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The House Divided: Should You Stand For It?

       A commonplace sight on Oklahoma state roadways is a decorative license plate that tells passing motorists that the driver/titleholder of said auto is embroiled in a family drama that...

The Curse of the Black Uni's; or The "Poke-Almost-Choke"

Everybody has superstition in their lives.  Whether you are constantly throwing salt over your left shoulder, avoiding black cats, or turning the television off when you vacuum, everybody has...

Weeden2Blackmon Chat on Facebook

As CRFF is your official source for all W2B info as well as the finest in confusing, unnecessary acronyms, Yachoff is bound by contract to tell you of the chat that will be going on with Brandon Weeden and Justin Blackmon on the Facebook. Blackmon will be fielding questions Thursday at 3:30p.m.CST and you can catch whatever BDub throws back at you on Friday at 9:30am CST. In the USA, Facebook is a supreme tool for publicizing yourself and various happenings. In Soviet Russia, Facebook was man from secret police beating you about the face with large book for smuggling radishes. What a hellhole!

Cowboy Golf Hanging In to Top 8 at Nationals Going Into Match Play

The first two rounds of the 2011 NCAA Men's Golf Tournament have been played.  The Cowboys are only in sixth place going into the third and final round of stroke play, which is surprising to all...

Weeden2Blackmon is What They Are Gonna Call It Aparently

It seems the OSU athletic dept. has taken my BDUB/JMON PART DEUX idea and ran with it. You can view this particular marketing device at your choice of either the marketing device Facebook or the marketing device Twitter at @Weeden2Blackmon.

Oklahoma State Golf Ready to Take National Championship #51 at Karsten Creek

When talking about our favorite sports teams, especially when they are on the precipice of success, we tend to try not to talk about that team winning until it actually comes to pass because of a...

Yachoff Does Something Nice For Boone Pickens

As fully committing to the Oklahoma State Belligerence of Pride Week program has proven difficult for some, it is important for Yachoff to show how easy it can be to make a difference for one very...

Oklahoma State Beligerence of Pride Week

As finals week has wrapped up, and the long summer anxiously awaiting BDUB/JMON PART DEUX(copyright pending) is now upon us, it is important that we as OSU fans do not lose our spirit and outward...

Garth Brooks Gets Master's Degree From OSU, Now Smarter Than Your Dad

Garth Brooks gets his Masters degree. Strives to make something of himself.

Arbitrary Polls Favor Cowboy Football

Preseason rankings are usually a poor barometer for what a potential team will do in the forthcoming year.  Polls are a surefire way to increase your readership, but are not a good way to judge...

Former OSU Cowboy R.W. McQuarters Further Shows Versitility by Surviving Gunshot

Tulsa, OK.- Former OSU football player R.W. McQuarters has been shot by a masked man in front of friend's home. He is fine and was able to drive himself to the hospital, most likely jukeing and weaving traffic in the same manner he used to return kicks for the Cowboys. The masked man was no doubt a Sooner fan, and will in time be caught and prosecuted so he can be molested by another, bigger, Sooner fan in jail. Protocol states that; he who can take a bullet then drive themselves to have it removed earns automatic street cred for life. R.W. also played for Eddie Sutton's 96-97' Cowboy Basketball team. Here is to a speedy recovery, R.W.

Cowboy Golf Walks Away With BIG12 Golf Tournament Trophy That Was Never in Doubt

Course architect Perry Maxwell's Prairie Dunes was the site of a Big12 massacree these last three days.  The -10 under par Cowboys fired through Maxwell's beautiful layout on Tuesday broke a...

OSU Will Now Beat Iowa State on a Friday Night in Front of National Audience

In counting chickens before they've hatched news, Oklahoma State will beat up on Iowa State on a Friday evening, and not a Saturday as previously reported, to take advantage of ESPN2's Friday coverage. The Cowboys will kick the crap out of the Cyclones in Ames, IA one day earlier on November 18th.

'Winning': OSU Men's Golf Looks Poised to Claim 5th Straight BIG12 Tournament Title

OSU continues its Big 12 golf dominance in today's Big12 Tournament.

Tony Allen Writeup in the Wall Street Journal

Great article about OSU's own Tony Allen. Every OSU fan remembers Tony's great playing ability, his production in the 2004 NCAA Tournament, his 2004 BIg12 POY, and his 1,000 points in two Cowboy seasons, but did you know his new Memphis Grizzlies teammates think he is as crazy as a loon? Despite this, Allen has led the Grizzlies to the NBA playoffs using the same defensive prowess no doubt taught to him by Coach Sutton at OSU.

Big 12 Conference Schools as Stillwater Watering Holes

The OSU campus is filled with people from all different walks of life, and the Stillwater bar scene has a tavern to accommodate every type of person.  To anyone unfamiliar with Stillwater there...

Two Minutes Hate: Bedlam Baseball Edition

"The horrible thing about the Two Minutes' Hate was not that one was obliged to act a part, but that it was impossible to avoid joining in." - Winston Smith, George Orwell's "Nineteen Eighty-Four"W...

20 Years Gone, Cowboy Football Expectations in 1991 and Now

The 2011 football season promises to be the greatest ever seen in Oklahoma State University history.  This year, OSU football is hyped by many fans in the preseason to win all twelve of our games,...

OSU at the Masters IV: Schwartzel Steals the Final, OSU's Bo Van Pelt Finishes Tied for 8th

What a weekend we have had!  Oklahoma State golf has been well represented at Augusta all week with four former or current Cowboy golfers making up the 99 player field. OSU has another top ten...

OSU at the Masters 3: The Rise of the Van Pelt

OSU's chance at Masters glory heated up today as former OSU golfer Bo Van Pelt took a commanding stance  going into tomorrow's final round.  Van Pelt lost 4 shots to go -6 under at the end of...

OSU at the Masters: Day Two at Augusta

The second round of the Masters golf tournament was played under sunny skies, and it was another 8 hours of hard-hitting, bone-crunching, rib-shattering, golf ACTION on the Augusta links. ...

OSU at the Masters: Day One at Augusta

            Hello everyone! Today, Yachoff is pleased to be joining CRFF. This is only the start of many: poorly conceived, obsolete USSR jokes, posts about OSU athletics and culture, n...


Cowboys at Augusta 2011: OSU's Best Chance at a Green Jacket?

Walk-on OSU golfer Brandon Weeden has it right. It goes: The Masters, then comes the Super Bowl. No Oklahoma State golfer has ever won the Masters. In fact, only one Oklahoma State golfer has ever...


Dez Bryant and his $800,000 Worth of Jewels? Let's look at some facts:

Dez Bryant's recent display of monetary excess has some of us thinking; How can Dez spend that much on something so frivolous? Well, the speculation is that Mr. Bryant does it through a combination...


A Brief History of the Fumbled Kneeldown; or The Double Miracle at the Boone

Was the Victory formation fumble for the Cowboys the weirdest ending ever?

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