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RECAP: Warriors 116, Grizzlies 104: The Voters Have Spoken!


The Golden State Warriors beat the Memphis Grizzlies for the second time this year, 116 to 104. They took what was supposed to be an easy win and did it convincingly with the help of two stars,...

OPEN THREAD: Game #37 - Warriors @ Grizzlies


Warriors (W-L): 20-16 Grizzlies (W-L): 10-25 Time: 7:30pm PST TV: FSN Bay Area Radio: KNBR 680If you've been busy following the Warriors lately, you're with the rest of the GSoM crew. And if...

RECAP: Warriors 112, Rockets 95: Happy New Year 2008!


Wow, what a way to end 2007 and start off the New Year, a convincing win in Houston 112 to 95. As the clock turned we said good bye to one of my favorite GSoM years. As we entered 2008 I wish this...

OPEN THREAD: Game 32 - Warriors @ Rockets


Warriors (W-L): 18-13 Rockets (W-L): 15-15 Time: 4:00pm PST TV: FSN Bay Area Radio: KNBR 680Well folks, this year is at an end and for one last night, we can say we accomplished something in 2007....

RECAP: Warriors 108, Lakers 106: The Groin That Saved Us!


And now, the conclusion of Chapter 2. "Throw it down big guy!" Beans bellowed as he slammed the first bucket of the game. "Hey, you can't tell yourself to throw it down!" Baron barked as they...

OPEN THREAD: Game #23 - Warriors vs LA Fakers


Warriors (W-L): 12-10 Lakers (W-L): 13-8 Time: 7:30pm PST TV: FSN Bay Area + ESPN Radio: KNBR 680Can you hear the drums? You know the pounding beat of the evil horde coming into town? Tonight we...

RECAP: Warriors 120, Heat 113: And his name is ... Azubuike (Part II)!


The Miami Heat played like the Miami Heat for 43 minutes. And then the Golden State Warriors played like the Golden State Warriors for 5. If you were at the game last night, then you were treated...

OPEN THREAD: Game #19 - Warriors vs Heat


Warriors (W-L): 10-8 Heat (W-L): 4-14 Time: 7:30pm PST TV: FSN Bay Area Radio: KNBR 680Coming off four consecutive losses, the Miami Heat enter our domain tonight to play one of the hottest...

OPEN THREAD: Game # 15 - Warriors vs. Rockets


Warriors (W-L): 7-7 Rockets (W-L): 9-7 Time: 7:30pm PST TV: FSN Bay Area Radio: KNBR 680OH BOY! Christmas has come early for me because my favorite player comes to the Oracle tonight! Yao "butta"...

RECAP: Warriors 100, 76ers 98: And his name is ... Azubuike!


Final BoxscoreWow! What a game! I haven't seen a game that exciting for awhile. Last night's overtime victory in Philly ended our East Coast road trip, our best road trip in 30 years (4 and 1)....

OPEN THREAD: Game #12 - Warriors @ 76ers


Warriors (W-L): 4-7 76ers (W-L): 3-8 Time: 4:00pm PST TV: FSN Bay Area Radio: KNBR 680Typical Warriors? I sure hope not. They didn’t look as though they had a Thanksgiving hangover by beating the...

RECAP: Warriors 122, Clippers 105: Turn to page 1 and our future is bright!


Final BoxscoreAnd our season starts ... now! Forget the 0 and 6 start ... our season began last night with our first win of 2007. Anyone go to the game? It was electric! Crowd was in it and it gave...

OPEN THREAD: Game 7 - Warriors vs Clippers - Choose Wisely!


Warriors (W-L): 0-6 Clippers (W-L): 5-2 Time: 7:30pm PST TV: FSN Bay Area Radio: KNBR 680Have you ever read those "chose your own adventure" books? I did as a kid, and I miss them. They were great!...

GSOM Night 2: Magnitude 10 in the Oracle!


Update: I just spoke with Chris Murphy and he's informed me that the original tickets in the $30 section have sold out. The next set of tickets are $40 (normally $48). They're in a better section...

GSOM Night 2: Come Get Some


There's very little time left to purchase exclusive opening night tickets before the general public does. I was told that they go on sale to the general public in mid-September. Guess what, it's...


