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Five things I'll Be Watching For

This summer has been unlike the previous one's for yours truly. Far too much working and far too little leisure time, and with a lack of leisure time comes a lack of time spent here at Stiffs and...


OT Monday 6/4: A tidbit of business advice from a BA of Econ, BS of Business Admin and current student of MS in Management

OT thread from Friday was a little full. I'm sitting here waiting for my "supervisor" to call and tell me where he wants me to meet him, supposedly we meet at 6am...ha! I wanted to make a post...


Weather the Storm Nuggets Nation

The Nuggets are mere hours from facing their toughest foe of the season for the first time and hopefully will continue to create what could be a great basketball rivalry with the Oklahoma City...

NBA sues player association for unfair labor practice


The idea of basketball in 11'-12' becomes more and more a fantasy with each passing day


The Fantasy World Of an Existent Free Agency Period

Right now the NBA world is abuzz with the one of the most boring yet pressing issues: lockout.  Discussing the lockout is like going to a physical.  You'd really rather not do it at all, but deep...

Kevin Mchale to become Rockets head coach


In a downgrade from Rick Adelman the Rockets decide to go with a former Timberwolves GM..........yikes


Zach's Stiff List 6/1/11

Just Noticed it had been awhile, so I though I would offer my opinion on those not making the cut around the sporting world ... 


Marc Gasol, the Situation and the Facts

Most people around the country got their first glimpse of Marc "Baby" Gasol these playoffs, but we Stiffs have been watching him long enough to know that Marc doesn't actually go by Baby … but I...


NCAA Tourney thread

Who else is watching the games?  Right now we got Uconn going vs SDSU (who is in the MWC, same as those CSU Rams if you were thinking about who you should root for).  

Nets come back into the Melo trade talks


Knicks lose leverage by the day, so much for the often hyped "Walsh genius" that the Knicks' fans have been all over our site about

Melo considering signing extension with Denver


Take that Knicks fans! Where's all that lack of leverage talk now?


Why I Love the Rockies

Firstly, pardon my interrupting.  I am a rare poster on Purple Row to say the least, but a reader none the less.  It's not that I don't enjoy partaking in the conversation.  It's just that I spend...


Boycott Carmelo

I know, its a hard thing to do.


Scouting the Competition: Lakers V. Grizzlies

via www.digibet.info   Disclaimer: Scouting The Competition is just my opinions on two teams who played against each other in one game.  I do not claim to be an expert on either team featured. ...

Live ESPN Nuggets Chat 10/12, 3pm MDT


ESPN is doing their Northwestern Preview Live Daily Dime Chat. Nuggets are the topic from 3pm to 4pm. I expect the expert will be Jeremy from Roundball Mining Company. It should be interesting to probe the brain of the Ultimate Nugget Pessimist!

Melo will not be traded


I put my thoughts in a fanpost of the same title


Coby Karl vs. Brian Butch

  I know we all like to talk about who’s going to be the big ticket guys we can find in free agency or the draft this season.  I am definitely an advocate of going after some quality free agent...

Coby Karl Q & A


While Melo judges beauty pageants and gets hitched, Stan tries to figure out how to circumvent NFL ownership rules, Coach Karl recovers, Bird and K-mart consider or have surgery and the rest of the team takes time off, Coby Karl hits the gym...

Karl getting better, still not 100%


Karl says things are going well. Also he give a pretty good analysis of our playoff short comings, as well as admitting a need for change (roster?) and getting Ty a bigger role.

Karl expects to return next season


So Let's put aside the Bill Laimbeer, Avery Johnson, Larry Brown, or any other coach talk. Karl's our guy


Let's dissect the options in a 2 part series! Blow it up or keep it the way it is

Part 1-Blow it Up   Three words, that’s what sums it up.  Blow it up.  I’ve been a Nuggets fan since the eighties, a sports fan all my life.  I’d like to think that somewhere among the thousands of...


Against the Jazz, I'm Going With My Gut

via nimg.sulekha.com     Let me start off by saying that I fully wanted a Denver victory in Phoenix to end the season, setting up the dream scenario of playing a Brandon Roy-less  Blazers team who...


March 29th, Denver V. Dallas, the day of reckoning

In a year filled with ups and downs for Denver, no greater up or down, pre-playoffs of course, will be felt than the emotions sure to run after tomorrows game.  Whether Denver finds a way to beat...


Scouting the Competition

  via media.katu.com With no Nuggets game today I decide the best way to get my basketball fix was by watching the Portland V. Dallas game.  March madness is fun, but there is still no substitute...


I guess I won't be getting that Tuna Fish sandwhich

Earlier in the season the joke was started around a few of us Stiffs that if we could trade AC for a tuna fish sandwich we'd do the deal in a heartbeat, only problem is the other team would be...


Dallas get their men

http://sports.espn.go.com/dallas/nba/news/story?id=4912262   It's official.  Dallas just got a whole lot better.   Dallas Receives: Caron Butler Brendan Haywood Deshawn Stevenson   Washington...


Three Nuggets in the All-Star game?

It's a possibility.  It's starting to sound more and more like Kobe will not play in the all-star game.  With Chauncey Billups and Chris Kaman already going from snub to star due to injuries, its...


Playoffs?! Don't talk about...Playoffs? You kiddin me

After defeating the Hornets in overtime the Nuggets moved a game ahead of Dallas and within 4 games of the Lakers.  Both the All-star break and the trade deadline are right around the corner and...

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