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I'm a 25 yr old Belgian fan of the Timberwolves. Been following them just a little bit from the 1998 season (the one where they got Marbury) and year by year my access to information grew and now I'm to the point I'm reading on various Timberwolves sites every day and can actually watch games through NBA League Pass Broadband

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Off season workouts: open question about focus points

The season is over. With the result that we had we can only hope our players are already working their ass of trying to improve for next season. Now, my question is this: when a given player has...


Your 10-11 lineup depth charts

I'v always been a big fan of the system of writing down depth charts by writing the number of minutes next to the player.As going over our roster was keeping me awake I decided to get out of bed...


Why the Wes Johnson pick is worse than the Foye pick

It's not that we don't like Wes at all. He's probably a good fit and a nice player. While he isn't quite the "star" I had hoped we would get,  he has the potential to be a part of a good team. So...


How 'bout Caron Butler

With Caron Butler (and the rest of the Wizards team for that matter) on the trading block ... Would you like to get him if we could? Can we? Too old? Not a great enough shooter? Let me hear it.


"This is it" and basketball

Not only the best basketball player is called MJ... Last week I went to see "This is it" at the movies. For those of you who live on Mars: it's the movie with footage from the rehearsel of Michael...


Hitting in the name of...

Wanted to put this up a little earlier but then I crashed my motorcycle so it was postponed a little (don't worry I'm OK, nothing really bad just an aching shoulder and a bruised ego as I crashed...


Gallinari for Rubio? 'nuff said

As a poster at Canis Hoopus (the T-Wolves SB nation blog) I was wondering the simple following: Would you guys ... a.) trade Gallinari straight up for Rubio's rights.b.) trade Gallinari straight up...


I heart Kahn: the flowchart

I've made no secret about it: I'm drinking the Kahn-Aid. With some spare time on my hands (not really but I did it anyway) I made a little flow chart for you guys to have an overview of the trades...

ESPN completely losing the pedals

Check out our bit at position #29. Sjees, there are more teams that have 2 good PG's, get the h*ll over it. What's bothering me is that the coverage is getting so so bleak. They're trying to cover everything so much that they seemingly don't have to time to dig into it (anymore). I'm so curious how they're gonna package it when Rubio does come over and he says he never was against going to Minnesota .. they're gonna say he is lying?


Quick hit: National media thingy

Wasn't really sure if it should have been a fanpost or a fanshot... I was reading through the draft grades thingy and here's what struck me in the evaluation of GSW:   Analysis: I think it's too...


Would you give up our 2010 first rounder for Washington's nr5

Just a regular little poll on a saterday eve because I'm wondering how the perception of the strength of this draft is. Fill out the poll and maybe comment if you'd like.   Both Curry and Harden...


2nd round central

[psycho paranoia rant]Why is there no news yet! Why don't we know who the new GM is gonna be; Are they playing with us? Are they backing out? You trying to steal my precious gm? Precious .....

Marcus Williams cut

Wanna give this guy a shot here? Who knows...


Clearing NY cap space

After having watched the first half of NC vs Duke and only realising after about 10 minutes of playing time that Ty Lawson wasn't the guy wearing the nr 22 (not a good sign for him) I read this...


A fitting cog? Nick Calathes notepadding

With my internet down for the weekend I had nothing much else to do than watch the recording of a Gators game. With "Similarities: Shaun Livingston" on his draft profile at ESPN I was intrigued....


Notepadding Earl Clark

Just some quick notes that I wrote down on Earl Clark as I was watching the Louisville vs Ole Miss game.


Trading For Noah: try #2

After I hugely underestimated the underestimating of one Devin Harris, lemmie give it another go. As always, comments are more than welcome, I'm hoping this one looks a little less lopsided.

ESPN's Sheridan Catching up

ESPN seems to be catching up to what we've been saying for a little while now: not only Witt, not only McHale, but both have to go if we want to have any chance of going forward... Read about it here.


ESPN Draft Watch on Thabeet

As I'm gonna be banging the Thabeet drum (as SnP put so nicely) I'll have to post anything positive about him. So for the ones who missed it, here's what Ford had to say:   I've been among...


Mega deal monday 3-way edition

No mega deal monday without a 3 way trade (yea I really got nothing to do at work, the shipment of the necessary cable got delayed).   Here's what I got. Keep in mind I used the trade machine...

When being traded means just a little vacation

I just read here that McDyess has been waived by the Nuggets. This seems another one of those moves were a salary filler is brought into a trade just to be cut and rejoin the team 30 days later. I don't like this one bit, either you change the rule so the player isn't allowed to be resigned in the same year instead of the same month, so this creativity with the rules doesn't work anymore OR you change the rules in a way like the 25% rule doesn't apply to straight up swap of 1 versus 1 player (you would have to incorporate some further ruling so that you can't do 5 1v1 swamps instead of 5v5 .. so as to make sure there's no abuse of the rule) ... or something else .. It's no use having rules if they can be circumvented.

Scratch Granger of your 2009 FA lists

ESPN reported here that Danny Granger has just gotten a 5 year extention from his team the Indiana Pacers right before the deadline.

Hollinger's Forecasts are in!

Hollinger's forecasts are in. Write him in for 31-51 to our prognosis page so we can watch if we beat him at the end ^^.


Rookies getting burn(ed)?

I've been walking around with the feeling for a while now. Are our rookies getting enough burn in their first year into the league? We've heard McHale say he didn't expect our nr3 pick to take...

Individual player predictions on ESPN

No love for Ricky No D on biggest negative impact it seems. They aren't paying attention.

Another interview: Gomes

Another interview with one of the players. This time: Gomes. I'm always happy to hear this guy, he seems such a bright minded guy. Not just saying what he should say but really telling what he thinks. Love the guy

Twenty minutes with Telfair

For the ones who don't follow Timberwolves.com: http://www.nba.com/timberwolves/news/twenty_minutes_with_telfair_080806.html To me, he says all the good things and it's kind of funny he seems he's gonna be the guy that Marbury was supposed to be. His jersey is coming on my wall if he sign an extra extension after this year. He only got a little caught when Mike asked him who he would pick for a 2on2 team but it's funny so it's allowed ;).

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