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Uni Watch: Blazers Rank No. 48 On Best Uniforms In Sports List

43's Uni Watch ranked the 122 uniforms in professional sports (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL) from best to worst and the Portland Trail Blazers placed No. 48 overall. ------------------------------- A handful of NBA teams have worn diagonal stripes over the years, but the Blazers are the only team currently employing that concept. It works -- here's hoping they never move away from it. Fun fact: The Blazers' pinwheel logo is a graphic representation of a five-on-five basketball game. It's also one of the few logos in the league that doesn't include a depiction of a basketball. ------------------------------- The ranking puts Portland in the No. 11 spot among NBA teams. ed: text edited, bumped to front page

Which of the four candidates would you prefer to coach the Blazers?

I'm sure you've all heard about the coaching search, and we've all been surprised by the list of finalists for the job. Personally, I've started getting a little more enthusiastic about these guys,...


Kurt Thomas Appreciation Thread

Kurt Thomas was brought in as a veteran role player for what we thought would be a playoff team, but ended up spending half the season with no minutes as we tore down the team. Even so, Crazy Eyes...

the Billy Hunter Story Continues...


More dealings from the NBPA union president, this one about his involvement with with some issues in the NBRPA, which is the union for retired NBA players (something I didn't know existed until right about now).

NBPA Executive committee sends out a memo about the Request for Derek Fisher's Resignation


Looks like the rest of the committee is siding with Hunter in this power struggle. Wonder what it'll take for Fisher to give up. Or do they have any way to impeach him?


Chris Johnson Appreciation Thread

He made a few really great blocks. He had a lot of energy, he was light as a twig, and he wore the Trail Blazers jersey for about a year. His name is Chris Johnson, and we are here to give him a...

Hollinger: Blazer Fans, Stop Freaking Out. (Updated)


"The Village of Portland is freaking out after the Blazers lost yet again on the road, so I'm here to tell you something: stop freaking out. The Blazers' home-road disparity is certainly jarring -- They're 10-1 at home and just 3-9 on the road, including clunkers against Detroit, Golden State, Phoenix, and Sacramento. But pull out a magnifying glass and you'll see bad luck is as much to blame as bad basketball. Last night was the seventh straight game decided by five points or less that the Blazers lost, while their only victory in such situations came in the opener against Philadelphia. Of those seven, six were on the road. Look at the scoring margin -- a better predictor of future performance -- and the picture brightens considerably. Portland has a better margin than Oklahoma City, believe it or not; the only West team that outranks the Blazers is Denver. Even if you ditch the scrimmage against Charlotte on Wednesday (a 44-point rout), Portland has the third-best margin in the West. The Blazers have nine double-digit wins and have lost that way only once. So, big picture, if they keep playing this well overall they're going to win some of the close games. As bad as it's been to watch, the Blazers aren't the only team struggling with late game execution in lockoutball, and in strict probability terms it's just not possible to continue to lose 7/8ths of their close games. The Playoff Odds have the Blazers pegged for a tie for the third best record in the West, so despite the road struggles Portland remains in great position to claim home-court advantage in the first round." I agree that it's not quite time to freak out, but I think that in order for the Blazers to really contend, late game execution, will need to get better and this team needs to sustain their energy for all four quarters. We need a closer.

ESPN talking heads still think we can contend


what do you think? what needs to happen in order for the blazers to contend this year?


Speculation: Publicly-Owned Teams

There have at least a few fanpages about player-owned leagues and fan involvement that have seemed pretty outlandish recently, so if this seems sort of outlandish I'm pretty sire it makes a bit...

Wizards change Uni's. With a Question??


Their new uniforms look really good. I think they're probably going to phase out the wizards name. What do all of you think about our unis/logo? Would you change anything or keep it the same?

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