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Earl Bennett, with and without Jay Cutler

I see generally mixed opinions about Earl here. The Bears seem to love him, I personally like him, but 1600 receiving yards over his first four seasons can be hard to argue for. But I was looking...


A bunch of WR data, and an attempt at combing through it

Check out this excel. It lists every draft WR prospect since 2006, including: Year they were drafted, round and pick # A subjective Score of how good they have been in the NFL Their Reception,...


An early breakdown of the top 2012 WR prospects

I've seen recent comments saying the combine doesn't matter much. There's obviously some truth to that, as every year a few no-name rookies outplay the workout freaks, and we've seen enough Wes...


What's Happened These Last Seven Games?

[From the FanPosts. As much as I love stats, I love more when they support my observations. I'm very scared that I don't know what I'm talking about when doing recaps and the like -ed.] Lots of...


Oddity in Pacers lineup results

Bulls fan here.  Hello. I was checking lineup data on basketballvalue, and I was amazed to see the Pacers' lineup of Collison-Dunleavy-Granger-McRoberts-Hibbert has arguably been the NBA's #1...


Lineup Combinations Fun with

A look at how various combinations of lineups effect the Bulls offensive and defensive efficiency.

Bulls Player Pair Widget


I usually don't link to my blog unless it's relevant or cool enough to link to. So far it's been nowhere close, but I think this is something people here will be interested in. I created a little player pair widget which allows you to filter all lineups by which players were on the floor together (for example, show me all lineups that had Rose, Hinrich, Gibson!), and then it spits out their minutes played together, and the ORating and DRating when they were on the court. Here's the link with more info. My site's download pages are kinda weird, so if you get lost trying to download it here's the direct link. Instructions are on the blog page if you can't figure out my crappy layout.


Carlos Boozer, now and through 2015

5 years, $76 million officially, according to KC Johnson.  That leaves us with enough room to sign LeBron to the max (and maybe bring over Asik too), and considering the need to make a last ditch...


Ric Bucher on LeBron

Here's the insider link, here's the bootlegged link. (can't do that -ed.)Notable quotes: [Cleveland's] team power structure supposedly has looked like this: owner Dan Gilbert, GM Danny Ferry and...

Nikola Pekovic agrees to join T'Wolves


Here's the Google translate result: "According to an assistant coach of the Wolves, Nikola Peković (2.10m, 24 years) have agreed to join the Minnesota next season. The Montenegrin officer confirmed that both parties were negotiating, but denied any agreement." If you don't remember, Pekovic was the consensus 1st pick of the 2nd round the year we traded three 2nds for Asik. His numbers look like Al Jefferson's. And in old-but-buried news, KC has Asik coming over too, though Asik's Euroleague numbers (small sample size) are down after his knee injury.

I saw Ian Mahinmi got playing time last night for the Spurs and again did well. And I remembered...

Mahinmi from J G on Vimeo.

I saw Ian Mahinmi got playing time last night for the Spurs and again did well. And I remembered the Top 50 Free Agents post that ranked him high despite nobody outside San Antonio ever seeing him play. Anyway, Synergy has all his clips, and I took the liberty to record some of what he does and post it. This isn't a highlight reel, I just clicked Mahinmi's plays and let it run, so you'll see good and bad plays. fundamentallysound talked more about Synergy here if you're interested.


Rose, Taj, JJ recent PERs (A Feel-Good Post)

I figured - as a diversion from the Bulls' recent run of crap - I'd spread some cheer with a trusty tonic: cherrypicked stats.  In this case, concerning our only three healthy players that actually...


Recent History of Sign and Trades

Acquiring a FA through sign-and-trade has been a muddy issue for the 2010 offseason, at least for me.  I've been unsure what we'd have to give up, whether teams without cap space are threats to get...


Hakim Warrick By the Numbers

ON OFFENSE Stats, per 36:Player A: 17.0 points, 2.6 orebs, 1.2 ast, 1.8 tov, .488 FG%, 6.4 FTA, .549 TS%Player B: 13.6 points, 2.2 orebs, 1.8 ast, 2.8 tov, .483 FG%, 4.8 FTA, .523 TS% Similar,...


What can we expect from Joe Johnson?

Analyzing what to expect from Joe Johnson if he was a Bull next year.


Bulls since 12/17

23 games into the season, the Bulls stood at 8-15, and had a per game point differential of -13.5 from games 11 to 23.  Then we beat the Knicks, and we've gone 14-7 since. Here are the Per36...


Rank These Power Forwards

Rank these Power Forwards in order of who you want the Bulls to give a 5-year contract to.  Next to each player is their PER since 2009, their APM from 2006-2009, their FG% on close shots since...

John Salmons: Underrated, evidently


Send this to every NBA GM you know, quickly.

Blake Griffin out for the year


Derrick Rose, the only #1 pick since 2007 to not miss his rookie season to injury! Poor Clips fans...


Bulls offense, 1st quarter vs. Knicks

In light of this comment, that "One NBA scout courtside insisted that, "Vinny ran three [different] plays the whole half and barely made any [play] calls. We don’t even know what to write down....


Reining in the media

The Bulls since MJ left town: 12 years...  5 head coaches...  14 top-sixteen draft picks... 338-554 W-L record.#1 in the NBA four of the last six years in Operating Income.0 luxury tax dollars...

Vinny's 3rd year is guaranteed


Maybe this is known already, but it's the first time I've seen it confirmed. This KC article is also the first I've seen to suggest a coaching change. 32pt losses to bad teams can be good, sometimes.


The Mind of Dorf

SoulEater linked to a video showing Reinsdorf talking about being from Brooklyn and making oodles of money.  There's a small discussion going on at that fanshot, but I think there's more to this,...


Open Game Thread / Game Preview #8: Bulls vs. Raptors

[Thanks to YaoPau for today's game preview -ed.] Do you Noah good rebounder? I do. pa-ching. Maybe we should start calling it Cantada, because they can't rebound. pa-ching. Bosh does well at 11reb...


The Bulls and Young Talent

I wasn't as high on Tyrus as some, but I would've never, ever guessed he'd be in the doghouse 3 games into the season.  Now I wouldn't be surprised if we trade him for next to nothing. With this...

Raja Bell could miss most of season with wrist injury


It's easy to forget the Bobcats were one of the league's hottest teams in March last year. After starting 22-35, they went 12-5 to move to 1 GB the Bulls for the 8th playoff spot before tanking. Bell's injury means 35.6mpg has to be relocated (probably to Felton and Gerald Henderson). Bulls playoff chances improve by a couple ticks.

NBA changes traveling rule: 2 steps allowed


This is going to make post-play weird...

Half-Price Bulls Tickets, all season, already...


Chicago likes it live. The Bulls just halved prices on 300 level tickets to 33 home games, bringing the per-ticket cost to $20. Some tix are decent too, I nabbed four for the Thunder game in row 10 two sections left of center court. *Edit: Whoops, I thought the promocode was on the page. It's "SAVEON".


Luol at PF

In 2007, Luol averaged 18.8ppg on .560 TS%.  Take out that season, and his career TS% is .515.  We're all hoping for a resurgent season. Here's something I haven't noticed before, though.  His p...


Why does this year feel so much worse than last?

Here's what I know about last season: 1) We gave several stiffs big minutes. Larry Hughes averaged 26.4mpg in 30 games for us.  Drew Gooden averaged 29.6mpg in 31 games.  Andres Nocioni played...

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