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Breaking News- Texas trades Kinsler for Prince Fielder

I am watching my Pitt Panthers roll in hoops when a scroll just went by stating that Texas and Detroit have a trade. Kinsler for Fielder. Seems like an upgrade for Texas to me. I would now...


What matters most in winning Post season series? Some data...

Hello. I posted on another post that I had looked up the results of every Post-season baseball series from 2004-1969 and tallied up some team totals to determine which was the stat to most likely...


A tribute to Cliff Pennington- Bon Voyage Cliff

I thought we ought to have a post where people can write about any of their memories of Pennington. I will admit that I was a big fan of adding a SS in 2012 and was very critical of Pennington...


Some good Books for A's History

I have recently picked-up 2 very good books for the A's fans, especially if interested in the A's HIstory.The first is something my wife bought me on a website called Red Envelope. It is a nice...


Anyone going to the Seattle Series?

Wondering if any AN members are going to Seattle. I am an A's fan from Tennessee but am up in the Northwest. I am coming up to Seattle for the Tuesday night game and Wed. afternoon game with my 2...


Serious Question- Canseco Honored??

I am asking a serious question. Will the A's ever have a game where they recognize Jose Canseco?? We have seen the A's advertise the bobble-head for Rollie Fingers. The A's have done other...


Steeler History Debate. Best QB from 83-03?

Hey guys. Just wondering what the board thought about this question. Who was the best Steeler QB who played between Bradshaw and Roethlesberger? We can all agree that Terry and Ben are the top 2 in...


Geography- What am I missing?

  Hello A's fans. I am a devoted fan living outside of the Bay Area. I have been following the stories, interviews with Wolff, etc regarding the future location of an A's ballpark. There is a point...


Steelers History Question- Batch and Maddox

  A question regarding recent Steelers history. When Batch was brought in (2003) was he expected to be the back-up to Maddox or was their a competition for the job that year. Also, was Maddox cut...


A Quick question for the board- Recent history?

  Hello. I was just wondering if someone who remembers the contracts of recent players can help me out.   In 2007 the A's traded Nick Swisher and Esteban Loaiza. I was wondering if anyone could...


Questions about Cust and future

Where does Jack Cust fit in to the future plans of the team?


Remainder of 2009 Season - Key Questions

Right now as we approach the inter-league games might be as good as a time as any to look at the key questions for the team for the rest of the 2009 season. First, the AL West. I may be fooling...


The decision to tear down the 2006 team?

O.K. right now it appears to me that the decision to tear down the 2006 A's has put the team in the basement.  First, the case of the manager. Macha is back in baseball and is winning. Another...


Why are the A's in trouble? - Blame the Democrats!!

Not sure if anyone noticed this trend before (sorry if it has been posted before) but our beloved Oakland A's have fared MUCH, MUCH better in the years in which the Republicans have controlled the...


Does anyone thin Geren will be on the hot seat??

I was wondering if Bob Geren will have to worry about his job security if the team continues to struggle? I did read Moneyball and know that the 'importance of the Manager' was not rated that high...


Direct- TV for people outside of West Coast

I have Direct TV and live in the south thus am in no way the A's territory. Is this Direct TV blackout of CSN-CA going to effect me and the other subscribers to MLB Extra Innings on Direct TV...


Some Questions for the board.

Of course there are many big questions swirling around the team, primarily regarding trades. Tonight I have some questions on different issues.   First, do you think some of the guys rumored to...


Emil Brown

I wonder more and more if he will remain on the club for the remainder of the year.   A few weeks ago I assumed he would be DFA when guys like Thomas and R. Sweeney got back. I even posted that...


Roster Question- 11 pitchers??

I made a post right before the Harden deal that wondered what the A's roster would look like when Frank got back. At the time I thought his return was imminent and furthermore the Harden trade was...


Roster Thoughts- When the injured return??

The A's management will have some tough decisions to make when some of our injured players return. Sure, the GM may make a trade or two, and worse some more players could get hurt but some tough...


Is there anyone out there we can pick up

off the waiver wire? We picked-up Raj Davis off waivers earlier this season. Is there anyone out there we can get even if it is just for the next week or so? I think the team will have to make a...


The Corner Infielders

I think the team will have some big decisions to make about the crop of guys who are currently playing 1B/ 3B. Right now the catchers are pretty much set. The outfield I think will be pretty much...


A's only 3 and 1/2 out of wild card

We actually gained on the Red Sox this week in the Wild card Race. For those who are always thinking about the future the team signed a big time prospect. YES, the hitting is horrid, our bull-pen...


Thomas Report

Both Bay area newspapers indicated that Thomas didn't get the best news from the doctor and won't be able to start baseball activities for another week. The best reason, in my opinion, to not...


I wonder.... Thomas injury

In my opinion, the simultaneous injuries to Mike Sweeney and Frank Thomas have been the worst luck the A's have had this year. To have both of these guys hurt at the same time has really hurt our...


What has helped/ hurt the A's the most this year?

Right now I am pretty happy with the A's season. They are in this race if they can catch a few breaks and/ or some guys start hitting then they can have a great run at the Angels. We have had our...


A's need to add another hitter

For the next 3-4 weeks we will not have Thomas or Mike Sweeney but there will be a DH in the line-up. I think the A's have to add another hitter to the mix. Our options at DH (yes, Cust could go to...


Interleague Play Idea

Right now the league that wins the All-Star game gets the "home-field-advantage" in the World Series. I think a fairer and more interesting idea would be to award 'home-field' to the league with...

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