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Rudy Gobert's website

Rudy Gobert launched website as he declared for the draft. It includes lots of videos for anyone interested. Personally, I'm starting to like the kid more, though probably not for 8 yet.

Short Arenas Interview

I thought this was really interesting, and wanted to share with other Arenas fans out there.


Wizard's remaining schedules and predictions with win-records

With the recent hype surrounding the Wizards, I, like others, began to wonder what it would take for the Wizards to actually make the playoffs. I wanted to see the Wizard's likelihood of winning...


Dear Ernie: If you're going to trade, trade like a boss, or else don't do it

(This post is more for entertainment, and purpose of discussion more than a real plea)http://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=bmhtquc This trade can work beautifully for all four teams, but...

Wall ranked 18th in Bleachreport's top100 prediction

I know it's only an expectation from Bleach Report, but it's still kind of cool that Wall is ranked 18, ahead of several big names like Blake Griffin.

Brandon Roy may return to the NBA

If this is true... any way we can get him? Now I hate the trade, didn't expect THIS to happen... I love Roy's game so much that I think he would have been a HOF without his injury issues, so I might be biased but.. whatever


Some alarming numbers for Barnes, and who's John Jenkins?

I was reading an article on DraftExpress today, comparing 20 wing players based on a lot of statistics. It has some interesting stats to see, for instance Barnes has the lowest assist/to ratio from...


Why Harrison Barnes and Andre Drummond shouldn't be in the conversation for the 3rd pick

Before I get trash talked by Barnes and Drummond supporters, I just want to say this isn't just about talent but a conclusion I've reached given the Wizards situation. Honestly, I like Barnes and...


What would it take to get Eric Gordon? And if we could, should we even do it?

I was just going through some fan posts and commenting, and came to an idea where trading for Eric Gordon might be possible. We definitely have the assets to get him, I personally believe we even...


How good is Anthony Davis?

Wow the tournament run definitely proved this guy is going to be special. I mean right now his floor looks like Marcus Camby and his ceiling is.. off the charts... So I got to thinking that he is...


What do people think about Cody Zeller?

He's currently projected to go 18th pick in Draft Express, and while I think we don't have a pick around there I'm pretty sure we might be able to get one around that area. I've been really...


Why I think Kanter is a 50/50 for us at the #6 Pick

A lot of people seem to be saying that there's absolutely no way Kanter falls to us at #6 but I'm writing this post to discuss why I think there's a good chance that Kanter does actually fall to us...


You know whats REALLY weird?

You guys know the game that Young recently had 43 points and carried our team? Well his +/- is only +2.... what's that supposed to mean?


So the zone defense...

There's something I've noticed about the zone defense, and why Flip is using it. It's just a feeling I got watching the game against the Lakers yesterday, I don't have any stats to use as evidence...


The biggest problem for the John Wall Era, and it is NOT the Miami Heat

  Sure, the Miami Heat will be a problem if the Wizards want to make a deep playoff run during the Wall Era, but it's not the primary concern (at least not for me). This is because I believe that...


The way I see it as a non-nets fan, playoffs is being too optimisic

Okay, before I say anything I want to say that I'm not a Nets fan. I'm a Wizards fan, and I came across this site while checking out the 4-way trade articles, and came to realize that apparently a...

Bill Simmons: Countdown to the LeBronocalypse

I think I just became a fan of this guy. I'm being totally serious.


The real purpose of getting Yi??

This is just an idea that I'm throwing out, it's not like we got much to talk about until Summer League starts. So we all know that we got Yi from the nets, I didn't hate the trade, but I didn't...


Why I think we can pursue BOYD strategy and still make the playoffs

Yeah, I know, I am a very optimistic person. But here's what I think, or more so, what I HOPE.Remember the Bucks this year? I mean before the 09-10 season started, who even thought that the BUCKS...


Trading With the Pacers to Get Assets

I just wrote a post on a possible three way trade, though I don't know if a sign and trade can work three way, and couldn't find out by googling it (I admit, I didn't really try to find out, I...


A REALLY Good Three Way Trade?

So I was reading this article, http://wizards.realgm.com/articles/291/20100524/the_shape_of_things_to_come_for_gilbert_arenas/, because of a fanpost by Spanky731, which was great.And then I...

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