, so they may view tonight as a "must win." McRoberts and Hansbrough were both very physical with Love last game vs Indy. I thought Love & Tyler might get in a...

Ricky Rubio has been doing his homework on Timberwolves


Wolves assistant general manager/player personnel Tony Ronzone visited with the flashy point guard, the team's first-round pick in the 2009 NBA draft, during the Spanish Cup tournament in Barcelona last month and said the Spanish phenom told him that he's been keeping up with the Wolves. "He said he knows about our team and he likes our young talent," Ronzone said of Rubio, who is in his second season with Regal FC Barcelona, the defending Euroleague champion and one of the top teams in the Spanish Pro League. "He said he likes (Kevin) Love, (Michael) Beasley and Wes Johnson. He's very in tune with a lot of the NBA players."

Holy @#$#: Souhan unloads and then some

With the Wolves in the tank, now the organization's culture of self-preservation will lead to an ugly end to an unsightly season. Kahn probably will try to fire Rambis to save his own job. Taylor might have to choose between his overmatched GM and his floundering coach, and we know what happens when Taylor has to make tough decisions -- he lets Moor help him screw it up. In the Wolves' organization, incompetence runs downhill, like sewage, and today poor Kevin Love stands ankle-deep in the detritus of what might be the worst organization in pro sports, after one of the worst days in franchise history. I assume everyone knows Rob Moor is the Wolves' CEO and Taylor's son-in-law. I can't remember the last time things were this bad/negative. When Wolves decided to trade KG? When Wolves were penalized a bunch of picks for Joe Smith debacle?

Is a bad loss tonight going to be it for Rambis?

Every Wolves related chat (ESPN, Hoopsworld) seems to indicate that Rambis is not getting the most out of this roster. Glen seemed to fire a little shot recently Rambis' way as well, about...

Chad Ford: Not a fan of Minny

chbeyer (Charlotte NC) What is the chance that a potential contender will make a move to acquire Kevin Love? His a emerging superstar on a team going nowhere. Chad Ford (1:39 PM) It would have to be a really good deal for Minnesota. Love has been the most improved player in the league and he's popular in Minnesota. But they know he doesn't want to be there. If they could get two or three good assets for him, they'd consider. But it's going to take a big offer. David (Minnesota) I'm addicted to your Mock Draft Lottery Machine ... can you help? Chad Ford (1:44 PM) Not really. It's like NBA crack. Especially if your name is David and your from Minnesota. It's the highlight of any season for you guys. Nothing like playing for ping pong balls. Interestingly, it took me 20 plays to get Minnesota coming up No. 1. I think they'd go Perry Jones of Baylor if they got it. But don't count out Kyrie Irving. The Ricky Rubio situation is very fluid right now. They're worried. Hard to tell how well sourced Chad is.

Wolves secret weapon over the last three games

Kevin Love and Micheal Beasley have received lots of well-deserved praise for the teams good play over the last three or four games.  Sebastian Telfair has also been given praise for his iron-man...

Thorpe: Wolves look like they have already quit on their coach


Jay (Tacoma, WA) Minnesota looks TERRIBLE to start the season. Growing pains, or deeper problems? And what's up with Kevin Love, his body language is atrocious. David Thorpe That team looks like they have already quit on their coach. buddy (sf) from first 2 weeks...worst free agent signing or trade? David Thorpe Darko by a kilometer. Jeremy (Grand Forks, ND) Where do you see Wes Johnson's game going? He seems to shoot well from outside and has some athletic ability I wasn't suspecting. Thanks David Thorpe I hope that whe he is now is not what he'll be. Mostly a gunner, though I think he'll end up being a solid shooter. I'd like to see him drive and slash more. Taking more 3's than ft's always a concern for young players. John (Minneapolis, MN) Glad to see you chatting again, David! Please talk Wolves. Are they talentless, too young, or playing the wrong system? And how do you think Beasley will play the next couple of years? David Thorpe I don't like how the team is built. No athleticism inside. Brewer and Johnson are three's playing the 2. Darko has been simply abominable. Love is absolutely miserable. He's a great player stuck in a bad situation. Patrick (Chicago) Would the Timberwolves make the playoffs this year if they had taken Curry (instead of Flynn) and Cousins instead of Johnson?? David Thorpe No, but they would have been wise to do so.

Minor trade coming?

Rambis hints that #Timberwolves could carry 15 players. But it wouldn't be Ager, which means adding player in trade by Monday. Anyone with any inside info or good guesses?
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