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Alex Bars is a Domer


With brothers at both Michigan and Penn State, offensive tackle Alex Bars was facing a tough decision. Join Blake at Michigan or Brad at Penn State?

BOB to be profiled on HBO's "Real Sports"


Penn State football coach Bill O'Brien, whose program always seems to be in the news, will be profiled on the next edition of HBO's award-winning "Real Sports" series hosted by Bryant Gumbel.

BOB responds to Tony Lubrano


Who elected that dumbass Lubrano anyway?

Filthy PSU Dorm infested with Nits


Children attending summer camp placed at risk.

BOB offers yet another 2014 QB recruit


3-star Peyton Bender is already committed to Washington State. Andrew Ford is scratching his head wondering "Hey!!! Whattabout ME???"

Getting to 67 on the roster


Bob Flounders provides a list of 67 names. The MegaRoster number is 68. The missing player is Pat Zerbe. Did he quit? Is he actually a run-on?

JayPa interview on CBS Sports


The vocal, 44-year old son of Joe Paterno is keeping alive his family's stance regarding the Jerry Sandusky scandal. In a wide-ranging recent interview at his home, Penn State's former quarterbacks coach takes on a variety of subjects regarding himself, his family, his dad, Penn State and the scandal that won't go away. Details from that interview will appear in a profile that will run Tuesday at CBSSports.com.

Dumpster Diving Frito Banditos


The best chips are made in Hanover. I wouldn't feed Frito chips to a dog.

Ooops... New Coach Eddie Jordan did not graduate from Rutgers


Jordan did not graduate from Rutgers, which conflicts with published material by the university and what Jordan said upon his hiring in April to replace fired coach Mike Rice.


MegaRoster Update

With the recent flurry of recruiting activity, it seems like a good time to repost an updated chart. Off Senior Junior Soph Frosh 2014 Offers WR Felder Kenney Zanatello A...

McGloin’s next stop is Carolina


Matt McGloin left Washington without a contract but with some experience.

Bench confirms mutual interest in Mississippi State


MSU vs USF It's good to see that opportunities are materializing pretty quickly for Steven.

Ag Society reelects incumbant to BoT


Even voters who said they were angered by the board’s firing of Joe Paterno after Sandusky’s November 2011 arrest and other actions since then said they felt Eckel’s strong service over 12 years outweighed that vote.

Understanding BOB's Plan


Limit freshman recruits to give scholarships to run-on Juniors?

OG Anthony Stanko Quits


Sophomore bails out like Dakota Royer, but will stay for his degree. Opens another schollie for 2014.

But how fancy is the flip?


I forget the guy's name (not many fans know their names anyway), but I can remember a drum major who'd come streaking out from the middle of the Blue Band, toss his baton a mile high in the air, do his fancy flip, and then CATCH the damn baton when it came down. Damn, that was cool!!!

McMoxie remains UDFA


Wishing, and hoping, and thinking, and praying... Planning, and dreaming each night of the Pros....

Pee-Wee & Midget Football Camps at PSU


Scouting recruits for the class of 2024.

QB Wally Richardson returns to Happy Vally


It's a shame Wally doesn't have any eligibility left. He'd be the perfect "next man up" until BOB figures out this Bench/Ferguson/Hackenberg thingy.

Ron Coder coaching at Canon-McMillan


Not sure who on the coaching staff has Western Pa for their coaching territory, buut whoever it is, they oughta drop Ron a little congratulatory note.

Will BOB use his FBs this year?


"I love Penn State and it was a great opportunity for me. I know I made the right choice."

JoePa says BOB's team is only "average" this year


I guess Kevin Newsome isn't learning BOB's offense as quickly as McMoxie did.

PSU Football Eats the Right Way


Well it's about time...!!! What puzzles me: why the heck weren't they doing this years ago?

PSU Lumberjills are #1


I bet they like flapjacks and Bacon! And probably Scrapple too!

Prof explores athletic control at PSU


Research reveals that JoePa was a "bully."

Blue-White Nittanyville Campout a No-Go


Who is Ricky Thurman? And why is he trying to bypass the official Nittanyville bureaucracy?

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