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My real life name is Jon. I'm one of the primary writers for SLC Dunk, and I love every minute blogging about the Jazz. Thanks to all readers and participants.

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The Clippers Win. Thanks Starters


Did the Jazz starters, collectively, stink up the Staples Center with two giant eggs in the 1st and 3rd quarters? Of course they did.

NBA Playbook for Dummies: The Flex


A quick look at Dick Motta's flex offense, how it works, and how it has been used on the Jazz.

Yes! Kanter and Favors can Pass!


A look at two terrific post plays from the Jazz-Heat game. Yay for passes from big men!

Ghosts of Yesterday, Phantoms of Tomorrow


Thoughts on connections between the fans and the players ... and particularly the connections I have felt in my 20+ years as a Jazz fan.

Jazz basketball at its most ideal

Like it did for Amar, thinking about whether today's Jazz team would make me a Jazz fan, were I a basketball virgin, sent me back to look at what makes me a Jazz fan and why I loved this team in...

Wins Produced and the Jazz - after 30 games


The Jazz have obviously struggled lately. Here's a look at what Berri's Wins Produced stats can tell us about the team right now, after 30 games.

A tale from opening night


"Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." This, of course, is where the Bible discusses helping your children become the correct type of sports fans.

The best and worst of the Utah Jazz, in WP


What does Wins Produced tell us about the Jazz season so far? The answers are in here.

The Meaning of a Big Win


Musings on why it is hard to put meaning on a single win.

Wins Produced and the Utah Jazz


Wins Produced and the Utah Jazz. A look at what it says about next year and a teaser for the upcoming season.

Alec Burks, the potential is there ...


More than any other player on the Jazz, Alec Burks has the potential to become an elite scorer. But there's a lot of work that needs to happen first.

Kanter - the guy we thought we knew


Enes Kanter showed up to training camp having progressed more than most fans expected, more then the coaches expected, and the front office expected. And so what he will be this year becomes a...

Marvin Williams ... Excitement and Realism

Marvin Williams has been a pretty average player in his seven year career. And so that's what we should expect him to be with the Jazz this year. Average. Which is okay.

Earl and Jamaal - Great Guys Winding Down

I really like Earl Watson and Jamaal Tinsley. Both wound up gaining my appreciation and respect far more than I had initially expected. Their careers are just about over now, but I'm glad they're...

Utah Jazz 2012-13 Preview - Yucca on Mo Williams

I'm not sure Mo's the right PG for our team. And yes: his style makes me a bit nervous as well. And so I continue looking at a unique season to anticipate. There's a lot to be excited for, hopeful...

Jeremy Evans - the Great Unknown

After two years Jeremy Evans remains the guy you can't pin down. His stats are insane, yet nobody believes he can sustain them given more playing time. I hope he gets the chance to prove the...

Derrick Favors - the Great Hope

Derrick Favors is the great hope for Utah Jazz fans. A franchise first: a big man who excels and dominates on both ends of the court. The present and the future belong to him.

Utah Jazz 2012-13 Preview - Yucca On Paul Millsap


As I anticipate the Jazz's 2012-13 season, I continue by looking at Paul Millsap. This isn't analysis. It's a celebration of a guy who's risen from nothing to become one of the better PF's playing...

Utah Jazz 2012-13 Preview - Yucca on Big Al


As I anticipate the Jazz's 2012-13 season, begin by looking at Al Jefferson. This isn't analysis. It's a confrontation with myself and dealing with giving up hope that a guy will get better ......

Jazz have 5th best unis in the NBA!


According to the ever-venerable Uni Watch, the Jazz have the fifth best uniforms in the NBA, and rank 22 out of 122 NBA, NHL, NFL, and MLB baseball teams.

If you ran the Circus - designing the Jazz game plan


A lot of the Jazz's 2011-12 offense was built around the players the team felt confident regarding their strengths. But we have new understanding about our young players, and new vets on the team....

Drowning out the Boos


When former Jazzmen return to Energy Solutions Arena, the fans boo. And whether Derek Fisher or Deron Williams, it's classless and needs to end. But it doesn't have to be that way, and here's how...

In an alternate reality, the Dream Team plays the 2012 Olympic team


I was asked to contribute to a summary of an imaginary game between the Dream Team and Team 2012. Each of the writers got to write up a quarter of play. I was in charge of the 2nd. A few of my best gems were edited out—in an effort to keep the style consistent throughout. So I'll mention a few here: * When Stockton set his first screen on Carmelo Anthony, I wrote that Melo disintegrated. * Pippen's D on Durant put him into an existential crisis in which poor Kevin wondered if he even existed at all anymore. * No way in hell Jordan treats Kobe as respectfully as the story suggests. It just wouldn't happen. Jordan would hold Kobe personally responsible for every comparison that anyone has ever made about the two of them. Jordan would make it his personal mission to embarrass Kobe as much as possible. No one can convince me otherwise. Anyway, if you're interested you can go ahead and check it out.

A transcript of DL's first two conversations at his new job


The Jazz just hired Dennis Lindsey as their new GM. Now I have come across two apocryphal transcripts of conversations he had on the first day at his new job. We should all be excited to see how...

The Small Market Reality


The obsession with sports teams' market size is a new thing. We didn't always care. And even today it may matter less than we sometimes believe.

On Youth and Progress


Burks is a scoring machine. Derrick Favors is a ridiculous talent. Enes Kanter is already an elite rebounder. On any other team they'd be playing 30 minutes per game. Even on the Jazz 5 years ago...

The Questions of Randy Foye


More than any other move, the Jazz signing of Randy Foye shows a specific plan and direction the Jazz front office is moving toward. The question, though, is this: What is the plan? What is the...


Andrei Kirilenko, from a Jazz fan

I'm a writer at SLC Dunk, and Andrei Kirilenko is probably one of my top five favorite basketball players ever. So, now that you are going to get him on your team, I have to write about him. First,...

But who will score?


A statistical projection of what Derrick Favors, Gordon Hayward, Alec Burks, and Enes Kanter can put up when they are given the primary roles.

Moneyball, Josh Howard, and the Future


A look at Moneyball philosophy and building an the Utah Jazz into a team that is both elite and cost-effective.

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