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After game 6 of the 2003 NLCS- Alou to Ramirez: "They (the Marlins) (will) win. We should book a flight (home for) after Game 7."


"5 Outs . . ." a television documentary premieres on CSN Tuesday, October 15th at 9 p.m., the 10th anniversary of the Cubs’ Game 7 loss to the Florida Marlins in the National League Championship Series. The series always will be best known for Game 6 — the "Bartman Game" — when the Cubs suffered an epic collapse after getting within five outs of their first World Series in 58 years. Narrated by Screen Actors Guild award-winner William Petersen, the documentary will feature never-before-seen interviews with Moises Alou, Dusty Baker, Miguel Cabrera, Derrek Lee, Mark Prior, Aramis Ramirez, Sammy Sosa and Kerry Wood. After the Game 6 loss, Alou made plans to get out of Chicago quickly after Game 7. "I didn’t really like our chances after what happened," Alou told CSN. "I had a feeling they would win. . . . I told Aramis we should book a flight in case we left [after Game 7]. . . . We had that gut feeling."


Ryno Revisited - April 2008

In honor of Ryne Sandberg's return to Wrigley Field as a major league manager, I thought it might be fun to revisit my firsthand experience seeing Ryno in the early days of his managing curve. T...

Cue the Carlos Marmol trade rumors...again...


It's deja vu all over again in Motown. Papa Grande is being roasted. Cue the Carlos Marmol trade rumors...again...

Sammy and needles...


I swear to God, when I read the headline I read it as 'needless' and thought to myself, WTF?

Former Lugnuts Manager Hired in Miami


Wow. I thought Mike Redmond would be a big league manager someday. It came faster than I thought. Mike was an excellent manager with the Lansing Lugnuts. I got to work with him in 2011 and was very impressed. I secretly hoped the Cubs could somehow snag him. So my Mike Redmond autographed baseball & Lugnuts baseball card just went up in price. Congratulations Mike!


The Ballad of the Chicago Cubs

The Ballad of the Chicago Cubs Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a woeful team. This mess started back in the early Spring, under Tom Rickett’s wing. The GM was a mighty...


Cubs conclude historic season with 127th consecutive loss

October 3, 2012 The Chicago Cubs concluded their historic season Wednesday afternoon with a 9-4 loss to the Houston Astros at Wrigley Field. The Cubs four runs in the bottom of the 9th inning in...

Alien Tornado Blows Cubs Away


See if you can spot the mistake in this thirty-second movie promo. Whoever edited this should be flogged. (Hint: look closely about :20 in)


A 'Bucket List' moment: the Cubs offer us season tickets

I've been a Cubs fan since I was a teenager in the 1960s growing up watching the team on WGN here in Michigan. I lived and died with them since then and I always had this 'little boy' fantasy about...

Sparky's way: Spartan Kirk Gibson NL MOTY


Congratulations Kirk. And we're looking forward to having you son Cam in the Spartan baseball lineup soon! (if only the Cubs had hired you instead of Q...)

OT: MWL Lugnuts stave off playoff elimination in electrifying fashion.


The Midwest League Playoffs are going full steam and Friday night the Lansing Lugnuts stunned the Dayton Dragons 3-2 with a two-out, two-strike, two-run walk-off homer. After a leadoff single in the bottom of the first, the 'Nuts went hitless through 30 batters until the bottom of the 9th inning before lighting struck. They were within an eyelash of going home for the winter.


Slightly OT: Go Paul, Go! (LOTS More Pictures)

Al has already done a couple of very nice recaps from the Paul McCartney concert at Wrigley Field on July 21. 2011. The scene around Wrigleyville was quite something. I can say with a degree of...


OT: Paul McCartney does Motown; Wrigley Field, you're next!

Sir Paul McCartney performed for over two and a half hours at a packed Comerica Park in Detroit Sunday night (7/24). The 94-degree, humid weather was threatening for a portion of the evening as...


2003 NLCS Game 6: A Marlin’s Perspective

Some of you here may know I work seasonally for our local minor league baseball team as the official scorer. A neat job, really. This year our parent club, the Toronto Blue Jays hired a new manager...


