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UT's Next Secret Weapon?

Meet Mykkele Thompson


Chris Whaley moves to DE--Everyone that is surprised please stand up _____________________ Randy Riggs over at AA Statesman...

OU says Good-bye to small but mighty DB Maurice Trice


What can you say about a school that tries to force a kid to sign a false workout log, and when the kid won't go along with the fabrication becomes persona non grata. Way to keep it classy as always OU. We could use a player like Trice....let's make him an offer and see what else is happening behind enemy lines.

BS: Bullying needs to Stop


What a great way for the Eagles to and DeSean Jackson to help stop bullying. It happens on school campuses (and even on the interwebs) all around the country, and we can all step up and try to stop it. This was just to important and touching not to post.

Meet new QB David Ash


Official site has a nice short interview with newly enrolled Longhorn David Ash. He sounds like a competitor ready to help this team. Texas football is back.

Does The Black Mamba spell trouble for the Temple Running Back?


DeAnthony Thomas is an amazing athlete. His surpise commit to Oregon over USC came down to his desire to play running back instead of defensive back. He is clearly one of the best defensive backs in the country based simply on his overwhelming performance in the all star game. He was everywhere! He is lightning quick and has the potential to be an amazing running back. The biggest concern is probably about his 5'9" 160 lb. frame, but in an open offense like Oregon he can probably excell. He has pretty much the same traits as the running back from Temple, but he is probably one of the few athletes in college football that can beat out the Temple running back in almost every category. Should be an interesting competition for the two, but the Black Mamba must have felt that he has the advantage since he took the challenge.


Joe Bergeron vs. The World

I paid the $5.00 to watch The USA vs. The World game last night on FoxSports. It was a much better deal than paying $8 to go sit out in the cold and wind at Westlake stadium. This is an interesting...


What recruits are left, and what is our enemy doing?

From CrimsonandCreamMachine

Feb. 2 - not just signing day. Also, Team USA vs. The World


Jaxon Shipley is a late entry onto the team. Per Bevo Beat: Wide receiver Jaxson Shipley has become a late addition to a USA team that will take on a team of international players in the "Team USA Vs. The World" all-star football game that will be played Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. at Westlake High School. Brownwood’s Shipley will be one of three Longhorns commitment in their 2011 recruiting class who will play in the game. He will join running back Joe Bergeron of Mesquite and defensive back Josh Turner of Oklahoma City. Another Texas pledge, offensive lineman Taylor Doyle of Lake Travis, was scheduled to play in the game but has withdrawn. I wonder if either of the USA Team or The World Team has any OL we should be scouting.

Where's the Boom?


I don't wish Coach Boom bad luck, but I have never been a fan of Florida. Seems a little unfair to be calling him out before we have even reached signing day, but that's what happens when you are the big dog at a high profile school.


J. Rasco back in play?

Probably just a tease from the pay site $

Spencer Drango, Come on down-You are next up on the Price is Right


Apparently the coaches have decided to go after top flight OL Spencer Drango for the spot vacated by Westerman. I like Drango based on his name alone. Baylor is nervous, as they should be. Hopefully David Ash, Malcolm Brown, Jaxon Shipley and the other OL commits are giving Mr. Drango encouragement to leave Waco for Austin. Let's keep our fingers crossed. According to this Baylor site he may let Baylor know on Friday if he will visit Texas.

Overisigning Recruits - NCAA Drops the Ball Again and Auburn is up to more Tricks


This story is pretty troubling. The LSU students that were told they had a scholarship, one of whom even enrolled only to later be told his 'ship couldn't be honored is clearly unacceptable. Auburn is set to trim their excess recruits. And Westerman wants to go to Auburn. He may not even have a schollie in 2 years. The NCAA again fails the kids and fans.

Why we didn't offer Trey Metoyer


Apparently Trey Metoyer is having trouble qualifying at OU. Obviously he would not have qualified at Texas so that answers the question as to why we did not pursue the top WR in the state.

Muschamp's "Florida Way" about to be shown


Florida's top Cornerbak Janoris Jenkins was busted with a small amount of weed. Let's see how Coach Muschamp handles discipline in the $EC with one of his best defensive players.

Vince Young to Miami?


Sports talk radio today said that VY was in South Beach this weekend and that Miami may be interested in him. I wish we could get him on the Texans roster. Whatever will make him enjoy the game again is good with me.


