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An East Coast American's lethal obsession with Canada's West Coast hockey team.

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User Blog

Hockey Gods to Vancouver: F@#$ You

Because of course this is how it all ends.

Canucks Player Autopsy: Maxim Lapierre

Did you know ol' Max was from the same home town that has an arena named after Roberto Luongo? Small world.

Canucks Player Autopsy: Chris Higgins

How did one of the fan favorite checkers make out in this short season?

Open Thread: Calm Before The Storm

I don't know if I can really get behind the Canucks/Sharks without Kyle Wellwood around. But I'll give it the ol' college try folks.

Luongo, Raymond Remain As Canucks

Vancouver is heading into the spring with a bit more offense, but plenty of question marks about consistency and, oh yeah, the issue with that back-up goalie guy.

Morning Buzz: Army Had Half A Day

Vancouver shit itself last night and AV swears he didn't swear. Welcome to your Monday.

Canucks Claim Tom Sestito From Flyers

Just like that, the Canucks have their new biggest player.

Morning Buzz: I Didn't Hear No Bell

I've never seen more selective outrage over waiving a fourth liner for another fourth liner than I did yesterday. "Upside", "grit" and "character" aside, these players are assets for the chess board and we're bitching about the pawns.

The Buzz: The Sky Is Falling And I Want My Mommy

So yesterday wasn't an ideal way to celebrate your average hump day, but there's no such thing as an average day for Vancouver Canuck fans.

Morning Buzz: I'm warmin' up

Let me get this straight: scores from multiple lines, offense support from the blueline and a strong showing in net from one of the two starters backups whatever. That's quite the statement from the team who won't win the Northwest.

Points for teeth? Yes, points for teeth.

OK Mr. Kassian. We're on board. Now make us broke for charity will ya?

Morning Buzz: A World Of Pain

It was nice to kick around the hapless Avs last night, but all eyes are on tomorrow night's tilt with the Hawks before swinging back through the Northwest against the Wild and Oilers. I want six points please. This is our concern, Dude.

Afternoon Buzz: It's All About The Kassian

Sorry for the delay in the news. We wanted to bask in the afterglow of Zack Kassian's extreme awesomeness.

Morning Buzz: What's The Worst That Could Happen?

It's not like the Canucks could possibly end this homestand without a win. That's just silly.

Jordan Schroeder Has Come To Save The Day

The Minnesota native is getting his first crack at the NHL.

Morning Buzz: I'll Let You Ask Me About My Affairs

With Vandermeer clearing waivers, we should get the word soon that Jordan Schroeder is coming to the rescue. Or maybe it'll be Joe Cannata just to add to the ongoing goalie controversy floating around. Speaking of which...

What We've Got Here Is A Failure To Communicate

Fine, so this weekend didn't exactly go according to plan. No worries, it's a long season...wait, no it isn't. Crap.

Cuts Complete: No Schroeder For You

The youth movement is passed over for the power and mystique of Andrew Ebbett.

Here Comes The Cuts

It's coming down to the wire for Schroeder and company.

So Who Is Cam Barker?

Honestly no one knows at this point. Since he's a Canuck let's all hope for the best.

Here Comes Cam Barker. Hide Your Children.

As per AV, the PTO is official. Hold on to your butts.

Canucks 2012-13 Training Camp

At long last it's almost here: the (chaotic) Vancouver Canucks training camp.

Morning Buzz: I Am The Danger

...it was only a matter of time until these pages got flooded with Breaking Bad references. What do you think we've been doing during this lockout anyway?

Morning Buzz: This Is Going To Be A Hot Mission

Just a few more days before training camp starts (still TBD, but likely Sunday or Monday) and the news is really rolling in. What a difference a few days makes.

As A Reminder, These Are Your Top Six Forwards

Isn't it the worst when you forget that guy's name and suddenly you're at some party and he's in front of you saying hello? Let's avoid that embarrassment.

Morning Buzz: How The Mighty Have Fallen

We shouldn't reveal in the pain of others. But we do a lot of things we shouldn't do around here, so why stop now?

The Buzz: Bemoaning Reality Is 95% Of What I Do

Probably 90% on a good day, but it's only Tuesday.

Replacing Kesler Will, Of Course, Suck

How do you replace he who gave us heaven and earth? On a related note hyperbole is the best.

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