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RECAP: Warriors 109, Rockets 113: Ugh!


Valiant effort but imagine if Yao was there! Ok well that sucked! Not only did it take hours to get to the damn stadium and find parking 2 miles away (thanks to whoever...


Open Thread: Warriors vs. Yao Ming – Yaoza Live!

  Will we see amazing tonight? Maybe Randolph will have one next year? Warriors: 28-50 Rockets: 51-28 Tip-Off: 7:30 PM PST TV: CSN + Radio: KNBR 1050 Let me just spare...

RECAP: Warriors 106, Mavs 128: When sad, just eat!


Monta's reaction when asked to play better D! Right ... clearly we didn't win this one so instead of ya'll having to read the 47th  losing recap of the year gripping about...


Game: Warriors at Mavs – The Economy.

Smiley where are you? Warriors: 25-46 Mavs: 42-28 Tip-Off: 5:30 PM PST TV: CSN Radio: KNBR 1050   It's hard to smile when losing to the Spurs last night as it came down...

RECAP: Warriors 119, 76ers 111: Ball Movement Baby!!


Couldn't help but smile tonight!   Who the heck said we lose every time I predict a win? You crazy! I knew we'd win and I knew we'd have a great...


Game: Warriors vs. 76ers – Smile, it’s Friday!

Which Smiley are you? Warriors: 24-4476ers: 34-32Tip-Off: 7:30 PM PSTTV: CSNRadio: KNBR   It's hard to smile with a loss to the Lakers last night but we put up a great...

RECAP: Warriors 119, Mavs 110: Now that’s what I’m talking about!


We want more! Warriors finally show a little heart and spunk and guess what ... we beat the Mavs 119 to 110 Friday night. The best part was watching our young guys do it...


Open Thread - Warriors vs. Mavs

     You telling me we can't beat this? Warriors (W-L): 22-42 Mavs (W-L): 40-25 Tipoff: 7:30 PDT TV: CSN, CSNHD Radio: KNBR Remember when Mavs vs. Warriors actually meant something? Remember...

RECAP: Warriors 91, Pistons 108: Thomas vs. The Warriors debate #1


Originally posted on Mar 7, 2009 9:15 AM PST The Piston's didn't have the answer (AI) ... and neither did we! Losing by 17 points last night was irritating and predictable. I thought we'd...


Game: Warriors vs. Pistons – 2008 season = Train wreck!

Yep! We're a train wreck alright! Warriors: 21-40Pistons: 30-29Tip-Off: 5:00 PM PSTTV: CSNRadio: KNBR   Up down, left right, play or don't play. This season is a complete...

RECAP: Warriors 133, Thunder 120: 1300 hundred reasons to smile!


NEW FLASH: This just reported by the Associated Press of a memo distributed to the Oklahoma Thunder right before tip off last night against the Warriors: Dear Oklahoma...


Game: Warriors vs. Thunder – Oh Boy Oh Boy!

He's bigger in real life! Warriors: 19-36 Thunder: 13-42 Tip-Off: 7:30 PM PST TV: CSN Radio: KNBR It's not often a "superstar" comes to play in our...

RECAP: Warriors 93, Rockets 110: Can I take a mulligan?


Stroll in the park for Yao tonight.   Let's forget about this game shall we? Like failing last semester's math test right before winter break, most people won't remember...


Game: Warriors at Rockets – This is my kind of Super Bowl!

A couple of my favorite 2008 ads during the game:     I got Super Bowl Fever! Warriors: 15-32 Rockets: 28-19 Tip-Off: 5:30 PM PST TV: CSN Radio:...

RECAP: Warriors 107, Clippers 92: Wasn’t even that close!


I can't tell if it was our defense ... or just the Clippers? HERE WE GO WARRIORS HERE WE GO! BANG BANG! The drum beats, the screams, the heartbeat of our fans so...


Game: Warriors vs. Clippers – Yes, I still believe!

Some things are hard to let go ... but our future is better for it! Warriors: 13-31 Clippers: 10-32 Tip-Off: 6:00 PM PST TV: CSN Radio: KNBR The...

RECAP: Warriors 119, Hawks 114: Oak-Town Win-a-fare!


Finally ... a reason the fans can celebrate!   So if you took my advice and watched Slumdog Millionaire last night instead of the Warriors, then I apologize, but I did say...


Game: Warriors vs Hawks – How I love Fridays!

If you can't see the Warriors tonight, then I recommend this movie. Warriors: 11-29Hawks: 23-15Tip-Off: 7:30 PM PSTTV: CSNRadio: KNBR Since I'm not...

RECAP: Warriors 100, Blazers 113: "We’re just not good at all" - Nellie


Well not as bad as this ... but a loss is a loss.   "We're just not good at it," Nelson said. "It's not that we don't try, we're just not good...


Game: Warriors at Trail Blazers – Blah Blah Blah

If the Warriors win tonight, I'll go see this movie in the theatre!   Warriors: 10-27 Blazers: 21-14 Tip-Off: 7:00 PM PST TV: CSN Radio: KNBR The...

RECAP: Warriors 99, Celtics 89: A Christmas Special!


Thank you Santa for bringing Jackson back!   Wow, did I just miss the greatest game of the year? Did every single one of my predictions fall flat...


Game: Warriors vs. Celtics – Some requests just aren’t plausible!

Originally posted: Dec 26, 2008 9:00 AM PST Warriors: 8-22 Celtics: 27-3 Tip-Off: 7:30 PM PST TV: CSN Radio: KNBR   Dear Santa, I write you a day after your visit to thank you for...

RECAP: Warriors 110, Bobcats 103: We’ll take it!


  Thanks to these three … we’re not the worst!   Without Corey Maggette and Stephen Jackson the Golden State Warriors...


Game: Warriors at Bobcats – We have to at least win this one! Right?

Forget the recession, I'm a fan on strike!! Warriors: 7-20 Bobcats: 9-18 Tip-Off: 4:00 PM PST TV: CSN Radio: KNBR If you would have told me a year...

RECAP: Warriors beat Nuggets: In my Nyquil kind of Dream!


At the buzzer to win the game!! Oh My God ... did you see that game? Did you see Saturday night's game against the Denver Nuggets. Simply AMAZING. I'm speechless. I'm without speech. To...


Game #24: Warriors @ Nuggets – Are the Nuggets my cure for a cold?

7 times 15 plus 6 divided by 1 = the amount of points we score tonight!! Warriors: 7-16 Nuggets: 15-7 Tip-Off: 6:00 PM PST TV: CSN Radio: KNBR   ...

RECAP: Warriors 112, Rockets 131: Too much Yao, not enough Randolph!


Nellie’s triple team strategy worked … until they started fouling out! As Jim Barnett said tonight:"The game was closer than what the score...


Game #19: Warriors @ Rockets – Merry YaoZa!

  Something funny to spread holiday cheer! Warriors: 5-13 Rockets: 12-7 Tip-Off: 5:30 PM PST TV: CSN Radio: KNBR 1050 Ooooo it's Christmas already...

RECAP: Warriors 125, Knicks 138: Want to hear something funny?


Glad to see Al's back is feeling better. Thanks for staying folks. I appreciate this greatly. Hey for my conclusion want to hear something funny? The...


Game #17: Warriors vs. Knicks – Gobble Gobble

It's time to try my act ... since the Warriors are unbearable at times! Warriors (W-L): 5 game losing streak.Knicks (W-L): 2 game losing streak.Time: 4:30 PM PSTTV: CSNBAR...

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