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MLB buys Biogenesis records from former employee

Thought this was interesting since it could impact Nelson Cruz's status. Article here. Also think it's interesting because of the implications of MLB "buying off" witnesses to get the evidence they...


Best Houston downtown restaurants?

Going to Houston for opening day, staying downtown and looking for restaurant recommendations. Given I live in Wyoming, the opportunity for decent seafood isn't that great so I'm looking for a good...


5-31 OT Mark II

  I got nothing so let's go with an unsolicited message on Facebook. I saw your profile and i admired it and will like to know more about u and also want u to know that i have being badly hurt...


OT: How's LSB Working for You from a Tech/Browser Standpoint?

I've been having some issues with the pages taking a while to load and not just the 1,000+ comment posts. Also my Z button is hit and miss - sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't and I'm on...


5/9 OT thread Mark II

  Too many comments in the other. Cool story bro. I went to Taco Bell to pick up lunch and it was weird. I noticed they sell shrimp tacos but have a disclaimer on the ad warning people with...


4/25 OT Evening Fanpost

That other one is off the rails.   So a while back I'm at the office in the evening and had turned my stereo way up and my cell phone rings. I answer while in the process of turning down the...


4/21 Early Evening OT Thread

The original one is way too huge now. I have to work probably most of the night so I need something to pop into when I need a break so this is not altruism. So here's the lineup for the first...


2/25 afternoon OT post

Don't really want another 1,300 comment post to screw with.  For whatever reason it's slow to load at that volume and my guess is folks might be commenting more as Friday progresses as they get...


OT - LSB Recipe Book (talkin food)

  It seems we talk about food a good amount here and various folks certainly do cook so I thought we could have an OT clearinghouse of it. My thought is folks could say they want to make X and are...


Fort Worth downtown hotel denizens - Friday night

I'm just traveling by myself so I was wondering if anyone staying in downtown Fort Worth wants to meet for a beer Friday night and watch the junior circuit NL games. I know this seems creepy but I...

CRO votes to reject Rangers bankruptcy plan


Check out .pdf 501 or 502. Not sure what this means. Could be two things 1) he never liked the Plan; or 2) the modified deal by Greenberg Snyder/CRO beat the Plan so he thinks that's the way things should go.


Bankruptcy thoughts (tl;dr is fine)

  I listened to myself on the LSB Radio and didn’t think I conveyed everything I had to say (or accurately for that matter). Since it’s zero hour I figured I’d put this together.   Cuban/Monarch...

Best Mike Tyson Interview ever


It's fair to say he may have done some terrible things but at least the man admits his faults in an almost poetic fashion. He's not even saying "hey, I messed up but I'm all good now." He's instead being truthful (and harsh) to himself. He's a man-child that might know more about himself (and admits more about himself) than most of us do.


Colbyashi projection thread

These projections are all over the place. 3.38 ERA by Kinslerhomer to 7.89 by PM Productions. I'm pretty high on the guy but that's just me. He and Harden's health could be a big deciding factor on...


Chris Davis Projections post

Well, that thing's going to turn into a trainwreck if we don't have this post. Let's see, 72 ABs, 5 infield singles, mismanagement, buried, JD, This Thing, etc., etc. over and over over and over...


Super OT - Xbox questions

  I know there a few people here that play games on the Xbox. I was thinking about buying one since 1) I kinda like some games and 2) one of my DVD players took a crap on me so I figured get a...


How was Fanfest?

I'm curious about what people thought/did. Can you have any interaction with the players or is it just moving through a line? Anyone have any conversations with player/personnel? Reason I ask is...


American Needle v. NFL and sports' antitrust implications

Oral arguments in American Needle v. NFL were/will be heard by the US Supreme Court today. The basic facts of the case are that American Needle challenged NFL's rights to enter into an exclusive,...

"Peanuts" comic strip - win/loss analysis of Charlie Brown's teams


I've always like Peanuts for some reason. It's not hilarious or anything. Just nice. Note towards the end the strip when Charlie Brown lowers the mound in 1969.


TCU v. Boise State thread

  This game has gotten a good amount of attention so perhaps a fanpost is in order.  Interesting facts about the MWC: MWC is 4-0 in bowl games thus far. Each MWC team was an underdog heading...


Buzz Bissinger Bitchin Bout Billy Beane (and Moneyball)

  I don’t think Moneyball is the greatest, most influential book in baseball history.  Nor do I think it’s a bunch of nonsense.  The idea that capitalizing on undervalued assets could help small...


Are the balls juiced this year?

I can't remember which commenter (sorry) mentioned this, but I believe it was yesterday he compared MY's average HR distance and speed off the bat from last year to this year. Both were up this...


Opening day stories

It sounds like many traveled for the game. I thought perhaps we could exchange our stories. Based on FuturePants' recommendation I stayed at the Melrose. I don't think I'll stay anywhere else in...

Critique of the Fed's case against Barry Bonds


It's an article by Dayn Perry, writer for Foxsports and BP. This seems to be a well thought out analysis of the case, various rulings, the witnesses and their backgrounds and the evidence. I don't care if he's convicted or not but it's interesting to see how difficult the prosecutor's job may be despite the fact that most of America is positive that Bonds used steroids.

Nolan Ryan on 1975 Soap Opera


Nolan Ryan on 1975 Soap Opera


Ways to improve world baseball classic?

I've watched a good portion of the games and have enjoyed them.  But I was wondering how they could improve it. One idea I had was to limit the number of MLB players on the rosters somehow (like...


Dallas Hotels for Opening Day

I'm going to delete this after I've gotten what I need since I've already made this type of fanpost a month or so back. Now I'm traveling by myself since the Girl is gone and I'm taking a...

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