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Who Are The Best Ravens To Wear #'s 60-69?


This one is probably going to be a bit boring, but still! You guys know the rules (and hopefully all of the players to wear these numbers) so have at it!

Who Are The Best Ravens To Wear #'s 50-59?


Spoiler Alert: Ray Lewis>Everyone

Who's The Best Raven To Wear #'s 40-49?


Hey you guys time for another round of "Who's The Best Baltimore Rave To Wear #'s [insert range of numbers here]". You guys know the rules, so it's time to have some fun!

Who's The Best Baltimore Ravens To Wear #'s 30-39?


Same name, same game, everything except the numbers remain. You guys know the drill, best players to wear #'s 30-39 in Baltimore Ravens history, go!

Who's The Best Raven To Wear #'s 20-29?


Rules are the same. Numbers are different. You know the drill. I'm going to add a bit of a twist this time though. After listing who the best player is for each number, tell us all who you think is...

Who's The Greatest Raven To Wear #'s 10-19?


It seems as if I got a pretty receptive response last night, so I am going to continue the game today! The rules are the same, however the numbers are not! List who you think is the greatest...

By The Numbers: Who's The Best Raven To Wear #1-9?


I will be introducing a fun, new, and engaging game to Baltimore Beat Down for the next week or so call "By The Numbers". In this series I will be asking who Baltimore Beat Down thinks is the best...

Pictures Of The Ravens Trip To The White House


Today the Baltimore Ravens made their celebratory visit to the White House, as is customary for reigning Super Bowl Champions, and had themselves quite the field-day. This visit marks the end of...

What Was The Best Game Of 2012?


On NFL Network's recent countdown of the top 20 games of 2012, the AFC Divisional playoff game in Denver came in at #1 overall, beating out Super Bowl 47. I agree with this placing 110%. This game...

The Torn ACL And Why You Should Care


How many times have we seen "(insert player's name here) tore his ACL: out for season" scroll by on ESPN's ticker at the bottom of the screen while watching the ‘ol boob-tube? Too many. But exactly...

The Baltimore Ravens Are White House Bound


It is an age-old tradition for professional teams who win their league's championship to visit the White House and meet the President of the United States. That tradition will continue when on...

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe, How Much Will Bynes Grow?


Josh Bynes, the second-year undrafted middle linebacker from Auburn, gets a chance to make a name for himself this off-season with the Baltimore Ravens finding themselves thin at MLB after a myriad...

Torrey Smith Hungry For 1,000+ Yards


In a recent interview with NFL Network, Torrey Smith discussed his various thoughts for the upcoming NFL season and his opinion on the Baltimore Ravens' offseason. One of the points he discussed in...

A Promise From Your Editor


Hello all! I know this time of year is a bit dry in terms of news, so you come here looking for something juicy to read or converse about. Well I get out of school for the summer in exactly two...

Joe Linta: "I'm Not Apologetic"


ESPN reported earlier today that Joe Flacco's agent, Joe Linta, feels not remorse over the fact that the Baltimore Ravens ended up signing Joe Flacco to a highly unfriendly deal in terms of...

What Are Your Predictions For Next Year?


In a time where news about football is almost as sparse as it can possibly be, fans and writers alike find themselves struggling for topics to keep their excitement for football alive 365(6) days a...

Joe Has The Fifth Fastest Release In NFL


Throughout the first years of this NFL career, Joe Flacco was heavily criticized for his "lack of pocket awareness". Many critics cited his inability to make quick decisions and said that he took...

Urlacher: "Ray Lewis Is The Best Of All-Time"


Recently retired former Chicago Bear linebacker, Brian Urlacher, gave tremendous praise to retired Baltimore Raven Ray Lewis today when he stated: “If I am lucky enough to go in [to Canton] with...

Arthur Brown Suffers Sports Hernia


As OTAs begin to fire up, fans are becoming increasingly excited to see how this offseason's acquisitions will pan out. It looks like Ravens fans will have to wait a bit longer, however, to see how...

A New Era Begins


We are not a great empire crumbling to ruins, as much as the pundits would like to think so, but we are a simply an empire transitioning from the era of one great king to the next.

Friday Night Open Thread


Hey you guys, sorry for the lack of an actual article tonight. By the time you read this I will be well into my choir's concert tonight and then we head immediately to Orlando afterwards (a 12-hour...

McClain Releases Statement


Recently retired MLB, Rolando McClain gave a release on what the reasoning was for his retirement. "Clearly, my decision to retire has raised some questions," McClain said in the statement....

Justin Tucker: Confidence Defined


No kicker has made 100% of his regular season attempts since 2003 when Indianapolis Colts kicker, Mike Vanderjagt, did it.

Could Baltimore Ravens Make A Move For A WR?


In a recent article on the Baltimore Ravens website, Sarah Ellison analyzed the possibilities of the Ravens possibly pulling a trade for a veteran wide receiver. After trading Anquan Boldin in the...

What Was Your Favorite Moment In 2012?


Now that the glory of winning a Super Bowl has completely set in, satisfied Ravens fans everywhere can look back on the season and reminisce over their favorite moments from the extremely turbulent...

Jamison Hensley Dead-On About Jimmy Smith


I know that to some on this website the words "Jamison Hensley" and "dead-on" in the same sentence seems unthinkable, but he hit the bull's-eye in his recent evaluation of third-year cornerback...

Which Will Happen First?


With the NFL being kind of dead for the next little while, there are many sports writers such as myself who run out things to talk about to some degree. So in order to fill the gap I will introduce...

Matt Elam Changes His Number


26: The amount of interceptions will have next year.

How Did The Rookies Look At Minicamps?


Earlier today the Baltimore Ravens official website published a piece called "First Impressions From Rookie Minicamp". In this article, Garrett Downing addressed many of the rookies and how they...

Baltimore Ravens Sign Hoops-Star Murphy Holloway


In an NFL filled with former collegiate dual-sport-stars such as Antonio Gates, Tony Gonzalez, and Jimmy Graham he Baltimore Ravens hope to add another name to the list of basketball players who...

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