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Cubs sign baseball's best neck tattoo to a minor league deal

The Cubs have signed Ryan Roberts' neck tattoo to a 1-year minor league deal. Ryan Roberts is believed to be also included in the deal. At MLBTR: The 33-year-old Roberts batted .247/.295/.377...

The Juiced Ball Era


Deadspin has a nice rundown of the various studies out there that indicate that the ball may have been changed by the MLB during the 90's / 2000's. I look forward to the congressional hearings into this.


Zambrano's place among all-time Cubs greats

Zambrano's Cub career is over, and while his legacy is certainly tarnished by the incidents that eventually drove him out, his contributions were huge. Statistically speaking, Zambrano was one of...

Since 9/16 Lahair is batting .179 with a .579 OPS


Hey if we're going to overreact to his stats the first half of the month surely everyone is doing the same for the second half of the month. ...right?

So the 90's Braves pitchers were a bunch of filthy cheaters


I'm sure we'll soon see congressional hearings and guys being kept out of the hall of fame for this! ..right?

Since his callup, Montanez is batting 1.000 with a 2.000 SLG


That's a 3.000 OPS for the sabermetrically obsessed, which I'm pretty sure puts him on pace to be the greatest player of all time. How is Quade not playing this guy? We should bench or release all 3 outfielders and bat Montanez three times per lineup.


Anatomy of a Rebound: 2006-2007 vs 2011

  I wrote this for Obstructed View, but thought I'd repost it here since it comes up that the 2012 Cubs have no chance at being competitive. One thing that hasn't been discussed much is how the C...


Fangraphs invents new stat to show how bad the Cubs are

Okay, so they didn't invent it per se, but Fangraphs today started carrying the Ultimate Base Running stat, which attempts to measure the runs generated or lost via the skill of base running. And...

Since 4/23, Sam Fuld is batting .091 with 1 RBI


Basically since the last time anyone mentioned him, in great lamentation about his departure, he's gone back to being Sam Fuld again. Just wanted to bring this up since the people who bring this sort of thing up don't seem to notice when the players in question go back to being themselves again.

Cubs were finalists for Adrian Gonzalez


Per the Boston Herald, the Cubs were finalists, and were including "a big-league player", but ultimately didn't have the prospects the Padres were looking for. White Sox were reportedly offering Gordon Beckham on their end.


The Real Corey Patterson Part Deux

One of the few bright spots this season has been the emergence of Tyler Colvin.  Colvin's success was pretty unexpected - he's putting up numbers that he didn't show any indication of...

The barnstorming tour that never was


Pretty great story from the '95 strike.

Bradley already a clubhouse cancer in Seattle


He wastes no time alienating his teammates.

2010 CHONE projections are out


Of note: Milton Bradley is projected to be the best hitter on the team (in terms of R/150), and Soriano is projected to suck again (though not quite as badly).

Umpires, economics and aging


A very cool look at how our current umpiring system may be partially responsible for the poor performance of veteran umps. Seeing just how different their strike zones are from each other is downright shocking.


Who's really to blame for this bad season?

Amidst the recent Bradley-bashing that's been going on here and in the media, I keep seeing something that just didn't sit right with me: the notion being bandied about that Bradley's played a...

Alfonso Soriano: most valuable defensive LF in baseball, last 3 seasons


According to the Fielding Bible (per Sabernomics). Here's the list of leaders in runs saved by position: Pos. Player Runs Saved 1B Albert Pujols 61 2B Chase Utley 63 3B Pedro Feliz 50 SS Adam Everett 48 LF Alfonso Soriano 42 CF Carlos Beltran 44 RF Alex Rios 49 C Jason Kendall 27 P Kenny Rogers 27


The Casey McGehee era officially ends in Chicago

Goodbye Casey, you'll... be missed? The Brewers added a potentially intriguing piece to their third-base puzzle on Wednesday, claiming Casey McGehee off waivers from the Cubs. McGehee, who...


Harden doesn't need surgery, option excercised

Thought this was an interesting note in the Sun Times today: The team was not ruling out surgery for right-hander Rich Harden as they awaited results of exams by their medical staff before...


Ted Lilly - baseball's most courageous pitcher?

John Walsh at The Hardball Times has a fascinating article up about the change-up, how it's used, and how one - and only one - pitcher in the big leagues uses it differently from anyone else: our...


Rosenthal: Cubs to pursue best available starter

As mentioned on MLB Trade Rumors, Ken Rosenthal's latest has a couple of nice Cubs nuggets in it. The Cubs not only will pursue the best available starting pitcher — C.C. Sabathia? — but they...


Jacques Jones released by Tigers

Per MLB Trade Rumors, Jones has been released by the Tigers.  He'll be replaced on the active roster by minor leaguer Matt Joyce. I can't help but feel bad for Jones.  He was in the dog house with...


Bradbury's solution to the HGH problem: legalize it

One of my favorite baseball bloggers, JC Bradbury, has an interesting article up today.  He proposes that the best way to send a clear message about HGH is to remove it from the list of banned...

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