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User Blog

How about an actual poll?

Stafford is pretty much locked in at #1, but never put it past those tricky Lions to pull a shocker. Rams are going to go Smith at #2, most likely anyway. Who will our beloved Chiefs take at #3,...


Worst Prospect List Ever

Check this out these guys have Sanchez rated over Stafford, are you freaking kidding me.  By the way awesome...


Do you ever get the feeling

that Pioli sits around like Mr Burns with his hands together in front of him and watches the competition in the AFC West crumble.  First, we get 2 players for one draft pick, when has that ever...


New D Line

with a switch to a 3-4, we gotta overhaul the DLine.  Tank Tyler is sub par, so we should make a move on Tank Johnson from the Cowboys.  As far as Dorsey, he can rotate in with Johnson during camp...


How does this affect the draft

Does this mean that Curry is a lock for the #3 pick? Or does this push Raji up the ladder, who will be more important for our transition to a 3-4? Is it the dominating NT that makes it possible...


Pats picked up Fred Taylor

so much for us being able to trade LJ to them for a kickoff T and some used socks.  Let the AP nation get down on our collective knees and pray that we can get the Browns to take him off our...



just signed Gibril Wilson, former safety of the hated Raiders.  Parcells has been going nuts signing guys right and left, does anyone know how much money they have under the cap after the recent...


Bigger Impact in FA or Draft?

With the free agency period only 2 short weeks away and the reving up of the NFL Combine -can't believe THAT guy went that high in the draft just based on his weightlifting/ 40 time in an...


Trade Partner

Here's a list of what I think would be good trade scenarios for the Chiefs in this years draft.  The most value that we will get is if the Lions don't pick up Stafford.  Most teams always want...


Some Hated

Some supported, but praises be raised, there will be no Shanahan in KC. AMEN. Some have said my hatred of Shanahan was ignorant and unfounded, we will leave that to each individual's opinion. ...


No Rat Face

Can't stand Shanahan. If he comes here and wins than all the damn Donkey fans will have an eternal trump card that we couldn't win, untill we took one of their cast offs. Just like we have the...


Kiper's Accuracy

Does anyone have a breakdown of Kiper's Accuracy, not just where he said certain players would go but his evaluation of that player and how they turned out in their career. This vs someone like...


No Orakpo in 09

Tired of all the DE talk with this draft, none of those guys are studs, I totally see them as being underperformers in the nfl.  I see no problem with getting a guy like Olshansky, he's a proven...


FA & Draft Scenario Wet Dream

My first blog, I feel like it's prom all over again. the chiefs with 45 million under the cap could totally dominate free agency.  Pick up  a Raven linebacker (Scott).  If Scott decides to stay...

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