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Composer, producer, songwriter for TV and film. Columnist for SonicsRising. Executive producer of The Downstroke podcast.

Huge fan of comics, Sonics and Broncos. Defying your expectations is what I do.

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Congratulations Fanbase!


on crashing a server for a good cause. Seattle now leads Sacramento in SErvers CRashEd Per Ticket Attempt (SECRETA). Also, hockey pics are now up for those that want to see the new arena...

Hey hey, It's Shammond Williams' Afro.


New thread time. 1) Chris Hansen has been sighted in town, checking out KeyArena. 2) Chris Daniels currently in studio on KJR to talk arena. 3) Kris Kross will make ya jump, jump. Wacky hijinks...

Judge Repudiates ILWU Lawsuit; City, County Victorious


Seconds ago the judge sided with the City and County in the ILWU lawsuit. He did not agree with attorney Peter Goldman's interpretation of the MOU or its relevance to SEPA, and rendered his...

AP - Request For Relocation Filed with NBA


The Associated Press and many other sources on Twitter are reporting that David Stern has announced that Chris Hansen's group has filed to relocate the Kings to Seattle. An expected step ... D...

The All-Mustache Sonics Team


In no particular order:

KJ Has Another News Conference Tomorrow


According to David Bienick @kcrabienick. Topics expected to be discussed: a status report on some people who may or may not ever formally commit to being involved in the project publicly (without...

Hansen's $30 Mil Deposit Cleared Last Night


Based on a comment in the last thread wondering if there's no news out of Sacramento today because the Maloofs got their share in $2 nickel rolls. Makes it easier to play the slots for a longer...

Top 10 Shawn Kemp Dunks of All Time


Enough with the Sac stuff for now. My fave is probably #7. Not only is that one of the sickest moves I've ever seen a 6-10 guy make, but it's also against...

Best Interest of the League Clause


I'm reading a lot of confusion about this topic. If the NBA didn't use this clause to get rid of a human Port-O-San like George Shinn... or a guy like Donald Sterling who until very recently was...

Cheer Up, Art Thiel


It's really not as bleak as you think.

Friday Thread; Pete Holmes files motion to dismiss ILWU lawsuit


Kudos to @ChrisDaniels5 for his continuing coverage of sale issues. Today's news: Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes has filed a motion to dismiss the ILWU's lawsuit saying the arena plan violates...

Still Riding The Rollercoaster?


Apart from Aldridge's report which still isn't really anything new, there is no news to report until a confirmation of sale is announced .Strap in, the ride continues.

Riding The Rollercoaster


Wheee! Between now and a final announcement all kinds of half-truths, untruths, and couldn't even happen in a parallel-universe stuff will be reported from everywhere. There's literally nothing new...

Report from Adrian Wojnarowski: Maloofs to Sell Kings, Move Team To Seattle


read it here. The Maloofs are expected to keep an extremely small percentage of the team, but will have no real input or say in the franchise, sources said. Once the sale is completed, the...

Kings To Virginia Beach is Dead By Monday if No Lease Signed, says Mayor


Reports Chris Daniels and the Sacramento Bee: Don't see how the Kings can enter into that agreement without permission...

As Sean Connery Might Say


Thish Virginia Beach arena is deader than Julius Scheasher. Back to the drawing board Maloofs.

First images of new arena


From Puget Sound Business Journal. Discuss. [gallery link="file" columns="2"]

Virginia Arena Plan Requires Massive Subsidy


From today's Sacramento Bee Virginia Beach's arena plan to lure the Sacramento Kings seems prohibitively expensive in terms of the public financing required: "In its letter, the city asks the state...

Oh So NOW You Want To Save Key Arena...


Day late and a dollar short, Mr. Blethen.

A Port is a port, of course of course


But no one can talk sense to the Port, that is of course unless the Port starts posting in this thread. Apologies to Mr. Ed, talking horses everywhere, and other animals smarter than the goofballs...

Council Meeting thread


Im stuck out in Kirkland right now and am posting from my phone. Good luck at the meeting today folks.

What's the matter? Oh, you were finished! Well, allow me to retort.


Today's Puget Sound Business Journal. Nicely done.

Why The Council Has To Exempt This From I-91


Chris Hansen explains the arena proposal's relevance to I-91 (again). In it he takes Chris Van Dyk and even some councilmembers to school. I-91 as written simply does not apply here. Chris Van Dyk...

Chris Hansen Knocks It Out Of The Park Again


Times article here: Some choice cuts: To those who feel that professional sports do not add the same cultural value as...

History Of The World Part I: As Seen By The Seattle Times


Approx. 2500 BC: "Pharaoh Khufu To Build Pyramid; High Priest Demands Road Improvements To West Giza" from 1492: "Columbus Report Proves Earth Round, But Critics Say It Is Flat, Insist On Public...

Translation: So Long, Sac.


David Stern says the Sacramento arena deal is over. So what's next? A lame duck year in the current space until the team is sold? The Maloofs will be hemorraghing money this entire season. Who in...

The Building's The Thing Wherein I'll Catch The Conscience Of The Kings


I'm not sure that the book is entirely closed on the Kings staying in Sacramento until the City Council votes on this proposal. There are a number of reasons that the deal as proposed should raise...

State Plan Develops, User Fees Broached


Time for a new thread. State Rep. Mike Hope (R, Lake Stevens) is trying a different approach. The idea is to charge NBA basketball and NHL hockey a license fee each time a team plays in the...

Dumbest Uniforms Ever


And in this league that's saying something. It works for the San Diego Padres because of the large local military presence. But for the Raptors? Nuh-uh. They're Canadian, for crying out loud. How...

Kobe Says Paul Was "Held Captive" In NO


Here. I see these comments as tacitly acknowledging that the league office is not above board, and that there is a clear gap in competitiveness between the small markets and big markets. ...

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