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Clearing the Cranium: Post-game USU notebook

A win is a win is a win. BYU's defense dominated on Conference-Eve and the Cougars moved to 4-2 on the season. Now, the particulars.

9 Line Prediction: BYU v. Utah State

9 Line Vegas-style predictions: Can BYU escape the upset desires of Chuckie and the USU Aggies?

BYU's offensive line needs to get nasty


It's time for the BYU offensive line to begin imposing its will upon opponents. It's time to start playing with an aura of confidence. It's time to finally live up to the hype and play clean football in the trenches. It's time to get nasty.

9-Line Prediction: BYU vs. Hawaii


9 Vegas-style line predictions on the BYU v. Hawaii American football contest.

If Riley Nelson Starts on Friday, I will...


If Riley Nelson starts on Friday, I will....Twitter responses!

I was reading about the Battle of Gettysburg today, specifically about Robert E. Lee's strategic...


I was reading about the Battle of Gettysburg today, specifically about Robert E. Lee's strategic decision on Day 2. Not surprisingly, I connected it to BYU football. This conversation takes place after BYU has scored the touchdown. Longstreet wants to kick and play for OT...Lee wants to go for 2. (Begin at 2:22)

Brain-Clearing Points on BYU's Loss to Boise

The Lord created the earth in six days and the BYU football season has seemingly been destroyed in the same amount of time. Here I clear my brain-clearing bullet point review of what went wrong and what can go right moving forward.

9-Line Prediction: Can BYU Beat Boise on the Blue?


Just a five day turnaround for the Cougars as they travel to land where dreams go to die, Boise, Idaho. My 9-Line prediction about what to expect in tonight's contest with a slew of made-up/real Vegas style lines.

Release the Taysom!

Taysom Hill could be the difference maker the BYU offense needs.

9 Line Prediction! Holy War Edition!

The Holy War Edition of the 9 Line Prediction. Why BYU will beat the spread and other Vegas-style lines to preview the BYU-Utah game.

My Beck to Harline Moment...As An Elder

I watched the BYU-Utah game while a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Poll: Name BYU's 3-QB Formation

BYU fans: what should we name the [Starter]/Hill/Kuresa formation?

BYU beats Weber, preps for Utah; The Good and Bad from Saturday afternoon

BYU beats Weber, preps for Utah; The Good and Bad from Saturday afternoon

9-Line Prediction! BYU v. Weber State

Welcome back, folks, to your friendly neighborhood Mormon Bookie! The 9-Line Prediction is a true/totally made-up Las Vegas-style sportsbook for the upcoming BYU football game.

Sunday Storify: BYU v. Wazzu


[New] Introducing Sunday Storify, a weekly roundtable discussion on BYU Football edited by @zbloxham. This week, we look at Skyler Ridley, David Foote, the BYU offensive line, and the ability to play with execution and fire.

9 Line Prediction: BYU v. Washington State

The 9-Line Prediction of the BYU-Washington State football game. Nine true/totally made-up Las Vegas-style lines for the upcoming game.

I Believe in Riley Nelson


I Believe in Riley Nelson

2012, The Year of the BYU Defense

The 2012 BYU defense can be one the best in school history. The 2011 squad was ranked in the Top 25 nationally in both points surrendered and total yards yielded. Despite a more rigorous schedule in 2012, the Cougars have the personel in place...

Vegas Sets Win Total & Early Lines for 2012 BYU Football


LVH Sportsbook releases its outlook on BYU, its win-total for 2012, and some early lines.

3 Most Disappointing Losses of My BYU Fanhood


What are the three most disappointing losses in your BYU fandom?

Doman's 2012 Offensive Scheme an Investment in 2013 and Beyond


Brandon Doman's 2012 offensive proclivity will be a great sign as to the future of BYU's offensive production moving forward.

Happy Independence Day!


What a great day. I just wanted to take a moment to give special remembrance on this July 4th: 16 years ago, President Thomas J. Whitmore and our great nation led the world in maintaining freedom...

Caption This! Comrade Craig and Lavell Edwards


Comrade Craig Thompson presents Lavell Edwards with a gift. Caption Contest.

Future BYU Football Schedule 2012


BYU's 2012 football schedule as of May 16, 2012. via FBSchedules

Best BYU Custom License Plate?


[New] Best #BYU Custom License Plate? Tag with #BYUplate

Know the Foe: Davey Jones' Locker, Mike Leach, and the WSU Spring Game

Know the Foe: Mike Leach, the WSU Spring Game, and Looking Forward to the matchup in Provo.

What BYU Football Road Contest Are You Attending?


It is Year 2 of BYU Football Independence, what road trip are you planning to make?

Piercing the Veil of Cynicism


Piercing the Veil of Cynicism - An Essay on Why Bobby Petrino's Dismissal Could Be Sign of Hope

5 New Ways to Fill Out Your Bracket


5 New Ways to Fill Out Your Bracket!!

This Game Will Hurt You: An Internet Hug for Mr. Loy & Remembering Why We Love Sport


We ever invest our time, energy, money, and hope that one day, one night, or in one moment, we will see something unforgettable. More often than not, however, the unforgettable moment isn't one of joy but disappointment.

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