Janny Hu - Why I love the Warriors

Janny Hu hit it on the nose ... on why I and a ton of others love the Warriors. Read her article:http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2007/05/06/SPG30PM5ID1.DTLIt's fun to root for a...

OPEN PLAYOFF THREAD: Jazz @ Rockets- TNT Saturday (6:30pm) - A date with who?


Rockets (W-L): 52-30 Jazz (W-L): 51-31 Time: 6:30pm PST TV: TNTTo be perfectly honest, in my humble opinion it really doesn't matter who we play next. Beating the Mavs in the first round felt like...

Recap: Warriors 122, Grizz 117 - Bear of a Win!


Well this game wasn't on FSN, FSN plus, ESPN, TNT, NBA TV, or even League Pass ... so this is how a GSoM member improvises when his back is up against the wall.He uses his fantastic news sources....

OPEN THREAD: Game #74 - Warriors vs. Grizzlies - The Most Important Game ... Today!


Warriors (W-L): 34-39 Grizz (W-L): 19-54 Time: 12:00pm PST TV: None! Radio: KNBR 1050Shall I say it again? Do we really need to discuss this? Is this the most IMPORTANT game of the year? I say it...

Recap: Warriors 99, Sonics 98 - Luck of the Baron!


Final BoxscoreMy apologies for the tardiness of this recap. I was in no mood nor capable to write this last night. It would have looked something like this ...Confused? Exactly!Man what an amazing...

OPEN THREAD: Game #68 - Warriors @ Sonics - We Need a Little Playoff Luck


Warriors (W-L): 31-36 Sonics (W-L): 25-39 Time: 7:00pm PST TV: FSN Bay Area Radio: KNBR 1050Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! Whether you celebrate it or not lets crack open a cold one and hope our...

Recap: Warriors 87, Blazers 106 - A bet's a bet!


Man, did I deserve this! After all the trash talking in my preview I could have sworn this was going to be an easy win. However, since I am a Warriors fan maybe I shouldn't be too surprised. In the...

OPEN THREAD: Game #64- Warriors @ Blazers- GSoM Pride!


Warriors (W-L): 29-35 Blazers (W-L): 25-36 Time: 6:00pm PST TV: FSN Bay Area Plus Radio: KNBR 680If I have to say "this is a must win situation" one more time then I'm going to puke. But guess what...

Recap: Warriors 101, Bucks 122 - How do you fail History?


Thank God this was an early game because I was still at work and I didn't get to see it. However, a history teacher's job is never done. Let's see how our star pupils did tonight shall we?History...

OPEN THREAD: Game #59 - Warriors @ Bucks - Midterms! Gulp!


Warriors (W-L): 26-31 Bucks (W-L): 20-37 Time: 5:00pm PST TV: FSN Bay Area Radio: KNBR 1050If you've seen a Warriors game recently you might find it as enjoyable as midterms. Do you remember...

Recap: Warriors 120, Knicks 101 - A Little Action Jackson for Valentine's?


Well Happy Valentine's to us Warrior fans! Tonight we enjoyed watching them beat the New York Knicks with ease. It was like a date with destiny and our star was the incredible Action Jackson. S...

OPEN THREAD: Game #54 - Knicks @ Warriors - Happy Valentines


Warriors (W-L): 24-29 Knicks (W-L): 22-29 Time: 7:30pm PST TV: FSN Bay Area Radio: KNBR 1050With our last game before the allstar break sitting nicely on Valentines day ... here is a quick poem for...

Recap: Warriors 90, Bobcats 98 - I Feel Like Throwing Up!


Didn't we trounce the Bobcats by 26 points the other night? Wasn't it I who wrote that recap? Wasn't that the night when FJ and I met the Warrior Girls? Damn, look what can happen when we are on...



Warriors (W-L): 22-25Bobcats(W-L): 17-29Time: 4:00pm PSTTV: FSN Bay AreaRadio: KNBR 1050Due to technical difficulties please excuse our late preview:Warriors currently in the process of beating...

Recap: Warriors 131, Bobcats 105 - Did I say "Unstoppable, Baby!"?


YEA BABY!That's all I can really think right about now. Warriors creamed the Bobcats 131 to 105. Anyone see it?First off, I have to say that I've been pretty harsh on Mullin over the years with his...

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