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Best Baseball stat sites

A couple people people were talking about stat cites and one mentioned that BP is becoming obsolete. The other day I just discovered (based on a discussion here) that baseballcube is really good...


MLB Network-what do you like or dislike?

Well, we've had a couple weeks to absorb it.  To those that don't get it, I'm sorry to leave you out of this post.  But I'm wondering what folks think. Am I the only one that's still stoked over...


OT - Dallas/Austin Restaurant/Hotel Questions

So, we're going to Texas for opening day. The plan is to fly into Austin, hang out for a couple nights, then fly to Dallas for a couple nights and see the game. One thing I want to do is get a...


MLB Channel

If folks aren't watching college football, I would strongly recommend tuning into the new MLB Channel. I'm watching the very first replay ever of Don Larson's perfect game from the 1956 World...


OT - the "Professional Ethicist" and why no team signed Bonds

This Hard Ball Times article is weird. It's written by "a professional ethicist, writer, lawyer and...


Can the Yankees sign Manny/Sheets under the CBA?

It seemed that on this site, people were in agreement that the Yankees could only sign three Type A FAs. However, I'm not so sure.  According to this, you can sign as many type A/B as you lose....


No Rangers Coverage by Evan Grant? - Newspapers Die a Little More

This is from Shroomer who posted this in the "No more Fanposts" Fanpost. I truly think this should be discussed (and I haven't done a lick of work today, so what the hell). h...


Fanpost Rules and Regulations

It seems that we're getting a rash of fanposts that don't lend much, if anything, to the general discourse here. Hell, this Fanpost might violate the protocol. But here are my suggestions (please...


College FB spillover/comment thread

So my Pokes lost the Border War. Terrible loss for ND (they look like absolute crap). To me, personally, a suprising loss by Texas Tech. Congrats to Boise St. Let's see, what else..... oh yeah,...


Election cool down thread

Last one's pushing 600 comments and people are still chatting, so I figured a final fanpost might be in order. North Carolina has been called for Obama, which is the first time it's gone Democrat...


Peavy and Trading for #1 Starters

  Based on the discussion of trading for Peavy, it seems that people broke out into maybe four categories: 1) No – I like our prospects better. 2) No – the Rangers aren’t close enough where one...

John Hart going to Seattle?


Will John Hart go to Seattle? Ed. Note -- AJM is laughing evilly right now, while sticking out his blue tongue and wearing his bead necklace

Best looking college softball player?


No night game, so what the heck. There's a lady from the U of Houston, although no nominee from UT.


My MLB junket-NYA/BOS

Just got back to Wyo. Left out of DIA to JFK. JFK (and most others compared to DIA) is not a great airport. Game at Yankee Stadium - great experience. Fans were quite nice. The Girl is a huge Red...

3 changes

Anyone notice the changes to the mlb radio and gameday?  MLB radio now has this graphic crap going all time which is new and annoying.  Anyone know how to shut that off?  And don't tell me to just...


A-Rod - hated the Rangers to start with, $$$ was good

We know A-Rod was unhappy when he left. But it's good to hear that he never wanted to come to Texas in the first place. Just did it for the money. He took the money but in Texas just wanted to blow...


OT - Favorite Movies - Westerns

The Ahmad did a diary (I would consider this a diary, not fanpost) of everyone's favorite/best movies. Big category. We already did comedies, so I figured Westerns were a defined subcategory. I'm...


LSB Projections Diary - Marlon Byrd

It seems that the Byrdman has been grounded.No one things there will be a duplication of last year, which is justified.With the exception of seasons in which he only played a handful of games, Byrd...


Blalock - LSB Projections Diary

I decided to go through all of them and find the highs and lows of the projections except for PA (weird thing to include; it's like a deadpool). Also attached are the names of those responsible....


Dallas attorneys - wage garnishment

I'm looking for someone. Any ideas?I'll delete this if we get some responses.                                     


LSB Comm Projections - Miles hates Catalanotto

.220/.190/.290/400PA.I wasn't going to start a diary for Frankie the Cat but Miles' projection was a little too much to pass up. Essentially, I take it Cat will get no walks but lots of sac flies? ...


LSB Projections Discussion Diary

Just opening up a diary in case someone wants to comment on the projections for MY, Milt and Kinsler. Seems that people are bullish for Ian's slugging and people are bullish on Milt's...everything....


Why all the unsigned FAs?

This is something I don't believe can be easily proven or disproven, so I wanted to throw it out there to see what people think.It seems that there are a lot of middling FAs that no one's willing...


Best/Worst MLB announcers

These can be regional networks or nationals.WORST = Hawk Harrelson/Darrin Jackson. There's so much I dislike. The fact that Darrin joins in on the "yyyesss" calls, etc. I'm sure they're fine for...


How to follow Rangers ST games

I've noticed several comments under the lineup posts from people wanting to follow a ST game and not knowing how. It seems that there are a few new people (or else hurlerhurley's been really busy)...


Best comedies

AJM's post made me think of this.What are your top 5 comedies and what makes them so.My top two are:Arthur. God, that's a funny movie. I whistle the theme sometimes. I'll bet a 1/3 on here haven't...


Offseason wrap-up

Not an analysis of who went where, but more the trends we might have seen in this offseason. It's a pretty good read.The one thing I wholeheartedly agree with is the notion of overpaying for fewer...


Sports fan demographics

Just came out this week from The Harris Poll. Of note - democrats and easterners like baseaball, southerners and republicans don't. Most popular is NFL followed MLB followed by CFB.h...

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