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User Blog

Xtremes Mock Draft 1.0 Offseason #2

Hey everybody, it's been a while and I'm glad to be back. Finally have some free time having the flu so I'm gonna take my shot at a mock draft! First off I'd just like to express that Tannehill...


I'm Back and ready For The Regular Season

Hey Guys it's great to be back... Although I have not really been gone I think my last FanPost was either after the draft or it was a mock. So as you can tell it has been quite a while. Mainly I've...


Xtreme's Final Mock Draft of The Year

First off I would like too thank the Phinsider Nation for the great helpful feedback. Also, all of the support even though I'm just 14. This will be the last Mock from me since the draft is...


Early Season Prediction 1.0 (Before Draft

Well instead of all the Mocks lets take a look at next season judging on last season skill. I might make another after the draft and that could change especially if we get a good quality Reciever...


Xtreme Mock Draft 3.0 Schedule Rush Edition! 9 Days Till Draft!

MAN IM SO FREAKING EXCITED!!! I'm loving our schedule and am biting my fingernails waiting for the draft! SO INTENSE. My girlfriend keeps asking why I'm so hyped up Lol. I literally considered...


Xtreme Mock Draft 2.0 What Most Want to See(Tannehill)

Told you there would be more :). Anyway, there are many different opinions but, the most common I've seen are eitherMelvin Ingram or Ryan Tannehill. So for this one I will stick on the Tannehill...


Xtreme Mock Draft 1.0 Xperimenting

Well one thing I want to address is I will not add any trades. I know Ireland has made draft day trades ever since he came here, but I'm just not sure who so instead of making a "guesstimation" I...


Yea I know another Mock Draft, Trust Me Though A Good Read

Well I won't keep you guys waiting but I do want to mention one thing. I won't be putting a Safety in because in the last few hours we signed a new young Saftey so... Yea enjoy. Round 1- Melvin...


Mock Draft Xtreme Addition

Alright, well I was watching some clips of Tannehill, and yes he is good BUT would be lucky to get drafted in the second. I just think that our QB craving is pushing us a little to far and we...


An Offseason Summary and The Few Options to Change For the Better.

WOW! Has this been crazy... New options every week, great things happen and then bad things come in to kill the mood a few hours after. I've been checking the site almost 3-4 times a day just...


Tannehill Needs A Friend At Reciever!!!

Alright guys great idea just dropped into my head... Here we go... BOOM draft one of Tannehill's WR. I know some might not be sold on it right away but just listen. He is 6'1" and weighs 206, now...


My Opinion on Next Season

Honestly guys what is wrong with you people!!! My god I'm only 14 and I still believe the in the Dolphins. I joined in on the Dolphins when Marino retired so I didnt get to see the good years....


This Completley Wack Offseason and The Many Different Opinions

What a Completley annoying offseason we have on our hands here. Being a Dolphin fan since 5 (14 now), I will always stick by this team no matter what. Since I only started paying REAL attention to...


A Superbowl Offseason

With free agency closing in there are so many different and exciting decisions for the dolphins to make. First off I think the new Coaching staff hired is looking the best since Shula, I can't...


Other Draft options (besides RGIII)

There are many options in the draft ranging from DE to QB. Unless we can get a fair trade with Minnesota or Cleveland and get RGIII we will have to settle with someone else. I love RGIII and hope...

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