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A Postcard from Stevie T.

To: Kevin Lowe, At: The Really Big Office with the Super Cool Windows and the Huge Photo Portrait of Six Rings, Rexall Place, Edmonton, AB. Hi Kev, Bet you didn’t think you’d be hearing from me...


Linus Omark recalled

A bad omen has been spotted. These are strange times indeed, old testament stuff. Expect fire and brimstone coming down from the skies. Rivers and seas boiling. Fourty years of darkness....


Steve T. Addresses The People

Another installment in the adventures of Steve T.

Stockton - "America's most miserable city"


I wonder whether the Stockton franchise will move at some point: perhaps sooner rather than later? There's probably a degree of exaggeration with the 'most miserable city' quote. But still, a bankrupt city with growing social and political issues can hardly be a good place for a minor league hockey franchise.


The Secret to My Draft Day Success, by Steve T.

Little Stevie T reveals his secrets.

Tirade for Teemu Like a trickling stream that gathers into a raging torrent. Like a butterfly's...

Tirade for Teemu Like a trickling stream that gathers into a raging torrent. Like a butterfly's wings that unleash the hurricane. You have become the bestial energy that powers our ship across these tortured oceans. You alone can make fertile these baron lands. The apprenticeship is over, come to us now. Yet like the Swedes who joined you in exile, You have been caught in the endless dithering of a lamentable GM. Who feeds on the bitter milk that trickles from his master's low-hanging breasts, And whose only redemption is the luck of the lottery, Massaged by the self-serving myopia of media poodles. But for those among these pages of unparalleled wisdom, Our fourth line spreads its legs for you, Welcoming you silently into its eager embrace, And awaiting your manifold truculence to liberate us, From the blackened earth scorched by years of an interminable rebuild. The horsemen are leaving now, Teemu. Your sweat will bring forth new bounties from these icy wastes, Your blood will help vanquish our foes, Your seed will once more make fertile the bars of Whyte Avenue. Take our hands and lead us to the promised land.

Pre-game Quotes


Some choice quotes from the Oilers today: "We need to make sure our goaltenders both can play, Dubby's had some pretty good activity the last few games. Khabby is a top notch goaltender" lied Tom Renney watching his nose expand outwards to beyond the blue line. But wait, there's more juicy quotes! "It's something I've always worked on," said Andy Sutton after drawing back into the lineup following two healthy scratches. "[I've] got a great life and have to keep things in perspective. I'm 37 years old and still in the NHL which is awesome." What's more awesome is that he'll be here for another season, earning a cute $1.5m+ thanks to the generosity of our GM whose perspective on contracts for senior citizens knows no bounds.


My Big Deadline Day Bonanza by Steve T.

Little Stevie T. takes on deadline day for the Oilers.


My Day at the Farm, by Steve T.

Little Stevie checks out the farm.


My Press Conference, by Steve T.

Little Stevie holds a press conference.


The Copper & Blue's Post Of The Year

Which Copper & Blue article was your favorite of 2011?

There must be some kind of way out of here, Said the joker to the thief. There’s too much...


There must be some kind of way out of here, Said the joker to the thief. There’s too much rebuilding, I can’t get no relief. Rexall place drinks my wine, They sell me replica shirts. None of them levels on the line, None of them knows what it’s worth. No reason to get excited, The thief he kindly spoke. We’ll be picking high in the draft this year, So sit back, take another toque. Kevin Lowe and I have been through that, And we know the Oilers fate. This is year three of a rebuild, And next season we’ll be really great. All along Whyte Avenue, Bloggers kept the view, While Cam Barker came and went, With Andy Sutton suspended too. Outside in the cold distance Ales Hemsky did growl. Free agency was approaching, And the fans began to howl.

With apologies to Bob Dylan

Copper & Blue Year-end Awards?

What was the story of the year?


Xmas Blues

The Christmas blues hit Edmonton.


Which Finn can pull a Norwegian?

Can one of the Oilers' Finnish contingent become the next Electric Norseman?

The Canucks get bigger and ... smarter?


In view of the sometimes-commented strategy of the Oil to hire 'smart kids' I noticed the following comment about recent Vancouver signing, Byron Bitz: "It should also be noted that Bitz comes from an Ivy League school, and that the Canucks under general manager Mike Gillis have long been enamored with players who have strong scholastic backgrounds, because they believe such players have the tools to understand what it takes to succeed in hockey, and in life." I'm still wondering whether the 'kids with degrees' factor really makes any impact on the decision-making of GMs, or whether this is simply window dressing and has little tangible impact. Could it be that 'the academic' is the NHL roster's new role player, alongside 'the energy player' and 'the goon'? Really??

Although Smyth denied it in an interview, the LA Times suggests the trade rumours are...


Although Smyth denied it in an interview, the LA Times suggests the trade rumours are genuine: "It's believed the Kings would take a mid-range draft pick for Smyth, who played his 1,000th career game early last season." So: would you do that - take on Smyth and his $6.25m cap hit ($4.5m real dollars) for a fourth round pick?


A Tambellini Christmas

Copper & Blue readers have some strange Christmas wishes. Fifteen minutes alone with Steve Tambellini is one of them

Oilers recall Omark and O'Marra


In a great day for the letter 'O', the Oilers recalled Omark and O'Marra from Oklahoma. Meanwhile, somewhere on the prairies a small ginger haired lad cries silently in his soup.


Oilers to go further without Gerber

News today that the Oilers had reassigned Martin Gerber to the AHL caused significant disquiet within the blogosphere given the veteran netminder's impressive play in two starts since his callup....


For Whom The Shawn Belle Tolls

The Oilers took a big step towards solving their problems today by reassigning Shawn Belle to the AHL. GM Steve Tambellini was overheard saying "this is the kind of proactive decision making that I...

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