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Let us gamethread, me and you,
When our team, roused by umpire's cue,
Scatters from the dugout like balls upon a billiard table;
Let us post, through six-game winning streaks,
Or sad and winless weeks,
Our subthreads of beer or Chiz or Charlie Sheen,
When pleasure comes from turning comments green:
Green that skips and tumbles down the patterned page,
And which, just like Pure Rage,
Leads us to an undeniable conclusion. . .
Must you ask, "What can it be?"
The answer's clear: it's LGT.

In this space, all here know
Nap and Spoke and Colavito.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Cleveland Indians
  • Golf Old Tom Morris, Champagne Tony Lema
  • NASCAR Barney Oldfield
  • Boxing Arturo Godoy, Mustafa Hamsho
  • Cycling Eddie Merkx
  • Tennis Little Mo Connolly
  • General Sultanes de Monterrey, Horlick-Racine Legion, Sheboygan Red Skins, Sturtevant Colts, Belltown Flies
  • Wrestling Farmer Burns & Frank Gotch
User Blog

RATBOPs at the Quarter Pole, But Not That Quarter Pole, A Different, Basebally One

For those unfamiliar with the concept--and how could that be? Do you not read every word posted on this blog?--RATBOP is my attempt to boil down all the disparate assessments of starting pitching...


The Russian Poet Prepares for the Postseason

Every day the boots fall like hammers on the steps. Twice daily, if I am lucky, There follows the clack of a gruel-filled tin plate Sliding through the blinking grate. If I am unlucky, someone...


Here's How The 1980s Started.

There was no internet. Most people still got off the couch to change the channel, and stuck their pinkies in the rotary dial to call their pals. The Baseball Encyclopedia didn't care about OBA.

One Thousand Years of Solitude.


Johnny Damon, Millenarianist. Over there in the right-hand column, and worth a click.


In The Kingdom Of The Dead.

There came a dark morning when the sun’s golden rays, Embraced by Nephele, dripped through her gauze to stain Our hard faces with ghostly shades of blues and grays. Our craft is beached upon a...

Trade Deadline Extended!


Derek Jeter apparently takes advantage.

An Anarchist's Guide to Blowing Up The Baby With The Bathwater


A look at the decisions facing the Indians going into Tuesday's trade deadline. Should they hold the team together? This analysis looks at 2013's projections and whether it could result in a...


The Russian Poet Goes Shopping at the Deadline.

'Are you hungry?' Nina asks. 'Let's go shopping on the Arbat. Bric-a-brac, broken bats, things made with glue and beans, And radios with more tubes and wires outside than in. But maybe today. Maybe...

Chicago: City of Big Shoulders, Sometimes With Slight Twinges in Them


A look at the recent performance of the


Five Russian Poets Contemplate Taking In A Ballgame

1 Shall we go? Shall we not?If so I'll bring this mittI've dug out of a dusty trunk,Though its fingers will likely break offIf I use it. In truth it's junk. What say you, Yesenin?I mean to go. You...


LGT, in the belly of the beast.

Wednesday, June 26, 2012: oddly enough, both the Mayan Calendar and New York Yankee promotions designate this as Sunscreen Day. In honor of the impending end of the world, I will be attending this...


The Ilitchiad: Book Two.

The Illitchiad: Book Two


The Ilitchiad: Book One.

Sauce-spattered Caesar the Small, within his high box,Surveys the two armies in the field.The twin-headed Xaponettum, in pleated docks,Arrays his men with lance, sword and shield.“Who dare...


The Ilitchiad.

Prologue.Let anger be your song, the anger of the basement dweller,Cohabitant of moss, mildew and Logitech G19;Dwell upon the bitter loss of Bobby Feller,And crowded losses in Texas and Town of...

Hammy Don't Hurt 'Em


Got this link on LGT after the Hafner slam, I think, but now that I've "liked" it, I get, finally, something useful coming through the FB news feed. Don't think it's been a FanShot, so here it is.


Four Hallmark Poets Reflect Upon the Indians' 5–2 Start

I Like Your Hat You're sweet and smart, with a dimpled smile.You've won my heart with your flash and style.I hope you win every single game,I'll glory in your well-earned fame.Are you single? (I'm...


Hawley's Hits. The Sporting Life, Oct. 19, 1907

This is really a FanShot, but since the link is to a PDF file, it's easier to copy it into a FanPost. I hope Mr. Van Loon doesn't mind.ABOUT A BASE BALL PLAYER'S CAREER.The Once-Famous Ball Tosser,...

Forbes Rankings: Cleveland #10!


...on their list of the 20 most miserable cities, using a combination of unemployment, tax rates, commute time, crime, housing prices, foeclosures, civic corruption and weather. Though one wonders if Forbes is, itself, part of the problem or part of the solution.


Mubarak Out As Tribe Prexy

Associated Press CLEVELAND, Feb. 18, 2014—The Cleveland Indians announced the resignation today of team president Hosni Mubarak. The team said that former president Mark Shapiro will resume the...

Cliff Lee speaks softly.


And not, contra Calcaterra, in a Barnes & Noble.


Fun with Sabermetrics! Or, WARrior in Woolworths

So, since it's been so long we've all probably forgotten, what does it take to compete for a playoff spot? How much talent does one need to amass? Using WAR as a handy means of assessment, here are...


LeBron: Stay or Go? A Poll.

The vocal have been vocalizing and the silent majority have stayed, well, silent. But where does LGT stand on LBJ? Should he take his cap with the damn interlocking N and Y and hit the highway? Or...

Losing is so Cleveland.


The gray lady sympathizes, sort of.


April Starter RATBOPs and BPAs.

I'm lazy. I want something like a pitcher's OPS that can save me all the cross referencing between FIP and BABIP and FPK% and FB/GB% and QS and everything else. Probably somebody's already got...


Five Russian Poets Reflect Upon the Indians' 8-11 Start.

INSTEAD OF A PRATFALL In these terrible years of Yankee Terror, I've spent twenty-seven days reading through these April threads. One day somebody here recognized my avatar. Startled from within...

Feeding the Goldfish


Some newly-crafted charts for your amusement.

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