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BCB User Sporcle Quiz - The Research

I heard a brilliant suggestion of a quiz about the users of BCB, so I figured it'd be best to have you submit the clues you want attached to your name, and I will release them as time goes on. ...


2013 in review: BCB Meme Edition~!

Another year has passed, and although the Brewers had an awful season, we did alright for ourselves on BCB. Sure, a lot of people dropped out, and we had game threads of under 50 comments, but we...


MVMeme voting!

Well everyone, I've pretended to be too busy to put this together while spending countless hours just hoping someone would post in the mug so I could talk with them. But today, I finally open the...


BCB Fantasy Football Week 1 Smack Thread

Hey everyone, this is your meme man, filling in for your fantasy man Hyatt. Not your fantasy man as in you have fantasies about Hyatt or men like him. You don't. Nobody does. He's just the man...


Call your meme man. (Updated Meme List)

Ever wonder why there are so many posts about cinnamon and other spices? What's great tasting chicken? What is the correct spelling of Ishikawa? Then this is the post for you, and you should read...


BCB 2012 Inside Joke of the year is... (AND the voting for Rookie Of The Year)

Welcome back to the inside joke of the year awards everyone, I'm your host, Billy Crystal. After careful deliberation, the BCB community has selected their favorite, and it is THE CURIOUS SPELLING...


BCB 2012 Season In Review - BCB Inside Joke AWARDS

Hey everyone. We are a pretty fascinating community of commenters here, so it's worthwhile to keep track of all the running jokes and jargon. However, this is not just about education, this is...


BCB Jargon and Inside Jokes

So I found the time and energy to put this together. Please help me to fill in the blanks, and add anything which we have missed. I hope to keep this as a living document, much like the Twitter...

Sheen used steroids for Major League, says movie has stood the test of time.


He talks about making the movie, being crazy, and then talks about watching movie again. I'd like to watch Nyjer Morgan and Charlie Sheen hang out.


The Brewers and Blowout Games

  Last season after all of the talk about "throwing out games in which the Brewers blew out their opponent, they weren't very good", I decided that some kind of statistical analysis needed to be...

Joe Morgan - Officially Sacked


After the heroic efforts of, many game threads with expletive laced tirades about needing to find the remote to hit mute, and one ESPN Fantasy Football team that is succeeding against all odds...JOE MORGAN HAS BEEN FIRED BY ESPN!!!

Uecker coming back to the booth earlier than planned!


Good news everyone! He's talking about coming back in early June, a month earlier than previous estimates. "I feel good," said Uecker. "I started driving in my garage -- just to get the feel for it again. But I feel really good."

Jeff Suppan admits stupidity as cause of DL trip


What I don't understand is why people are recommending he make the intelligent decision. Please, hurt yourself as much as possible!

Should CarGo REALLY hit more ground balls?


Jeff Sackmann analyzes McCalvy's article about changing Gomez's swing and finds that McCalvy may not be right on the money. Of course we know that to call the balls caught in the air off Gomez's bat "fly ball" is often overly generous.

Selig Opposes Cubs Ticket Surcharge Proposal


Finally, something the commissioner is doing that I can agree with 100%.

Some pitchers are luckier than they are good. (e.g. Looper, Braden)


The Hardball Times discusses the pitchers with the worst pitching stats who still managed to win many games thanks to run support. The Brewers own Braden Looper appears, as does former Brewer Moose Haas.

Braun and Fielder discuss favorite players and 2010 outlook


Behind (Hanley) Ramirez, Braun is Fielder's favorite player in baseball. "Brauny might be my No. 2," Fielder said.

Selig reiterates plans to retire in 2012


Selig wants to retire to write his book. He has not responded to rumors that the bookstore which sells the most copies of his book will win home field advantage in the world series.

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