Friday's clouds over Wrigley Field courtesy of Industrial Light and Magic

As Al pointed out in his game recap for July 1st, the weather at the ballpark today was, in a word bizarre. In a season of historically BAD conditions, the forecasters called for temperatures in...

OT: What if the Cubs had hired Kirk Gibson as their manager?


To my memory, Kirk Gibson's name didn't come up in conversations when the Cubs were looking for a permanent replacement for Lou Pinella. But would Kirk have managed to do any better (or worse) than Mike Quade? Given KG's long history in baseball (and football) and his lifelong intensity in both sports, it makes one wonder...

To the Surprise of Exactly No One, Mark Prior Back on the DL


Mark Prior is back on the DL. The Cubs Yankees say it's nothing serious. Can you say, Deja Vu? (Hey, didn't you jut ask me that?)


Can Starlin Castro and Darwin Barney be the Alan Trammell and Lou Whitaker of their generation?

Alan Trammell and Lou Whitaker came up together to the Detroit Tigers in late 1977. Both started in the majors modestly and built a lasting impression on the game.  The double play combo played...

OT: Gibby to Ump- "You should f***ing RETIRE!"


Heh, heh. I love Kirk Gibson. In this clip, he calmly tells umpire Bob Davidson that he thinks it might be time for the umpire to consider bouncing his grandkids on his knee full time. Ok, NOT so calmly.


OT: BT teams in March Madness. Who goes farthest?

To the delight of college basketball fans everywhere, the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament field has been announced. There are a lot of Big Ten fans here on BCB and seven BT teams are included in...


My Year in the Minors

As some of you may know from my occasional posts, I began a seasonal job this year working for our local minor league baseball team. I thought I’d share some of my observations. It’s been a very...

OT: "Where Are They Now? - Walt Terrell"


I thought I'd share a nice off-topic "Where are they now?" article from the Detroit News about former MBL pitcher Walt Terrell. He was one of my favorite Tigers. He LOVED the city of Detroit and his teammates and wound up with a better career winning percentage at old Tiger Stadium than Hal Newhouser, Jack Morris or Mickey Lolich. Articles like these remind me why I fell in love with baseball in the first place.

Cubs Enjoy Caviar During Pre-Game Meal; Seriously Guys?


The Trib reports the Cubs were eating caviar at Monday's pre-game spread. Regardless of whether you think this article is designed to enlighten or enflame, ...seriously Cubs? What are you thinking? ... ARE you thinking? Symbolically, this doesn't read well no matter how you spin it. Now if it had been fried bologna 'daisies', perhaps...

Some Wrigley Rooftop Owners Hurting


Some of the Wrigley Rooftop business owners are experiencing financial hardship due to the recession and Cubs play this season. Those owners without deep pockets are having trouble meeting the 'hefty mortgages' taken out in the boom years to set up their 'clubs'. I'm trying to muster up sympathy for them, but it's difficult.

OT: Little Caesar's Pizza Czar to own 3 Detroit Sports Franchises?


Little Caesar's pizza CEO Mike Ilitch currently owns the Detroit Tigers and Detroit Red Wings. His wife owns the Motor City Casino. Ilitch has now set his sights on the Detroit Pistons and wants to build a new downtown arena for the Wings and Pistons. Gee. By contrast, the Ricketts are slackers...


How are you feeling about the Cubs?

The first thing I saw this morning AFTER checking Monday night's Cubs score (and having a "WTF?" moment) was the BCB poll on the upper left of the homepage asking me "How are you feeling about the...

OT: Baseball alive at old Tiger Stadium site


Try as they might, the city of Detroit can't stop baseball from being played at the old Tiger Stadium site.

Lou the Landscaper


Buried in the ST "Cubs in Brief" notes were two items that caught my eye: Lou spent the 3-day All Star break sightseeing in Chicago (you are free to speculate on why he'd choose now to sightsee rather than go home for the break) and Lou owned a landscaping business in Tampa that landscaped the late George Steinbrenner's home there. Now there is one situation where saying (to Steinbrenner), "Look, what do you want me to do?" would actually work.

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