Cam Newton to NFL - oh what a big giant surprise

Cam $Cam Thank You Ma'am


2011 Early Enrollees

My search lists the following: McFarland-yea, we might have a TEDavid Ash-let's light a fire under the QBs-glad to see him anxious to start learningChet Moss--our recruiting class leader, and heroQ...

Welcome Back, Arthur Johnson - Asst. AD for Football Operations


Glad to see him come back and he is another quality addition to keep our ship sailing in the right direction.l


Poll on MNC Game: Who Do You WANT To Win?

So, the 2010 football season is finally over and we can start to look forward to 2011. Let's see how you Longhorn fans break down in terms of the MNC game.  Do we trend toward the SEC champion or...

Another Bo Blunder


Maybe Pelini's joke got misinterpreted, but did Ms. Horne really need to post the guys name and picture in her article to further embarass him. I almost didn't post this out of empathy for the service man, but the genie is already out of the bottle. Pelini may be an ok HC, but he sure does make a fool of himself an awful lot.

Muschamp's mile a minute Presser


New Florida Gators head coach Will Muschamp held his introductory press conference Tuesday night, at which Gainesville’s WJXX reports he opened the evening by speaking "non-stop for almost 20 minutes." Alligator Army’s live blog describes his pace as "a mile a minute." Twenty minutes of BOOM! after BOOM! is enough to blur the vision of any reporter, so send WJXX and Alligator Army your thanks. Muschamp said he hasn’t yet hired any assistant coaches, and doesn’t plan to announce any hirings until after the team’s Jan. 1 bowl game. Strength coach Mickey Merotti is the only current coach he seems to have listed as definitely staying, though he left the door open for more. He did provide a clue as to which assistants you can cross off your list, mentioning he expects to run a pro-style offense, wants a defense that uses both 3-4 and 4-3 sets, and is considering calling defensive plays himself. As far as personnel, Muschamp said he’s tagged along on recruiting visits already with Meyer, but that he "hasn’t even looked at a roster" as far as the quarterback depth chart goes. For a team with at least three quarterbacks, that’s going to remain a hot issue. Alligator Army thinks John Brantley’s job is in jeopardy. He also said Florida lacked discipline this season, as former coach Urban Meyer looked on in attendance. Both sources also cite Muschamp as referring to himself in the third person, once in reference to his good relationship with Meyer and once regarding Texas. _______________________________________________ I love the referring to himself in the third person. I wish Coach Muschamp the best of luck, and I hope he doesn't allow his ego to let his explode. Wrangler says referring to yourself in the third person is weird...and Bob Dole agrees.

The NCAA wants to say that "one size does not fit all" in terms of punishments, but yet they fail...


The NCAA wants to say that "one size does not fit all" in terms of punishments, but yet they fail to explain why they are not consistent. The part of the tOSU involvement is very odd in my opinion. Why isn't the institution being sanctioned if the defense for the Pryor gang of 5 is that their school failed to properly advise them of the rules? USC was hammered for not keeping proper control on Reggie Bush and failure to maintain "institutional control," but now tOSU is being rewarded with a bowl game because of the "I didn't know defense." Cam Newton and Pryor both simply claimed "I didn't know" and now they are off the hook. This is incredibly wrong. And for the NCAA to claim that they don't makes decisions based on money is ridiculous.


Coaching Carousel

Kubiak for OC?Singletary for DC?


NCAA: Gives gifts to Auburn & tOSU, but biggest gift is actually to USC

Justice and inequity, like Cam Newton and his father, are not always in the know with each other, so it seems. But that case and the tOSU tattoo extravaganza show that not-knowing can be...


Major Applewhite: Will he stay or will he go?

The Gainesville Sun backs off report he is following Muschamp


We have competition looking for a new OC

OU's OC Kevin Wilson to take IU HC Job

Sr. WR Niles Paul a No Go for Nebraska Saturday


I am a huge Buff and Cowboy fan this weekend. I hope CU and OSU beat Nebraska and OU so that Mizzou and OSU play for the Big XII Championship.

Texas is Second in the Conference-Congrats to Calvin Howell


In the number of Academic All -Big XII Americans on the team. I am really surprised and happy for Calvin Howell that he made the first team which means had a 3.2 or higher GPA. If I remember correctly (I do remember correctly--I should really say if the posted information was correct) he was having trouble getting a qualifying SAT score. He must be really working in the classroom, and kudos to him and the rest of the honorees.

LB Anthony Wallace picks OU


Gotcha...he picked the other OU. Oregon Ducks. At least we don't have to play against him.

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