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A Georgia fan through and through, stuck in the city of Chicago.

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Dawgs @ Tigers, Falcons @ Chiefs

I know most of the commenters and authors here at DawgSports don't follow the NFL. However, for those of us that do and happen to cheer for the Falcons, a trip to Columbia just got some icing on...

Intimidate who?


I. LOVE. THIS. From the NY Times: Jarvis Jones, an outside linebacker in Georgia’s 3-4 defense, widened his eyes when asked if L.S.U. would be able to intimidate the Bulldogs. "They are going to intimidate who?" Jones said. "Not us."

It's not the same as going to Georgia


Not sure if anyone is a Hold Steady fan or not (I am, and they are a great band, so you should be too). Here's the lead singer, Craig Finn, on college football: Slate: Are you a big football fan? I know you’re a baseball fan. Finn: Yeah, I love all sports, pretty much. I wish I had a college team I was passionate about, but I don’t. I went to Boston College, but it’s not the same as going to Georgia . Dude, it's totally okay if you just cheer for the Bulldogs.


The Indifference of Good Men

In college, I watched Boondock Saints far too frequently. Within that movie is a quote that I would imagine the Boondock Saints writers gleaned from a Biblical verse, or a Chinese Proverb: "Now...

Murray Better than Moore


This requires an Insider Subscription at ESPN but has some great stuff on Murray: "Murray's BCS AQ numbers from last year: 251 attempts, 152 completions, 2,463 yards, 18 touchdowns, five interceptions. Those equate to a 9.8 YPA and a 162.67 passer rating -- and those numbers occur on nearly twice as many throws. This means Murray's totals were better than Moore's, but more than that, they were actually among the best in the FBS last year (that passer rating was the sixth best against BCS AQ teams, according to"

Orson Charles Eligibility Issue?


The Charles Robinson Yahoo article on this Miami booster scares me because of the mere mention of Orson's name. I hope this does not become an issue: "Among the specific incidents, Shapiro or other sources say Hurtt, Hill, Stoutland, Pannunzio and Allen all delivered top-tier recruits to Shapiro’s home or luxury suite so the booster could make recruiting pitches to them. Among the players who were ushered to Shapiro while they were still in high school: Eventual Miami commitments Ray-Ray Armstrong, Dyron Dye and Olivier Vernon (prompted by Hurtt); eventual Florida commitments Andre Debose (Hurtt) and Matt Patchan (prompted by Stoutland and Pannunzio); eventual Georgia commitment Orson Charles (Pannunzio); and eventual Central Florida commitment Jeffrey Godfrey (Allen)."

Boise State? Did I miss something?


This is the first I've heard of this. Perhaps I've just been spending too much time in the office, but this is intriguing...and also a TERRIBLE idea in my opinion if it takes place in 2011.



  Over the last three weeks or so, as Wednesday turned to Thursday and Thursday to Friday, I became increasingly anxious.  A feeling of dread gradually washed over me, despite the generally...

I can only assume this is someone on this blog's son. h/t Deadspin


I can only assume this is someone on this blog's son. h/t Deadspin


1993 or 2007?

  I like Kyle's recap of a painful Saturday, and have little to add to that in terms of game analysis.  Kyle brought up an interesting point, which I think is highlighted by Matt Hinton here:...


In defense of the NCAA

Let me be clear: I love AJ Green.  In my humble opinion, he is the best receiver in Georgia history and is likely to go on to be one of the top 25 receivers in NFL history.  There are few...


Trinton Sturdivant

The AJC already has a story up on him, so I suppose a post from me can't jinx him much more.  Searels makes it sound like he should get some late game reps this Saturday. I'm not going to go too...


Can Kirby Smart Ever Come Home Again?

I like Kirby Smart.  I actually understood and appreciated the decision he made in staying at Alabama.  Saban was, sort of, correct in that a lateral move is not always great for assistant...

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