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Witnify aggregates, curates, and preserves the stories of the world from the people who were there. Our mission is to discover and feature these great first-person accounts. We believe there are untold perspectives on important events all around the world. We are passionate about collecting first-person accounts because we want these stories about meaningful and life-changing moments to be known and enjoyed by a larger audience. We believe that our collective human history can only be intelligibly and richly understood if more of these first-person stories exist and are widely told and shared.

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Dan Brooks reflects on his dad

"I remember when the countdown took place, the play was in the other end, I go, ‘I want to see what he does.' ... he jumped in the air ... and boom he went down and boom he just hightailed it off...

Five-time gold medalist Eric Heiden

"I remember sitting with my friends, who were also speedskaters, and I looked at them and said, ‘Boy, are we lucky. Because we're down on the US side of the ice, the puck is going to be down here...

He helped Herb Brooks get the job

Lou Nanne wanted Brooks to coach in the NHL. Brooks had other ideas. With Nanne's help he won the job he coveted, guiding the Olympic program.

NHL Owner Ted Leonsis on Sending NHLers

The Capitals owner says shutting down the NHL is terrible for business, but we do it because it means so much to the players.

Last man cut

"I really thought I would be on the team and go to Lake Placid. I sensed he was calling me there to tell me otherwise." -- Ralph Cox

Being in the barn

It was completely symphonic and overwhelming. The noise … Everybody was screaming at the top of their lungs … Nobody forgets this game, even if they weren’t there. Being there, it was indelible. —...

Completing the miracle: The gold medal game

"The coolest thing I did at the Olympics was watching the last game of the hockey team, when they played Finland." -- Eric Heiden

Never gets old

"Jimmy Carter called [my dad]. ... He says to Carter, ‘This is a big deal now, Mr. President, but ... mark my words, as time passes this will get bigger and bigger.' And he was exactly right." --...

The 1980 Miracle On Ice: Herb Brooks

"It wasn't easy melding that team together. We were all young and enthusiastic guys. All of us had big egos ... the guys from the East, the guys from the West, they had this culture clash. ... He...

A shot in the arm

"The mood of the country, it was just so crappy. Gas lines and Carter coming on TV telling you to turn your thermostat down and the whole Iran thing and everything … the Soviets were just bigger,...

The Game

"It’s more than a sporting event. It’s a piece of American history." — Dan Brooks, son of coach Herb Brooks

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