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I'm a Phoenix native currently living in Olympia, Washington. I'm a student. I learned everything I know about basketball from watching the Suns.

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How to solve-late season tanking


With a lottery system like the one proposed in this article, the Suns "con-build" strategy would make more sense.

Saw this on one of the internets. It freaked me out a bit.


Saw this on one of the internets. It freaked me out a bit.

A HoopsHype interview with Jared Dudley


Check out what Jared has to say about whatever

Steve Nash gets a parking spot


Unfortunately China blocks youtube, so I can't see this gem, but I heard about it so I thought I'd pass it on.


Who is Bismack Biyambo

For the last three months or so, I've been going through various mock drafts and checking out the players.  Seth has run some features here about various players that could be possibly be selected...


Why Dudley Deserves a Starting Spot

To understand why the Suns and their fans love Jared Dudley, just look at the first play of last night’s game against the Kings.  For those who missed it, Duds blocked a layup, then chased the ball...

Gary Bender Announces his Retirement


Well... how will you commemorate Gary Bender's last broadcast?

David West out for season with torn ACL


Could this lead to the Hornets slipping out of the playoffs? The result of tonight's game would certainly help.


We need Meathawk, we don’t have Meathawk, so lets make our own Meathawk!

Throughout this season, the Suns have put a plethora of on court chemistry issues on full display.  Their offense stagnates in critical moments; both their defense and communication frequently...


Steve Nash and Suns put a Nasty Crossover Move on Phoenix Fans

When Steve Nash gets picked up by a big man off a screen, the opposing player can be observed with an addled look his face, like, “Which way is he gonna go? oh shit... don’t blink, don’t blink.” ...


Preseason 2.0

The Suns entered their 2010 training camp with an overhauled roster, and thus many questions to answer:How will the Suns make up for Amar’e Stoudemire’s numbers? Do they have what it takes to make...


Carter's Swollen Knee is Somewhat Swell for the Suns

Let’s try an exercise, shall we.  Imagine if Saturday’s trade had not been made.  Then imagine reading this article yesterday: “Suns’ Starting Shooting Guard Jason Richardson Considering...


Bright Side of the Trade

Call me insensitive but I’m not weeping any purple and orange tears into my now worthless #23 jersey.  You should all put down your tissue boxes, and your Lon Babby voodoo dolls.  He worked some...


Is Robin Lopez Already a "Bonus?"

With all the extra weight Robin Lopez was carrying on his shoulders this season, we all should have predicted that he would suffer a knee injury at some point.  Yet the fact this injury occurred in...

Andre Miller Suspended for Game Against Suns


Good thing Bayless isn't their to eat those minutes


As the time for risky decisions approaches, can we hold this FO accountable?

Even as the Suns struggle to begin this season, we should be encouraged by the notion that the their success last year is attributable to team chemistry, more so than individual success.  The...


Fandom in Decline, Gimmicks on the Rise

When I arrived at the arena to watch the Suns take on the Clippers last night, the first game I’ve attended this season, I expected the experience to be stimulating to some degree.  I’m always...

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