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My own blog talks too many things (such as philosophy, politics, and theology) that distract from college football, so I'll be putting the good stuff over here.

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"Unbalanced Schedules" never determine who wins the conference.

"Unbalanced Schedules" never determine who wins the conference. A discussion of SEC scheduling, particularly UGA vs SC


Why being in the SEC IS the tradition that Georgia should honor most

I write this post as a critical reflection on Kyle’s recent post. In offering this critical response, I am doing so as a philosophical fellow conservative. I am not attacking Kyle’s conservatism,...


I'm not sayin', just sayin'

If Oregon defeats Stanford tonight, and Oklahoma beats Oklahoma State next weekend....Then could it be possible (hypothetical, I know) for a 2 loss SEC champion (hypothetical, I know!) to make the...


Because I always aspire to fit in

I figured that in order to really be a good commenter around here, I need to become a lawya. Therefore, I am taking the LSAT. In the morning. But UGA kicks off at noon, which means I'll miss at...


My quick(ish) realignment thoughts

I assume one thing, and then I really only have one major point to offer to the maelstrom of commentary that is already taking place. Assumption:  It is all about money (I also have no problem with...


Posting something here is the only logical move

Greetings, people of OBNUG. I want to rant just a bit, and I'd love to hear what the Bronco Nation thinks as well. First, who am I? I am a diehard Georgia fan. I was at the 2005 game in person....


Shameless Appeal for New Friends

Huh? Huh? Anyone? My mom always said that if I just go up and introduce myself, people will like me. The jury's still out.I'm coming into town for my first game in five seasons tomorrow. The usual...


Non-Controversial Fun with Non-Controversial Stats

With Georgia appearing to do the impossible this past weekend by managing to lose a game while also making most fans feel glimmers of hope (this is not a moral victory this is not a moral victory...


What Would Georgia Do?

There are different opinions about what this even means, I realize. Yet I think it sums up what most of us would agree has been our major problem over the last few seasons. We have lost our...


1st Down Performance in Losses, Variance in Our Offense, and Other Matters

This google doc lists every offensive play that Georgia ran in its first five games last year. In other words, it shows our 1-4 start. The list covers 355 plays. Above the list of plays are two...

This shows Georgia's first down offense under Bobo, 2007-2010. Discuss? (Update: I've got a...


This shows Georgia's first down offense under Bobo, 2007-2010. Discuss? (Update: I've got a link to a bigger version in the comments.)


I think the Dawgs did show improvement defensively

This is my admittedly irrationally optimistic side speaking here, ok? Feel free to help me work out the kinks in my reasoning, if it is needed. I'm not calling anyone a fool for being a pessimist,...


Calling all Dawg fans at the Dome!

If you're at the game, and you're all digitally interconnected and what-not, then why not post an update here for those of not fortunate enough to be at the carnival? Tell us about the sights and...


How to 'fix' the post-season, or die trying

Every season is different, so the postseason structure should be different, too.(Originally written on 3/22/06)

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