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User Blog

Leave Josh Smith alone!

DBB reader XstreamINsanity compares Detroit's big man pairings to find what combination of Andre Drummond, Greg Monroe and Josh Smith was most productive.

Halfway through SVG's first offseason

At the midway point between the last game of the 2013-14 regular season and the first game of the 2014-15 season, DBB reader XstreamINsanity examines how Stan Van Gundy's first summer at the helm...


Who's down with Din-Widd-ie?

After the draft, some fans had hesitation over the Pistons' pick of Spencer Dinwiddie. A few of these questions inspired me to look into the numbers to see what I could find. Not a bad pick, the...


Screw Free Agency!!!

Was reading jerrydlux's FanPost this morning called The Max Deal. Was going to comment on it, but that comment was about a FanPost I thought about writing, and as I was writing the comment, I...


Draft vs. Free Agency

When Monday rolls around, I normally spend some time trying to catch up on the things I missed over the weekend as I don't get online much when I'm at home. This morning I went to the Pistons...


Popovich/Buford: Complete draft history with the Spurs

Yesterday Sean_Corp put out a nice draft history of Jeff Bower so that we could see what we might be in for come this year's draft and in future years. Based on a request, I took the liberty of...

Joe Dumars' complete draft history

From Mateen Cleaves to Peyton Siva and everyone in between, DBB reader XstreamINsanity compiles a list of Dumars' draft-day decisions.

Drummond receives one All-Defensive team vote

Meanwhile, Anthony Davis received 62. DBB reader XstreamINsanity takes a deep dive into the numbers trying to make sense of it all.


$15 to build the best Pistons team ever

Thieving off of averyqmorelock's awesome FanPost, what would your $15 Pistons team be? My apologies for not having a photo editor handy to make a nice graphic of it (if anyone does, feel free to...


To keep the pick, or not keep the pick?

As it stands right now, the Detroit Pistons have the #8 pick in the 2014 NBA Draft. That could all change tomorrow evening when the Draft Lottery determines the first 14 picks of the draft. There...


Isiah Thomas a partial owner of the Pistons?

So I'm at work, I'm doing "work", and I'm watching/listening to FirstTake on my phone. Today's special guest, Isiah Thomas. While talking about Magic Johnson/Donald Sterling, this...

What do you want to hear from Stan Van Gundy?

Here are some questions DBB reader XstreamINsanity hopes SVG addresses during his presser on Thursday. Stan Van Gundy's introduction press conference is at 4:15 p.m. ET.


How important is the NBA Draft Combine?

The NBA Draft Combine will be held Thursday and Friday of this week. Last year's No. 1 floppick, Anthony Bennett, skipped the NBA Draft Combine but that was due to a shoulder injury. Well it...


The Conversation

This season, though I haven't watched much of it, has been putrid to say the least. With the moves that happened this offseason and those that didn't happen by the trade deadline, it was known that...


Is a complete overhaul needed?

Growing up, Joe Dumars was my favorite basketball player, not just my favorite Pistons player. When I watched his retirement ceremony, I was very choked up. I felt as though my desire to watch the...

Floor spacing?


I agree with Cousins (don't hold that against me), I think we should sign Mullins to a 10 day contract. Yo, CV, hit the showers.

I'll squint as hard as you want


I normally don't like their stuff, and this kind of seems like a reach, but it would be TOTALLY WICKED!!!!


What are you doing, Rasheed?

DBB reader XstreamINsanity wonders, is Rasheed Wallace encouraging Andre Drummond to practice his 3-point shot?

Luckiest Man Alive


Dude, seriously? His girl let their wedding be like that? Totally awesome sauce.


What if there was no draft?

Would getting rid of the draft rid the NBA of tanking? DBB reader XstreamINsanity tries to imagine what the league would look like.


My first NBA player encounter.

I've been to a couple of Detroit games in my time, but they were mostly nose bleed seats and I was younger so I couldn't wander off by myself. I haven't tried to go to many games since high school...


2013-14 Pistons schedule analysis

DBB reader XstreamINsanity analyzes the Pistons' schedule for the upcoming season and compares how it looks to the rest of the Central Division.


2013 > 2009: True or False?

In a few years, hindsight may prove me wrong, but right now, I believe this to be true. The trading for Brandon Jennings and signing of Josh Smith, in my eyes and the eyes of some others, is much...


Who gets credit for the assist?

In my personal opinion, point guards at times are overrated for their assist numbers and others are underrated for their assist number. I believe that an assist is the result of the proper play...


2013-14 Detroit Pistons Home Opener: Who's going? (Updated 8/8/13)

I haven't been up to Michigan for a vacation (to visit family) in almost 2 years, so my plans earlier this year was to go for Christmas (and catch a Pistons game). Well, that isn't going to happen...


Xstream's extreme Pre-Training Camp Predictions

Again, I see a FanPost that makes me want to give my answer and run with it. There are over 100 days left before the start of the regular season. There is plenty of time left for Dumars to pull...


Should you be afraid?

Joe Dumars is currently our GM and he has one year left on his contract. Maurice Cheeks is currently our head coach and he has 2 4 years left on his contract. Greg Monroe is currently our...


Comparing Mo Cheeks and Lawrence Frank

An in-depth look at Cheeks and Franks' coaching record, and whether we should expect improvement on Detroit's sidelines in 2013-14.

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