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What's your favorite piece of Cubs memorabilia?

Yesterday's "Bobblehead Quiz" seemed to be fun for a lot of posters. It got me to thinking, which as Mrs. Zeke will always tell you, is a dangerous thing. I wondered what pieces of Cubs memorabilia...


Bobblehead Quiz

I've collected a number of Cubs and Lugnuts bobbleheads over the years. Some look very much like the player. Some, not so much. And some are, well, bizarre.  So how good are you at identifying...

OT: "Mr. Tiger" Al Kaline turns 75 and recalls "Disco Demolition" night


Ernie Banks is "Mr. Cub." His counterpart with the Detroit Tigers is Al Kaline: "Mr Tiger". Al just turned 75 last Saturday. Enjoy this article about a Tiger legend and HOFer that still respects the game.

Milton Bradley Speaks Out About the Trade to Seattle


Milton Bradley speaks to Seattle reporters about the trade.


What is YOUR most memorable Cubs game?

Al's old photo posts got me "rumanatin'". Seeing photos of Ernie's 500th HR and Kenny Holtzman's no-hitter bring back a lot of memories. As we near the end of the year and begin to look to 2010, I...


Cubs Limerick Weekend?

Al's haiku Friday seems to have been quite a hit- with many BCBers penning very clever verses. So I propose a "Cubs Limerick Weekend". A limerick is a five line poem with a strict form (AABBA) [no,...

Pinella to manage Cubs after 2010?


While speculation about his eventual successor has involved names like Sandberg, Brenly and Trammel, Lou Pinella appears to be reconsidering his plans to stop managing the Cubs after 2010.


VERY OT: The BT Football, "Congrats to ballhawk" & "Sorry, sue369" Thread

The dust has settled from this week's games. Congratulations to OSU (& ballhawk) for their overtime win against Iowa (sorry, sue369) and likely trip to the Rose Bowl. It was a great game. Well...


OT: Why not name a field after Ernie?

Ernie HARWELL, that is... Since longtime Detroit Tigers' play by play announcer Ernie Harwell announced he has cancer, there has been a groundswell of support to recognize his Hall of Fame...

OT: How much difference does a hitting coach make?


In today's Detroit News, baseball writer Lynn Henning wonders just how much a hitting coach makes a difference as the Tigers look to rebound from a terrible hitting year. He even muses on the Cubs' acquisition of Rudy Jaramillo...


More "Hot Stove" speculation: Aroldis Chapman as a Cub?

Back in July, Aroldis Chapman (21), a Cuban considered by many scouts to be the best left-handed pitching prospect in the world, defected from the Cuban national team and is currently a free agent....

OT - R.I.P. Soupy Sales


Growing up in Michigan, watching Soupy was the OTHER reason to love being home sick from school- the Cubs being the first, of course...


Is there ANY "reasonable" scenario where a certain former Cubs right fielder is parlayed into Curtis Granderson?

Longtime Tigers beat writer Lynn Henning wrote an article in today's Detroit News speculating on what the Tigers need to do to during the off-season to stay in "contention" in 2010. h...


Cardinals Suffer "Premature Elimination"; How bad IS the NLCD?

The St. Louis Cardinals suffered a severe care of performance anxiety and "Premature Elimination" last night as the Los Angeles Dodgers swept the Redbirds out of the NL Playoffs. This marks the...

If the Cubs are looking for an outfield coach, maybe they should: "Ask Andy".


Tigers first base and outfield coach Andy Van Slyke will not return to Detroit next season. Given the Cubs often shaky outfield defense this past year, could Van Slyke be an asset working with the Cubs outfielders?

Tigers' Cabrera drunk after Friday's loss prior to a domestic dispute...


In a display of incredibly poor judgement during the most important regular season baseball weekend for the Tigers in 20 years, Detroit's' Miguel Cabrera went drinking with a friend from the White Sox Friday night after the Tigers lost, then allegedly got into a physical altercation with his wife. This apparently was not the first time Cabrera had trouble with alcohol resulting in an altercation and had been warned by team officials to stay away from the bar he frequented Friday night.

Harry Kalas and Ernie Harwell


A nice NPR story about the late Harry Kalas (Phillies PBP) and LOOOOOOG(gone)time Tigers' PBP legend Ernie Harwell. There's also a link to the audio file...


What do YOU do to get through the off-season?

Sadly, the official end of the Cubs onion-skin thin playoff hopes evaporated last night with Colorado's 11 inning vicotry over the Brewers. (Thanks "Suds Buds"!)  So now, we can begin to turn our...


Big Z says he "loves Chicago" and wants to stay. Should he?

Carlos Zambrano announced after last night's 2-hit complete game shutout that he's not going anywhere next year- as in "Cubs: don't plan to trade me."   "I don't want to be traded," he said. "I...


Is Lou singing a new "lefty/righty" tune?

Is Lou Pinella singing a new tune? Has he seen the light that "getting more lefthanded" doesn't necessarily make your team better? Here's a quote from today's ST responding to what type of big...

Last Piece of Tiger Stadium Comes Down


The last of old Tiger Stadium was torn down today. A sad day all around.


"Cubbie Fan" (Sung to Billy Joel's "Piano Man")

SPECIAL THANKS TO: ballhawk, santoswoodenlegs and dat cubfan daver who started this ditty in today’s gamethreads. I just “closed” it out. (Hope you all don’t mind…)   “Cubbie Fan” (sung to Billy...


Cubs only 4 games back in the WC loss column

I know this will draw scoffs from many here, but the playoffs are still very do-able for the 2009 edition of the Chicago Cubs. As we end the month of August today (though with the weather in the...


That scraping sound you hear is the season bottoming out ...

Wow. In a game that they absolutely, positively HAD to have to start any sort of run to even get within sniffing distance of a playoff slot, the Cubs lose badly, 15-6 to the Nationals… at...


The 5 stages of being a Cubs Fan in 2009

It's been interesting to read the posts and game threads over this season. As I've followed the ever-changing tones of the comments, it kept reminding me of something, and I couldn't quite put my...


The 2009 Cubs: In Their Own Words

I went back through online news reports for the past two months or so and found a LOT of interesting quotes from the Cubs. I thought I'd share them with you for review and comment. NOTE- Context is...


The Winner: "Gorzo" (or, "The Great Gorzo" if you prefer)

Polls are closed. BCB readers have spoken (well, written) and by a wide margin have said they want Tom Gorzelanny's Cubs nickname to be:   "Gorzo" (or more fully: "The Great Gorzo").  Results-  G...

Is it just me, or are there WAY more Cub injuries this year?


Is it just me, or does it seem like there are a LOT more player injuries on the Cubs this season? The link lists the "official" injuries, but with the nagging, day to day junk Lou has had to deal with, this list even seems "light" to me. I have to think that if you took equivalent players off the Cardinals at the same injury rate as the Cubs that the Cubs would be up by 8 games or more... I know many have called the Cubs "underachievers", but all things considered, the OPPOSITE argument could also be made- that they have OVERACHIEVED even with all the lineup changes... What do you all think?


The Primary Election is Over; Now on to the General Election for Tom Gorzelanny's Nickname

  The Bleed Cubbie Blue Nation has spoken- sort of... In a recent poll, I asked what nickname YOU, the loyal BCBers wanted to hang on to Tom Gozelanny. Of the many choices listed to vote on (and...


Tom Gorzelanny needs a nickname!

Great performance by Tom Gorzelanny Tuesday night. An effort like that means we need to start looking for a nickname. There have been many choices offered on the gamethreads, so it seems like a...

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