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Poll: Powell or Jewsbury?

OK, I have heard some strong comments pro / con Powell / Jewsbury at right back. I'd love to find out what most people here think. Filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler...

Away goals in MLS playoffs this year

MLS is introducing away goals rule this year for the playoffs. Whaddyathink?


Official Offseason Soccer Humor Thread

Soccer is funny. Soccer is funny. Soccer is funny. Soccer is funny. Soccer is funny. Soccer is funny. Soccer is funny. Soccer is funny. Soccer is funny. Soccer is funny. Soccer is funny. Soccer is...


Favorite non-MLS teams

Who are your favorite English / European teams, and why? (Why is the important part.) I'm a soccer noob who has 90% focused on MLS. I need to find a team or two to really follow in the MLS...


Best goal celebration ?

I was just watching http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPuQZWrCU2g&feature=youtube_gdata_player and it got me thinking. What is your favorite goal celebration of regular season 2013? I'm going with...


Postseason penalty kicks

Here's something fun we haven't had to think about before. Who takes penalty kicks for us if it comes to that? I'd say Valeri and Will Johnson for sure. Probably Nagbe and Jewsbury. I'm...


Books and video

Anybody got recommendations for books or video about soccer tactics and recent history? I know about: Inverting the Pyramid. Read it--great. Soccernomics--haven't read it yet. I saw the...


Kah and hands to face/head

From the MLS website article on this week's disciplinary committee actions: MLS POLICY REGARDING HANDS TO THE FACE/HEAD OF AN OPPONENT: Individuals witnessed to have made contact with their...


Our Timbers stories

ClayKavalier's recent fanpost "Reflecting on Timbers vs. Ajax" got me thinking it would be great to share our stories of how we got into the Timbers and what it all means to us. So here goes. S...

Porter interview on MLS soccer

Jonah Freedman interviews Caleb Porter. Porter comes on around 21:00.

MLSsoccer on Timbers style

Brief article on Opta stat about passing in the attacking half. Comments are pretty funny.


Youth and expectations

It seems clear that Porter is taking the long view by valuing youth. Players currently on our roster who are 23 or younger include 4 out of 10 defenders, 4 out of 11 midfielders, and 4 out of 6...

Castrol ratings

I don't really understand how these are calculated, and I'm sure they have limited validity, but still fun to look at. Searching only timbers leads to some interesting results. Also, for what it is worth: Troy Perkins 16 668 Mike Chabala 315 185

Jean Baptiste rookie of the week

Andrew Jean-Baptiste is Ives's rookie of the week: http://www.soccerbyives.net/2012/10/sbi-mls-rookie-of-the-week-andrew-jean-baptiste.html


Evaluating Wilkinson as GM

Much has been written about Gavin Wilkinson as general manager--some positive, much negative. After the Timbers' loss at Seattle I wrote that his coaching in that game had finally and...


Aerial view TV

So I woke up this morning with a crazy idea in my head. I'm often frustrated watching matches on TV or video because you can't see what's happening off the ball, and a lot of times you can't really...


Statistics and predicting results

was looking at the MLS website's "expert's predictions and I got curious about their success rates. I ran some calculations based on the final 2011 standings. 34.6 % of the games ended in draws. 4...


What should our next coach be like?

I sure wish I knew who was on Merritt's ten-person list of candidates. I hope Paulson and Wilkinson are getting clear on what they are looking for before assessing them. What kind of personality...


Random miscellaneous noob questions

<!-- @page { margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } -- (1) What are the responsibilities of the captain? Supposedly he is the only player who can argue with the ref, but that is...


home vs. away; road wins

Like a lot of people, I have been saying that the Timbers are inconsistent. Thinking about this though, I realize that they have been very consistent. They are consistently a pretty good team at...


Mid-season playoff picture

The season is very close to the midway point. Not to be perverse, but I thought it would be fun to look at the playoff picture in the West, and ignore the bigger problems with the Timbers for a...


Book recommendations

Looking for book (or movie) recommendations about the history of soccer strategy and tactics. I recently saw "The Beautiful Game," a 6- or 7-part BBC(?) documentary about soccer history. It was...


Western vs Eastern Conferences in MLS

At the beginning of the season, I assumed, like almost everybody else, that the Western Conference would be much stronger than the Eastern. I made this prediction: "I'm guessing something like 53...


President / General Manager / Coach

Someone who knows more about the business end of soccer please help me out here. How does it work at most clubs? The GM is in charge of personnel, trades, buying players, and overall vision, and...

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