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2015 3rd round pick forfeited??? Can someone tell me when the hell we forfeited our 2015 3rd round pick??? Im pretty sure I would've heard...


Power Running in the Coryell Offense

So Im bored as we are now in the doldrums of June. So Im doing a little reading on the Coryell offense. Ive read plenty of articles that say the Coryell offense must have a power running game. ...


How I see the 1st playing out for us

I just wanted to get this down now so in case Im right it will be documented lol, but at this point no one gives a damn about another mock. Houston has to take Clowney St Louis will take a...


Erin Henderson Arrested

He's now officially done. Im sure he will have his walking papers in the next 24 hours. It is kind of interesting that EJ was such a stud, and Erin has been mediocre at best. At least it means...


The Day You Give Up On Ponder

Simple enough thread. If you are currently a Ponder supporter, but at some point this season give up hope on him, reply below with the date and reason. If you're not a current Ponder supporter,...


Updated 2013 Week 1 Roster Predictions

Ok I figured out how to do breaks. Please stop posting on the other thread and use this. Sorry for the inconvenience and my noobishness. With training camp right around the corner, I...


Adrian Peterson wont get a lot/more/2500 yards next year because teams will focus on him more.

I see this argument bandied about quite a bit. Do you buy it? I personally don't. I think AP will come awfully close to 2500 yards next year and will average almost 8 yards a carry. Call me...


Donovan McNabb is an Idiot I was watching this video and was amazed at both how stupid and how fat McNabb is. At about...

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