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My real life name is Jon. I'm one of the primary writers for SLC Dunk, and I love every minute blogging about the Jazz. Thanks to all readers and participants.

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A Request for KOC


The Jazz have a decent future. Now is the time to plan out how to maximize it and ensure it doesn't fizzle.

Macho Toughness vs. Silent Strength of a Stone - The Downbeat - #756


The toughness of our Jazz team last year has been questioned several times. Whether it's JJ Barea bumping Hayward at the FT line, or Dirk smacking the ball out of the hands of Derrick Favors,...

Make it Happen, KOC! - The Downbeat - #751


Locke is conducting season reviews on all the players at Locked on Sports. Be warned, though—it's pretty heavy. Each player's analysis will be divided into seven parts (Al's has been finished,...

The Genius of Gregg Popovich ... or What I Hope Ty Corbin Can Learn, Part 1


Note: Clark is writing a series about three-point shooting specifically. My look at the Spurs could be called a companion to his. There are a lot of similar themes. So read his, get smart, and then...

Communication includes remembering a dude's correct name, right? - The Downbeat - #746


I've been so jealous of the other SLC Dunkers this week. Clark got the pre-game 4 and post-game 4 Downbeats. Diana got the immediately after the locker cleanouts Downbeat. Moni's will be...

The Spurs are, like, Freaking Good - The Downbeat - #741


Musings and thoughts the morning after the massacre

The "Compete in Every Game" Edition - The Downbeat - # 736


The Jazz approach the playoffs. How fun and crazy is it to be able to say that right now?

All your Church Ball All-Stars Are Do Belong To Us - The Downbeat - #731


Waking up and realizing that, yes, your team is three wins from actually making the playoffs.

Is it Jeff Kirilenko or Andrei Hornacek? - The Downbeat - #726


I like it when the Jazz win. I really like it when they win by playing smart basketball. You can't always guarantee made shots. Sometimes they just don't fall. But you can play smart. And do you...

Analytics, Wings, and Burks+Hayward


It's funny that I'm going over this when The Utah Jazz Blog posts a podcast doing a bit of the same thing: looking at the advanced stats of our young players and seeing what they tell us. But fear...

The Let's Get Nasty Edition - The Downbeat - #716


So the Jazz finish off their road trip going 1-2 and tied with both Houston and Denver for 7th place in the Western Conference. Although the road trip is somewhat disappointing, it's not...

In Defense of Ty Corbin in Atlanta


Well, sort of ... I feel kind of funny writing this. Aside from the second overtime, I didn't see any of the Hawks game. I didn't see the Jazz get down. I didn't see the comeback. I didn't see...

Nuggets vs. Jazz Game Recap: Jazz win 121-102


Now that was awesome.Our heroes scored, they defended, they ran up and down the court like madmen. They beat the snot out of Denver and just kept destroying them. It got chippy, but our guys again...

Jazz vs. Kings Game Recap: Utah wins 103-102


I'm going to get some flak for this, but that's okay. There are some things that really annoy me. One is obsession with scoring lotsa points, as if the leading scorer had the best and most...

Ty Needs Some Good Thinking Time - The Downbeat - #711


The Jazz played in Sacramento three weeks ago. They lost. It set their record to 15-18. There appeared no hope for the team. Fans started getting snippy with each other. We all got frustrated....

Thunder Vs. Jazz Game Recap & Jazz Quintet: Utah wins 97 - 90


We played around with a format for the recaps, and in the end the original Jazz Quintet idea was the most popular. They certainly got the most comments, so this is what I'm planning on doing....

But what happens when they all break out?


Last night I was feeling really good. As Co-Captain of the "Play the Kids" club since last April, it has been a lot of fun to see them play so well the last few games. It isn't just that they...

The Long Haul & the Trade Deadline - The Downbeat - #706


So, the Jazz lost last night. It's a bummer, because Phoenix is just about as mediocre a team as the Jazz. At the same time, all you had to do was remember a couple things and the loss suddenly...

Scary Mall Trips - The Downbeat - # 701


Great game last night from several of our bigs: Al, Sap, and Favors simply dominated inside. They scored 61 combined points, shot 25-46 from the field (54%), and 21 rebounds. But to me the...

Thoughts on the Heat and Mavs Games


I was going to write a game recap of the Mavs game. But I didn't see it live, and Synergy is drunk right now, so I'll have to go with something else. It will kind of be about the game, kind of...

We Get to Smile Again - The Downbeat - #696


It is so much more fun when our team wins. For me it wasn't just that they won. It was how they won: by pushing the tempo and making passes to cutters. Check out this run-down of made shots in...

On Tanking


Sometimes I feel like Inigo, but regarding a differnt word: a much maligned word, filled with angry feelings and negative connotations: Tanking. I have heard the word before this, but the...

Trying to Think of Happy Things - The Downbeat #691


Okay. It was a crummy loss. We're all mad about it. We're all frustrated with what "competing" is looking like game after game after game. But let's think positively: Burks did his thing again. D...

Game 31 Recap - Jazz, 102 - Spurs, 106


Is Popovich screaming at the refs, screaming at an approaching sideline reporter, or just yawning? I can't tell. * * * First of all, the Spurs are really good. Second, the Jazz had their chances....

Game 30 Recap: Utah Jazz - 85 , Houston Rockets - 101


I'm working to get the Game Reviews back to their regular thing. But I'm a bit behind. So here's the Rockets game, and later will be the Spurs game. Hopefully before the next game has already been...

On Vision


I'm a huge fan of the Lord of the Rings movies. As a true geek, I love the extras—the detailed features that show exactly how the movie was made: step-by-step, from pre-production to...

Consistently doing dumb **** - The Downbeat - #686


Once upon a time, the Jazz had a vet who would get frustrated when teammates didn't work as hard as they ought. Of special mention was a certain center who was always out of shape. We all know...

Gandalf enlists Bilbo Baggins - The Downbeat - # 681


Note: no wild dream this week. Sorry. My dreams have just been non-basketball related and kind of boring. And so the Jazz roster now stands at 14. If you missed the news, the Jazz signed FA...

Two Game Reviews are Better than One - Golden State and the Lakers


Note: I was ready to post the GS game review Friday, but my internet mysteriously went to stone-age speed. Then yesterday came, I was writing it up and I (stupidly) checked Twitter where all...

The Difference Between a Fan and a Player - The Downbeat - # 676


Note: Sorry for the late DB. I have sick kids, which meant I spent the morning doing the bane of every teacher's existence: preparing Last-second Emergency Sub Plans. Ugh. I'm bummed the Jazz lost...

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