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BECW4: UFC 153 Spider vs. Bonnar Live Discussion

via extra.globo.com Hello, fellow enthusiasts of people beating the shit out of each other for the sake of sport. Tonight marks the halfway point of the 4th chapter in the BECW. With...


BECW4: UFC on FX - Browne vs. Bigfoot Recap

Hi, guys. I finally decided to get off my lazy ass and do this recap. I was too busy watching the Bears murder a second-rate football team yesterday. This card was full of WTF moments, with...


BECW4: Important Information for Newcomers, UFC on FX: Browne vs. Bigfoot Discussion

via www.bjpenn.com Before jumping into tonight's card, this is a good chance for people who have seen the Bloody Elbow Civil War mentioned here but have no idea what it is to learn more about...


BECW4 - UFC on Fuel TV: Struve vs. Miocic Recap

Yo. The 3rd event of the fourth BECW season is in the books, and for the most part it was a fun event to watch despite not having the biggest star-power. All types of fans can take something...


BECW4 - UFC on Fuel TV: Struve vs. Miocic Live Discussion

via media.ufc.tv Another weekend, another Zuffa card. Another BECW event. Now is the time to get your shit together if you're one of the teams that have sunk to the bottom of your division...


BECW4: UFC 152 Recap

Hey, everyone. This is going to be a pretty lackluster recap compared to normal. Scoring was a kind of a giant disaster this time around, but Spam was kind enough to at least grace us with his...


BECW4: UFC 152 Live Discussion +11 Extravaganza

gif via Zombie Prophet Greetings, long-lost friends and afrotikiman. Tonight we get treated to a rare spectacle of premier fisticuffs with two title fights on the line. Jonny "Bones" Jones...


BECW4: UFC 150 Open Thread

via www.the-peoples-forum.com Welcome, recruits. As you know, another season of war lies ahead. We've seen some great squadrons defeat their enemies already with the K-1 Level Predictions...


BE Community Roundtable: VADA Testing

George Halvatzis, Jr: With what I've heard about PEDs and MMA, it is a cycle that has to stop. Whether that comes from a source like VADA or what have you, however, is a point that's hard to make. ...



Greetings, citizens! I'm sure you are at the edge of your couches just dying to know which of our crazy/alcoholic/foreign captains you'll be representing in this season's Civil War. As soon as...


BECW4 Info

Ok, there is a fucking cornucopia of information to unleash in this fanpost about our upcoming season, so brace yourselves. It's going to break down like this. Info For Interested Non-Players...


BECW4: Last Chance For Current Players, Prospects/New Players Sign-Ups, Captains

Aloha, assbloods. First off, last call for returning players to sign up for season 4. As of 3 PM EST tomorrow, returning sign-ups will close, and if you haven't marked an x in the corresponding...


BECW Live Discussion - UFC on FX: Johnson vs. McCall

Good evening fuckers. Or night, if you're European; but like the UFC, I sometimes forget you even exist. Anyways, are you as psyched for this stacked card as I am? This event really shows the...


BECW UFC on Fuel 3 Recap + UFC 146 Schedule. (Edited for Division Standings and Playoff Picture)

-gif via Zombie Prophet at IronForgesIron.com Well this was certainly a mixed-bag of fights for a card. Alex Soto decided to pay tribute to the great Kalib Starnes in his contest, and...


NBA Playoff Discussion (Again?) - Lakers vs. Thunder tonight!

The other post has gotten booted off the recent fanposts on the front page, so I didn't think it would do any harm to throw up another one so people can see it in time to participate if they...


NBA Playoff Discussion - Part Deux (Edited)

The only first round series left is Memphis versus the L.A. Clippers in what has been a thrilling affair, the conclusion will be at 1:00 PM Eastern today. The Spurs eagerly await whichever team...


Official BECW3 Event 1 Results And Event 2 Schedule

What's up, bitches. JDH called in sick, unable to publicly face the shame he must feel for his captain's epic failures. But we'll get to that below. First off, what a fucking event. 3 fighters...


BE Civil War Season 3: Sign-Ups for Returning Players

via edu.glogster.com On behalf of JDH and wonderfulspam, UFC 145 marks the end of a historical point in Bloody Elbow history... the end of season two of its community's Civil War. While INEPT...


BE Civil War - Registration Closed: Final Pre-Draft Post

A Message From Our Commissioner... Well, the soldiers have been named, all that remains is for lines to be drawn. We got to 110, which means that there will be 10 teams of 11. For each event,...


Suggestion Box for Season 2 of the BE Civil War.

via rlv.zcache.com Hola. With only one event left in the inaugural season of our fun little competition here at Bloody Elbow, I thought it would be a good time for everyone to get together and...


Jon Fitch Will Lose at UFC 141, Even if he Wins.

via cdn2.cagepotato.com     September 17th, 2011.  An important, memorable night for MMA fans.  Not because of Alan Belcher's amazing performance after what seemed like an endless injury layoff....


MMA Betting Strategies - How Do They Work?

Have you ever predicted every winner on an entire card and thought to yourself, "Why don't I just quit my job and bet on fights for a consistent source of income?"  If so, you probably have a...


BE Civil War: Attention K-1 Level Predictions Team

via cdn0.sbnation.com via cdn2.sbnation.com (HT: KMcCaig)     Well, the contest has finally arrived, our first victory is only 5 days away from now.  According to the tyrannical ruler of this...


Head over to UFC.com at 1 pm Eastern today!

I know most people already know what's about to come, but if you're interested in possibly catching some details about the reported Zuffa/FOX deal:   via i282.photobucket.com     Also, a Tweet...


BE vs. Mania Betting Game: Individual Rankings

Ok, so I didn't feel like getting around to this in a timely manner, mainly because I did poorly on yet another event;  then to top things off, I find out Amadeus dicked around again and didn't...

The smack-talk between Rashad and Tito has begun. Better late than never.


The smack-talk between Rashad and Tito has begun. Better late than never.


Tech geeks assemble... Question about the video ads on BE...

Hey-o, BElitists.  I won't take up much of anyone's time, just do me a favor and provide some insight for me if you're knowledgeable about a solution to my problem.  My laptop, the primary source...

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