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39-50 @ the ASB; the 'Magic 8 Ball' Says:

Well, here we are at the All Star Break. There's not much point in rehashing the first 89 games of this 'disappointing' 2010 Chicago Cubs season. That's been done 'ad nauseum' on this site already....

Gibby New D'Backs Manager


Kirk Gibson has been named the new manager of the Arizona Diamondbacks (only three games behind the Cubs). The D'Backs can at least recognize when a change is needed. Why can't the Cubs? I'll say this. The Diamondbacks will play HARD and the right way. If they lose a game, it won't be because of 'lack of effort'...

Bobbleheads run amok (time)! Coming soon, new bobbleheads for Cubs players will include them...


Bobbleheads run amok (time)! Coming soon, new bobbleheads for Cubs players will include them napping on the couch, raiding the refrigerator, mowing the lawn, walking the dog and cleaning the garage.


It's All About the Benjamins: the 5 Stages of Cubs' Grief

In the end MONEY will be the determining fact for Cubs change. When fans start staying away and game/concession/merchandising revenues decline precipitously, THEN change will occur. This is going...


Lilly Lawsuit Filed

June 9, 2010 Plaintiff: Theodore Roosevelt LillyDefendant: The Chicago Cubs The plaintiff alleges prejudice and bias with regards to a lack of offensive run support during the 2010 major league...


Cubs got you down? Try going to a minor league game instead...

Has the Cubs poor play this season finally worn you down?  Here's a suggestion: watch minor league play at minor league prices. Go see a game. It beats what the Cubs are offering.    

SELIG SPEAKS! Well, sort of... Overrule: No; Replay: Waffle


MLB Commission Bud Selig finally weighs in on last night's blown call that cost Detroit Tiger's pitcher Armando Galarraga a perfect game.

You Wanted a Change in the Line-up? You Got it!


DLee, Rami, Byrd, Soto, Riot all sit...but for how long?


This Year's Cubs All Star Representative: Carlos Silva

As strange as it may sound, you have to start giving consideration to Cubs starting pitcher Carlos Silva as one of the Cubs representatives on this year's All Star team. As of this morning, he's...



Those last 16 games went by quickly, eh? The Cubs have now played 32 games - or 20% of the 2010 season.  After 16 games we were 6-10, four games under .500 in 5th place and 4.5 games behind the C...


What if this works?

According to the Sun Times, one of the press box wags was overheard to say "What if this works?", after Carlos Zambrano came in and closed out the 7th inning of last night's game inducing a tapper...



Well, here we are. (Just slightly less than) 10% of the 2010 Chicago Cubs season is in the books and we stand at 6-10. Projecting over a complete season at that rate we arrive at 60-100. Giving the...


Hearts, Flowers and Unicorns! It's OPENING DAY!

Ok, we all know the first six games on the road didn't go 'exactly' as we had hoped. In fact, the road trip exposed some of the ugliness we hoped the Cubs had fixed or at least 'band-aided' for...


OT: How did your Final Four predictions hold up?

Well, here we are. Just a week away from nirvana. Opening day for the Cubs AND the NCAA basketball championship. As the nomadic/pirate t-shirt vendors set up and hawk their wares on cheap folding...

OT: Lugnuts sell naming rights to playing field


The Lansing Lugnuts announced they have sold the naming rights to their baseball field, just weeks after selling the new naming rights to their ballpark. That means the stadium, formerly known as Oldsmobile Park, now is Cooley Law School Stadium. But the actual baseball diamond will be called Jackson (National Life) Field. According to an article in the Lansing State Journal, it's somewhat rare for a team to sell naming rights for both the stadium and field, said Bill Sutton, a professor at the DeVos Sport Business Management program at University of Central Florida and president of the nationwide Sport Marketing Association. "The field is usually reserved for an athlete or coach who's had an impact there, so that's why this is such a radical departure," he said. Will "Ernie Banks Field" at "Ricketts Park" be far behind for the Cubs?


A Pictorial Tour Inside Wrigley Field

For her birthday, I took Mrs. Zeke and the Zeke-letts on one of the Wrigley Field tours. It was a picture perfect day in late June. We met the tour guide under the marquee, and then did a 90 minute...

OT: Memo puts WGN news staffers at a loss for words


Micromanagement 101. What's next? A list of words and phrases Ron Santo is forbidden to use in a Cubs broadcast? I'm going to do my best to write a BCB short story using as many of these "forbidden" news words as possible...

You can own a World Series ring for only $5K


Tired of waiting for the Cubs to get the job done? Well now you can be the envy of your neighborhood and own an authentic World Series ring for only a measly $5,000. Bid early and bid often...

Cubs First ST Game Eve Thread - Yankees/Pirates


Let's all follow along with the Yanks and Bucs, shall we?

"That's Baseball"; Ernie Harwell's HOF Induction Speech


A few of us were talking about longtime Detroit Tigers' PxP announcer Ernie Harwell. Some said they hadn't had the pleasure of hearing him much- if at all. Give a listen to Ernie's 1981 HOF Induction Speech - recited from memory - for Bob Costas last November. I tear up every time I hear it. It is the essence of the game we all love. (The only thing I'd ever change about it is to make it more inclusive for women...)

Naming Rights: The Thomas M. Cooley Law School Stadium?


The Lansing Lugnuts are about to rename their current ballpark FROM Oldsmobile Park TO the "Thomas M. Cooley Law School Stadium". Aside from the fact I like the word "Park" over "Stadium", I'm not sure how I feel about this. The local odds were on an insurance company ("Auto Owners" Park) or bank ("The Lansing Automakers Federal Credit Union" or LAFCU Park) securing the new naming rights. A law school would seem to be an unusual shift in this sort of thing. Is anyone else aware of other law schools (or unusual corporations) doing this?

OT: Tigers ink Damon for 1 year


The Detroit Tigers have signed Johnny Damon

Packing Up The Cubs Gear for the Trip to Mesa


What kinds of things do the Cubs Equipment Staff pack up and truck down to Mesa for Spring Training? Take a look by clicking on the link. (Apparently, there isn't a high demand for waffles...)


"Must Read" CUBS Book Titles

A few of us started having fun writing article and book titles in a separate thread. I thought some were too funny to leave buried there, so I decided to post them here. Have fun coming up with...

Former MLBer Jose Offerman Banned for Life (w/video)


Former DeWitt High baseball player D.J. Reyburn was part of an umpiring crew which fled the Dominican Republic after Reyburn was struck during a winter league game by former major leaguer Jose Offerman. Offerman, who was banned for life Monday by the Dominican winter league, threw a punch at first base umpire Reyburn and hit him in the face or neck with a fist during Saturday's playoff game against the Cibao Giants.


Convention Sidebar Final Picture Post

I'm posting this final sidebar with more convention photos and a few observations. After looking back at the full sessions I was able to attend (around getting Ernie Banks photo and autograph...


Cubs Convention Sidebar (Now With Photos!)

I'm sure Al will be posting plenty of info in the main feature well over the next few days. I thought I'd offer a slightly different view here in a sidebar feature. I'll post as often as I can over...


The Cubs Convention: A Photo Essay (NEW photos added!)

As we approach the 25th Annual Cubs Convention, BCBers who have not attended one may be wondering what it looks like. I've only been to one convention (2007), so I can't speak to much beyond that...


OT: VOTE! Twenty-ten or Two Thousand-ten?

Here's a very UN-scientific question and answer to start the new year. Are we ready to bury the need to call a year this century Two-Thousand "something"? Historic dates have always been Seventeen...

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