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My real life name is Jon. I'm one of the primary writers for SLC Dunk, and I love every minute blogging about the Jazz. Thanks to all readers and participants.

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Moneyball and Dennis Lindsey


How the Jazz are trying to do Moneyball and why we should all be excited.

Coach Tyrone Corbin - a Head Coaching Obituary

The Utah Jazz had some grim news today.

Jazz lose to Clips, but do so with dignity.


These young kids are understanding what the Jazz Way is all about!

Knicks laugh as Jazz eat manure, lose 108-81

Watching the Jazz during this road trip has been so much fun! via And yet I still watch every game. * * * I'm not one to sikowanalize. I don't know if the players have quit or...

Alec Burks and Jazz beat Sixers

Alec Burks has been phenomenal lately. And by lately, I don't mean over a couple of games. I mean since late November (per-36 minute stats): 18.3 points, 4.4 rebounds, 3.6 assists, 0.8 steals,...

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Wins


Trey said that talk of tanking is insulting to him and the other young players. Perhaps they should be insulted. Let's see why.

The Downbeat #1245

I swear the number on this DB is significant and I'm almost sure it's the last four digits of the phone number of a girl I dated in high school. I think.

Trey Burke: December's Rookie of the Month


Well, for the first time in a while, the Jazz are not shut out on the NBA's X-of-the-month award. Trey Burke has just been named December's rookie of the month. Shoutout to David Locke, who broke...

The Downbeat #1234 - Greg Ostertag for Three


I don't know about all of you, but I have a hard time functioning with long breaks between games. Thank goodness there was Christmas and holiday stuff to fill in some of that empty time. And in...

Jazz kick Nuggets in their gold plated teeth.


We got the belt! And we ain't never givin' it to FREAKING NOBODY!

A Modest Trade Proposal

The more I've been thinking about our team, the more I think depth is the major problem. So I started looking around the NBA to see what pieces we could pick up. It took some time, but I think I...

Jazz lose to Kings; Walgreens out of Prozac


Jazz display lack of urgency in OT loss to Kings, 112-102

Game 18 Preview: Jazz at Suns

Start Time 9:00 Easter Time (7:00 Salt Lake City Time) Location Phoenix Television Root Sports Radio 1280 Here we go again. * * * I hope everyone enjoyed last night's...

Jazz gnaw on carpet ... lose by less than 15!

Honestly, I enjoyed the game. Even though there's a lot that still needs improving, at least we saw the semblance of an offense tonight.

Game 17 Preview: Phoenix Suns at Utah Jazz

A tale of two teams, two coaches, and two very different outcomes.

Enes Kanter Progress Report - Game 16


I can't speak for everyone else, but I have been okay with what I've seen in Kanter thus far. I really hope he's back for Phoenix.

Alec Burks Progress Report: Game 16


Since this season, according to Dennis Lindsey, is about the 3D's (Development, Defense, Discipline — I looked up the last D — I decided to track player development. As a teacher, tracking this...

Gordon Hayward Progress Report: Game 16


Dennis Lindsay has said that the focus of this year will be: Development, Defense, and Doinkitude (actually, I just can't remember what the third "D" is ... but I like Doinkitude). Personally,...

Jazz miraculously score 11 OT points to get win


Jazz won. Seriously.

Jazz play like a 6th grade orchestra does music

I've decided to celebrate every loss with a new simile. Enjoy. There may be lots of them.

Game Preview: Utah Jazz @ Toronto Raptors

It's in Toronto, and you know we really want a game. You also know you don't always get what you want. But sometimes you do. So ...

Game Recap: Bulls chew on Jazz for their cud

It was ugly, ugly, VERY ugly.

Jazz @ Bulls

The Jazz have issues. The Bulls have issues. They're coming to a clash tonight!

Preseason Game 4 Recap: Jazz 92, Blazers 99


No ... our guys didn't win. Yes ... there were some ugly things that happened. Yes ... there were also some things to be excited about.

Preseason Game 2 Recap: Jazz 86, Blazers 96


If a game is played but not televised, did it really happen? Especially when it was in Boise?

Pre-Season Game 1 Recap: Jazz 101, Warriors 78


Jazz win! It's just pre-season, yada yada yada, but what fun. Derrick, Jeremy, Ty, Alec, and Andris get Quintet Honors.

My Thanks to the Jazz Front Office

This offseason has been refreshingly bold, and it has made me rethink the Jazz front office and even feel differently about the past couple of years of Jazz basketball.

The Downbeat #1131: Fearless Predictions

Alex Jensen, who will lead the Jazz in _____________?, ORtg, and Jeremy Evans nostalgia and wishes.

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