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Why not Al Horford?

I'm just going to make a quick fanpost about Al Horford. Simmons was the first to bring up Horford's name in possible trade scenarios in his mailbag. Then on the BS Report, Zach Lowe said ATL...


Bulls Trade Proposal

Hey guys, Bulls fan here. You probably think I'm going to propose a trade idea with Kevin Love, but I think both you guys and we over at Blog-A-Bull have discussed that enough. I'm here to get your...


Trade That Puts Mavs Into Title Contendership For Next Two Years

Hey guys, Bulls fan here. I dropped by your game thread the other night when your guys killed us. So why am I here posting a fanpost on Mavs Moneyball? Well, 1) I'm not just a Bulls fan, but an NBA...


Trade Proposal: Pau ...for... Z-Bo

This trade is a very simple swap of Power Forwards. Z-Bo will have one year remaining next year at $16.9mil whereas Pau will be expiring this season. Why LAL does this? Getting Z-Bo as a 1yr...

Derrick Rose is the Reason the Grizzlies Gave the Lakers Pau Gasol


Back in 2008, when Memphis traded Pau Gasol to the Lakers for Kwame Brown, Javaris Crittenton, Aaron McKie and the rights to an untested European player in Marc Gasol, Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace was ripped by seemingly everyone. It was said he got nothing for giving up an elite player such as Gasol (who instantly lifted the Lakers to three straight NBA Finals and two titles). But in retrospect, Wallace did the kind of reboot with his franchise that so many other teams are hoping to emulate now. And it all started in part because of Derrick Rose.


Bulls-Suns Trade Proposal

Hey guys, I'm a Bulls fan. I've come up with a trade proposal and wanted to get your feedback on if my idea was realistic, feasible, and good for both teams. The Trade Boozer+Murphy+2014...


Bulls-Pistons Trade Proposal (I Come In Peace)

Hey guys. Yes, I'm a Bulls fan, and just like most fans whose teams aren't the Heat, have been looking at ways to improve our teams now that Free Agency has started. Let me preface this by saying,...


Bulls-Jazz Trade Proposal

Hey guys. I'm a Bulls fan, and just like most fans whose teams aren't the Spurs or Heat, have been thinking about ways to improve our teams now that we're in the offseason. I've come up with a...


A Case To Trade the #1 Pick

If the Cavs are looking to make the playoffs now, they will want to get players who can help them now...especially if they don't like anybody in this draft to select #1... and pay them #1 money....


A Potential 2013-14 Lineup with Dwight

via 1) Omer+Lin+TRob ...for... LouWill+18th Pick Their PG spot is a question mark with Teague being a RFA and LouWill coming off an ACL injury. Getting Lin will help sure...


That's Right, Another Luol Deng Trade Idea...But With Sprinkles

(via This might be long-winded, but here goes. There has been a few trade rumors that have spawned over the past week. Now the validity of such rumors can come into question,...

Bulls Hope To Re-Sign Nazr Mohammed


Gar Forman has told Nazr Mohammed to buy -- not rent -- a home in the Chicagoland area in the veteran center's homecoming to play for the Bulls. To that statement, Mohammed was adamant that he agrees and wants to staying with the Bulls past this season. "I like the sound of that," Mohammed said. "In a perfect world, you'd love to end your career in the city that raised you. Every player would love to help the team he was a fan of growing up." Mohammed signed a one-year contract worth the veteran's minimum last offseason. "That was attractive for him to come back home," Forman said, "to come full circle."


Gallinari out for season with torn ACL (confirmed)

[UPDATE: by your friendly BullsBlogger, 04/05/13 2:46 PM CDT: torn ACL confirmed via Gallo's official Facebook Page] [off-topic, taken from the Nets game recap -yfbb] Wow, I just saw the replay...

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