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Matt Maloney Only (The Finale)

This will be the final Matt Maloney only, at least for while. It could change, depending on the future, the future is as much today as yesterday, unsure. So, the dream died. Poor Matt Maloney. ...


Matt Maloney: Good Process, Bad Results

Well folks, the big lefty's comeback trail is still going strong. Matt Maloney made his second start for the Louisville Bats today. He was looking pretty good, just a bit of bad luck. Today, the...


Matt Maloney Only

via The Reds main man is close to being able to help the ball club again. That's right, soft tossing lefty Matt Maloney made his triumph return to the Reds organization, he is...


Future Hall of Famers?

As we close in on pitchers and catchers reporting, it seems like as good of time as any to ask, who on the current Reds roster will one day have a plaque in Cooperstown? There is the obvious...


Dear Thom,

Since apparently you read The Red Reporter...First let me make this clear, I do not speak for the whole of Red Reporter, I only speak for myself. I do not simply "rake you over the coals" because...


Reds Game 95 Recap: The Good Bye Brewers Addition!

SWEEPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Joe Nuxhall Player of the Game:All 25 of them, the extra guys did such a good job today, Heisey, Valdez, and...

Amir Garrett also hopes to be Drafted by the NBA


Some guys have juggled football and baseball, Dion Sanders comes to mind, if I remember correctly he didn't really play weekends in September. But NBA teams play more than once a week, so it seems like it would be more difficult to play in the NBA and MLB than in the NFL and MLB.


Brewers/Cardinals Game Thread

Today the Cardinals will show the world how to have a classy home opener for the best fans in baseball (tm)! But sadly the best fans in baseball do not get to watch game one at home every year. ...


Who is J.J. Hoover?

via Who is J.J. Hoover? The basics He was born on August 13, 1987. He was a 10th round pick in the 2008 draft out of Calhoun Community College located in Decatur,...

Mat Lato's Caravan Interview (Video)


I am impressed that Mat Latos decided it was worth his while to travel on the Reds Caravan. While the interview is not terribly Earth shattering, it is pretty cool that he was there.

"He’s a guy I’ve always liked," Baker said. "I think he’s a great addition to the outfield. He...


"He’s a guy I’ve always liked," Baker said. "I think he’s a great addition to the outfield. He helps with Drew Stubbs, Jay Bruce and especially Chris Heisey."-Dusty Baker on Ryan Ludwick

For your offseason pleasure, an article on St. John's basketball player and Cincinnati Reds' prospect Amir Garrett


The article is pretty old, so you may have read it already, but I just found it. -Enjoy


SIS Pete Rose

I, like many at Red Reporter, am not the typical Cincinnati Pete Rose fan boy.  I know he is far from a great man (but who of us isn't?) I am too young to have watched Pete Rose in person, I was 2...


Dynamic Ticket Pricing and the Fans

Last spring the Cincinnati Reds announced that they will be moving away from set ticket prices towards a dynamic pricing model.  The idea being that the club can increase ticket sales for April and...


Big Z, Dusty Baker, and the Reds Lack of an Ace

This is probably a terrible idea but....  The Cubs are desperate to unload Carlos Zambrano, the Reds need an ace.  While Zambrano has proven to be nothing more than a first prize asshole for a few...

Robert Stephenson's Biography


Sounds like he will engineer some good games for us.

For everyone who thinks that crashing the catcher adds little to the game, this play is amazing.


For everyone who thinks that crashing the catcher adds little to the game, this play is amazing.

Extra incentive to root the Reds onto victory in this home stand


The Reds did something like this last year which allowed me to watch them lose 2 out of 3 to the Royals for little money. For every win the Reds tally on this home stand they cut Field Box reserve seats (normally $34) by $4. Since the Reds have won 4 games already tickets are currently at $18, if the Reds sweep Chicago and Pittsburgh tickets will be $6. This is a great opportunity to get nice seats for cheap, hopefully the Reds can continue to take care of business against Chicago and Pittsburgh.

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