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Joe's Newest Bracket Gives Pitt a 5 Seed


Pitt moves up to a number 5 seed, slated to play the winner of a play in game. That play-in game will between 2 of the final 4 at-large teams to make the tourney. Also of note, the Big East has 8 teams in, and none in the "Last 4 in". Villanova was there on Tuesday, but have moved up. With a nice run in the Big East Tournament, I think Pitt can move up to a 4, and maybe a 3 if they win it. Go Panthers!

Mets Strange Request


According to this article on MLBTR, the Mets have requested an exemption to the compensation pick rules. They are asking the MLB to let them give up their second round pick instead of their first round pick. Can anyone see any reason that this is a valid request? This seems very strange to me.

Catching Up with Spanky


Pretty neat interview with Mike LaValliere.

Correia to the Pen, and He's Not Happy About It


SO I guess he's on the block now. Interested to hear from you chemistry guys out there. Do you think this will effect the bullpen mojo?


Bunting Rates by Comparison

After some discussion about the bunting in last night's game, I thought it would be interesting to look at Hurdle's bunting tendencies and to see how they stack up against the rest of the league....

Any Worries About AJ?


AJ Burnett had his second rehab start last night and got beat up. He was pulled from the game after allowing 8 runs, 5 earned, and only getting 5 outs. I was under the impression that he was going to be back in the rotation pretty soon. Does this indicate problems? It seems, to me, that he should be dominating at A+ ball.

Barajas may not be watching the games


From today's game preview on ESPN ""But we've had some tough matchups: Halladay, (Cliff) Lee, (Cole) Hamels, and then (Tuesday) we get (Clayton) Kershaw, but we're competing day in and day out." I'm pretty sure the Pirates have not faced Cole Hamels this year.

Sickels Revised Top 120


Some interesting movement. Marte jumping 22 spots, and Heredia moving in at 101 after not being ranked before. This gives the Pirates 6 in the top 120. John says that he is going to update this monthly. It will be fun to see how the players move over the course of the season.

Votto locked up forever


A 10 year $225MM contract extention. Making the total 12 years $251.5MM. That's insane. Only Fielder, ARod and Pujols have ever had a $200MM contract.

Dodgers sold for $2.15 Billion


$2.5 Billion. That's unbelievable. Doubles the price that any sports franchise has been purchased for. And somehow McCourt, after all his theft adn shady dealings, still makes out on the deal.

Charlie on FanGraphs!


The confluence of two wonderful sites, together in one Podcast. Not sure how I feel about Cistulli yet, but I'm pretty sold on the other guy. Worth a listen.

Best Blog in Pittsburgh


Sean's Ramblings is doing a bracket for best Pittsburgh sports blog. Past winners are excluded, so no Pirates Prospect and Bucs Dugout, but there are still some good blogs there. Head out and vote for WHYGAVS, RumBunter, The Mc Effect, and for any other favorites.

J J Denman


In this story about Schiano leaving Rutgers it mentions a 4 star lineman, JJ Denman. He was originally headed to Wisconsin, but switched to Rutgers. Now that Schiano is gone, and much of the offensive staff from Wisconsin is now at Pitt, I wonder if he will consider switching to Pittsburgh. Just rampant speculation, but any thoughts?

Gerrit Cole and Pitch F/X


Micheal Schatz takes a look at Cole's performance in the AFL. He claims that Cole is throwing 5 different pitches. Impressive stuff from our 1st rounder.

Appreciating Ralph Kiner


This article starts out about Sabathia, but quickly transitions to Ralph Kiner stories. "One of the worst things they ever did to relief pitching was invent the 'save' category. If they hadn't done that, managers would bring in their best relief pitchers at the point in the game where he could do his team the most good...They show you how many games a relief pitcher saves, but they never tell you how many games a team loses because a manager didn't use his best reliever in the toughest situation."

Scouting Garrit Cole


The Hardball Times does a bio-mechanical scouting of Garrit Cole. It reads a bit like Sports Science. In the end, they see a few red flags. On a side note, how much of this type of scouting do you think that major league teams do?

Heyman: Gerrit Cole Looking For Strasburg Money


Seriously? If Gerrit Cole wants close to $15 million, what are the Pirates going to pay Josh Bell with? UPDATE by Charlie: This is the time of the year for posturing! Cole clearly isn't as good as Strasburg, so he won't get Strasburg-like money. I don't think that means he won't sign.

Neil Walker and RBI


Pat has a good breakdown of NW's RBI total and what it all means going forward. His comparison of Neil to the rest of the league was also revealing.

Batter Preparation Insight


I know, I know, not Pirates related, but a neat article. Byrd breaks down his drills, BP and approach. Interesting peek into a MLB batter's prep for a game, and his view of the at bats afterward.

Man U Looking to Ban Twitter


Looks like the most successful EPL team is looking to keep their players off of Twitter. Just wait for this move to be spun as responsible.


Swing Percentages

In the game recap from Sunday, Escroll mentioned wanted to look at swing percentages, but mentioned that he wouldn't have time.  With respect and credit to him for the idea, here is some...

Snell considering Unretirement


Quote from his agent, "He told the world he's retiring, and that's what we thought was going to happen." LOL


A Closer Look at September Numbers

  The OP posted by dtoddwin the other day got me thinking about September numbers.  How much different from the rest of the season are they?  Can we treat them like other number sets, or do we have...


Milledge DFA

Well, all of the hubbub about Lastings is for not.  He was designated for assignment today to make room for a reliever.  It doesn't say much for his career that he got sent down for a reliever. ...

Poz strikes again


Nice write up about some SABR stuff. Everybody should, at least, scan this if you're confused on some advanced metrics.

Training Methods Questioned


As mentioned in the article, this may be the new Moneyball. With all of the money spent on these prospects, it is surprising how little has chaned in training over the years. Something like this could give a team a tangible advantage. Some of you guys have some training experience (WA), what do you think?

Oliver Top 10 Rookie Eligible Prospects


Link to Fangraphs article with a list of the updated OLIVER projection's top 10 rookie eligible batters, sorted by WAR. Since there were so many catchers in the original list, he did another one sans catchers. I say all that to set up this: Brock Holt is #7. This seems very strange to me, but who knows. Any ideas/thoughts?

FanGraphs gets it wrong


They are doing a question of the day thing at FanGraphs. Question one is about Garrett Jones. He is referenced as getting "most of the starts at first base" this season. Does anyone fact check anymore?

Marcel the Monkey Forcasting System


Tom Tango has released his Marcel projections for this year.

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