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"This is the fuckin' American dream. This is my fuckin' dream, y'all! All this sheeyit! Look at my sheeyit! I got… I got SHORTS! Every fuckin' color. I got designer T-shirts! I got gold bullets. Motherfuckin' VAM-pires. I got Scarface. On repeat. SCARFACE ON REPEAT. Constant, y'all! I got Escape! Calvin Klein Escape! Mix it up with Calvin Klein Be. Smell nice? I SMELL NICE!

"That ain't a fuckin' bed; that's a fuckin' art piece. My fuckin' spaceship! U.S.S. Enterprise on this shit. I go to different planets on this motherfucker! Me and my fuckin' Franklins here, we take off. TAKE OFF!

"Look at my shit. Look at my shit! I got my blue Kool-Aid. I got my fuckin' NUN-CHUCKS. I got shurikens; I got different flavors. I got them sais. Look at that shit, I got sais. I got blades! Look at my sheeyit! This ain't nuttin', I got ROOMS of this shit! I got my dark tannin' oil… lay out by the pool, put on my dark tanning oil. I got machine guns. Look at this, look at this motherfucker here! Look at this motherfucker! Huh? A fucking army up in this shit!"

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Cleveland Indians
  • NBA Cleveland Cavaliers
  • NFL Cleveland Browns
  • NCAAF Penn St. Nittany Lions
  • NCAAB Penn St. Nittany Lions
  • NHL Pittsburgh Penguins
  • Boxing Boom Boom Mancini
  • Golf by height
User Blog


Hello BSD. I have never seen Good Burger, a 1997 film starring Kenan and Kel and Sinbad. Is this weird? I never heard anyone talk about this movie once in my life until today, when a friend* told...



Greetings, Schiano Men! I'm your new head coach. I hate puppies, justice, and you. While at Penn State, I pledge to murder one woman a day and serve her corpse on the training table. I also...

Presented with comment.

I have been licensed in 3 states, all of which have objectively better drivers than Pennsylvania or mother fucking Maryland.



For reasons uninteresting, I need to book my trip to the Ireland game vs. UCF before the end of November. How many days should I spend in Ireland? Is there anything I must do or see, aside from...

A Public Service Announcement:

This is probably the official song of summer.

The Rubber Duck knows no frontiers...

If you don't like this duck, I don't want to know you.

Motion to Dismiss McQueary's Whistleblower Lawsuit Denied

McQueary’s lawyer is called Elliot Strokoff! Rhythmic slapping!



All of you idiots are wrong, and your ideas are stupid.

Or, how the BSD cult can be broken by potty mouths.

Forget you jerks, it's my birthday.

In keeping with the BSD zeitgeist...


OT: Fantasy Football Fwednesday

The fantasy playoffs are here. Last week I beat a guy with a magnificent belly, and now I face an old man who doesn't appreciate my joke about pythons. I must be victorious. My lineups are pretty...

dedicated to psu_lions_84, whose comments suggest he likes his women rubenesque

dedicated to psu_lions_84, whose comments suggest he likes his women rubenesque

I want this gentleman's hat.

I want this gentleman's hat.

Remember when people wanted Penn State to hire this clown?

Buc thoughts 4: When Bucs stretch pre-practice, all toes must be on the white line. Straight lines, people. Very straight. The Schiano Way.— Peter King (@SI_PeterKing) August 2, 2012

Remember when people wanted Penn State to hire this clown?


HOW 'BOUT A FREEHSCA? or: The Freeh Report Discussion Thread

Some of you are under the impression that I am incapable of being serious on this blog. However, the truth is, I have never once told a single joke on Black Shoe Diaries. And I'm not about to start...


During the current break in our own off-field misery, it's important to remember what schadenfreude feels like.

This will keep us grounded when more Sandusky news appears and other fanbases make jokes. We can say, "to be fair, it does feel pretty good." Anyway... When being an Ohio State fan goes horribly...


Peter King interests me with his factoid.

Peter King's latest "Factoid of the Week That May Interest Only Me": I mentioned the other day on that Greg Schiano was a -- shall we say -- quirky and very particular head coach at...


Sal Anzalone clarifies his comments.

In a bid to keep his son Tony in the news avoid burning the O$U bridge, Sal Anzalone clarified his comments made following Tony's decommitment from the Buckeyes. "There's nothing wrong with Ohio...


I googled "Jake Butt"

Here are some headlines:


how do you mother fuckers make this happen


Oh Billy

Oh Billy

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